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Help Save Medical Marijuana In San Jose


san jose medical marijuanaBy Barry Poppins

On December 10, 2013, the San Jose City council decided that “all dispensaries are illegal” in their city and began devising its own regulations to prohibit and prevent patients in the San Jose area from safe access. It’s injustice, it’s immoral, and it must be stopped.

Fortunately, San Jose’s fervent activists are putting up a fight, and are in the process of challenging the city council by collecting signatures and showing the strength of their community. San Jose, like all of California (and the world) needs legitimate, well-regulated medical marijuana rules.

The Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition represents the city’s best chance to achieve this goal of proper reform. Here is the full scoop on their efforts, along with locations that you can sign and support their initiative at:

The Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition, Control & Regulate San Jose and Americans for Policy Reform are announcing their next fundraising event and locations where San Jose residents can sign the Medical Marijuana Regulation for San Jose Act (MMRSJ).

“We will be having an event this weekend to fundraise & further the unity within the community. We now have over 40 locations where San Jose residents can sign the initiative,” said John Lee, Proponent & Founder of Americans for Policy Reform. “We will be updating the SVCannabis.org website as more are set up.”

The “Save the Green” event will be Sunday 3/16. More information & tickets for the event can be found right here.

List of locations to sign MMRSJ:

1. A2C2-All American Cannabis Club – 1082 Stockton Avenue, San Jose CA, 95110
2. A2C2-All American Cannabis Club – 3131 S. Bascom Avenue, Suite 220, Campbell CA, 95008
3. Acute Care – 2526 Qume Dr, Suite 30, San Jose CA, 95131
4. Amsterdam’s Garden – 2142 The Alameda, San Jose CA, 95126
5. Blue Sky Care Center – 3039 Monterey Road, San Jose CA, 95111
6. Deals 4 Less Collective – 1999 Monterey Road, Suite 130, San Jose CA, 95112
7. Golden State Care Collective – 1249 N 1st St, San Jose CA, 95112
8. Greenjeans Place – 3229 S. Bascom Avenue, Suite A, San Jose CA, 95124
9. Haze – 2348 Alum Rock Avenue, San Jose CA, 95116
10. Haze – 1814 Hillsdale Avenue, Suite A, San Jose CA, 95124
11. Herbs SSWC – 282 San Jose Avenue, San Jose CA, 95125
12. Herbs SSWC – 1420 S. Winchester Boulevard, San Jose CA, 95128
13. Herbs SSWC – 1641 W. San Carlos Street, San Jose CA, 95128
14. I & I Collective – 1530 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose CA, 95116
15. I & I Collective – 2630 Union Avenue, San Jose CA, 95124
16. Magic Health – 1999 Monterey Highway, Suite 100, San Jose CA, 95112
17. MINT Alternative Healing – 2322 Senter Road, San Jose CA, 95112
18. Palliative Health Center – 1670 Zanker Road Suite A, San Jose CA, 95112
19. Papadon’s 420 Collective – 931 Commercial Street, San Jose CA, 95112
20. Papadon’s 420 Collective – 590 Lincoln Ave, San Jose CA, 95125
21. Patient to Patients Group 1 – 1692 Tully Road, Ste 6, San Jose CA, 95122
22. Platinum Society – 1174 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 11, San Jose CA, 95125
23. Portal Herbal Health Co, 1141 Ringwood Court, Unit 100, San Jose CA, 95131
24. Premium Fire – 2081 Bering Drive, Suite Y, San Jose CA, 95131
25. San Jose Organic – 88 Tully Road, Suite. 100, San Jose CA, 95111
26. Santa Cruz Naturally – 93 N. 14th Street, Suite 4, San Jose CA, 95112
27. Sensi Herbal Care – 21 Post Street, San Jose CA, 95113
28. Serenity Collective – 2601 Senter Road, San Jose CA, 95111
29. SJ Patients Group – 824 The Alameda, San Jose CA, 95126
30. South Valley Farmacy – 5591 Snell Avenue, San Jose CA, 95123
31. SVCare – 1711 Hamilton Avenue, Suite B, San Jose CA, 95125
32. Up in Smoke – 1711 Branham Lane, San Jose Ca, 95118
33. YB Amber Pearl/I Dragon – 2129 S. 10th Street, San Jose CA, 95112
34. YB Blossom Hill – 4464 Pearl Avenue, San Jose CA, 95136
35. YB Pyramid – 1324 N. 10th Street, San Jose CA, 95112
36. YB Saratoga – 4211 Barrymore Drive, San Jose CA, 95117
37. YB Valley Fair – 325 S. Monroe Street, San Jose CA, 95128
38. 408 Collective – 2435 S. Bascom Avenue, Campbell CA, 95008
39. 420 Evaluations – 115 N 4th St, San Jose CA, 95112

“The last time the city proposed regulations we were forced to do a referendum,” said Dave Hodges, Proponent & Founder of A2C2- the All American Cannabis Club.” We must put reasonable regulations in place to stop the city council from creating something we cannot live with.”

The supporters of MMRSJ are actively working to collect 30,000 signatures by April 20th, 2014. Signature gathering began February 25th at the Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour in San Jose. It is supported by the Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition, Americans for Policy Reform, Control & Regulate San Jose and a majority of cannabis clubs in San Jose. [Yahoo]

If you’re located in the San Jose area, we strongly encourage you to hit up one of these locations this Sunday and make your voice heard.

Learn more about the Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition right here.

Source: Marijuana.Com


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  1. ASA is an enemy of cannabis legalization and only wishes to invest in limited, monopoly “big money” dispensaries. See Don Duncan’s support for Prop D over Prop F in Los Angeles.

  2. agree.. and why aren’t organizations like ASA speaking out about this??? it is one of Correa’s bills.

  3. The public needs to be made aware of the money generated to the police depts. and the involvement of ALEC in writing the legislation.
    The public needs to be made aware of the money the police stand to lose.

  4. Danny O'Moore on

    Big corporations mate… they simply do not want the competition cannabis can create.

    COTTON fabrics stand to lose out to the BETTER fibre that hemp IS… cotton who do they support? Well now guess what… COTTON BUYS more than HALF of the total annual produce of INSECTICIDE by MONSANTO. gee I wonder if they have an interest in keeping cannabis illegal… (cannabis doesn’t need insecticide like cotton does). BIG OIL & PLASTIC CHEMICAL & FIBRE companies like I dunno… DuPont! Fearful of what HEMP FIBRE could do to their margins… PETRO CHEMICALS versus HEMP DIESEL & ETHANOL… did anyone notice that plane going down last week with all the electric car engineers on board? FOOD hemp seed has the HIGHEST protein count in it’s seeds as ANY other vegetable, makes any flour variant, milk et al food stuffs competitors. CONCRETE manufacturers will all of a sudden be up against HEMPCRETE a far superior product… the list goes on & on google applications for cannabis or hemp. & guess who owns the TV, our brainwashing mass media? The same corporations. Guess what you wont hear on those networks? The truth about cannabis. This revolution of the great plant that is cannabis is a bloggers war against the rich. We all need to share all the truth about cannabis & undermine their lies until the people realise they MUST demand change or die whimpering.

    It’s not about the high it’s about the money.

  5. HEY THOSE AT THE WEEDBLOG. Stop ignoring CALIFORNIA. California is under attack, while the circlejerk is just focusing on Colorado! We have a police sponsored anti-medical marijuana bill that would setback the whole industry by overregulating it, AND banning marijuana concentrates! They are also trying to audit doctors who issue a lot of recommendations. The silence of this community in one of the most popular marijuana states is hurting us big time. The California League of Cities and the California Police Cheifs Assocations are destroying medical marijuana and setting back any progress we have in this state! WHY AREN’T THESE PEOPLE BEING EXPOSED FOR TRYING TO SUBVERT PROP 215 AND ARE TRYING TO TAKE AWAY OUR MEDICINE???????????????? WHY ARE POLICE THE ONES MAKING MMJ DECISIONS FOR THIS WHOLE STATE????

  6. The Feds just need to legalize it all together. You’re wasting tax payer dollars with all these uncalled meeting/hearings.

  7. Why move backwards when everyone else is moving forward? At this point it’s clearly just to force their morals/power on other people.

  8. First find out who or whats behind this and destroy their motives. This smells like SAM undercover.

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