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Help Send College Students To Federal Marijuana Lobby Day


Federal marijuana lobby day ssdp students for sensible drug policyLobbying members of Congress is something that we should all be doing, both in our home districts, as well as in Washington D.C. if we can make it there. The always hardworking people at Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) are trying to get as many of their members and alumni to Washington D.C. this June to do just that. Please consider making a donation to SSDP so that they can help as many college students make it to Federal Marijuana Lobby Day in Washington D.C. as possible. More information about Federal Marijuana Lobby Day is below:


Our movement faces a critically limited window of time between now and this summer, when the U.S. House of Representatives may vote on an amendment that would seek to curtail DEA enforcement activities in states with legal marijuana markets. Join SSDP for a day of lobbying training, then head to Capitol Hill to make your voice heard.

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**Note: information subject to change**

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Time TBD – Lobby Day Training (SSDP Headquarters, 1317 F Street NW, Suite 501, Washington DC 20004)

Monday, June 17, 2013

9:00am-5:00pm – Lobby Meetings (on Capitol Hill)

6:00pm-10:00pm – Networking Social (Location TBA)


Registration is now open. Deadline to register is 11:59pm EST Friday, June 7, 2013.

  • $25.00 for students
  • $30.00 for alumni
  • $35.00 for non-students
  • Register today


We will be offering a limited number of scholarships for qualified students who apply before the deadline (11:59pm EST, Monday May 13).


We will be recommending a hotel for attendees in the coming weeks.

If you would like to make your own arrangements, we suggest looking into hotels near Capitol Hill (location of lobby day meetings on 6/17) or near the SSDP office – 1317 F Street NW, Washington DC 20004 (location of training on 6/16).

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs regarding general matters as well as scholarship matters can be found here.

If you’ve read through our frequently asked questions completely and carefully and still cannot find what you’re looking for, please contact Stacia Cosner.


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  1. Andrew swanteni on

    “the college age kids are still into using it to get high and escape and have not yet realized it’s full potential to ease pain, promote health and cure illness or ease the symptoms”

    Marijuana isn’t an escape. You and everyone else needs to understand that. Yes, Marijuana makes you feel good. It shouldn’t just be used medicinally, it also needs to be legalized recreationally. Marijuana is not addictive, doesn’t cause withdrawl symptoms, and isn’t harmful. It’s illegal because those keeping it illegal make to much money in doing so.

  2. This bill is about allowing states to legalize cannabis, so sending medical cannabis representatives would make little sense. SSDP and college activists are critical to the movement and its future.

  3. I feel it would be far better to send mature adults, age 40 and over. Let’s face it, the college age kids are still into using it to get high and escape and have not yet realized it’s full potential to ease pain, promote health and cure illness or ease the symptoms. The medical marijuana patients are your best representatives for promotion of marijuana.

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