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Help Tommy Chongs Dream Come True On His Birthday


Hey man,tommy chong

Today’s (ed. yesterday) my birthday!

To celebrate, I want to do something really special, and I’m going to need your help. What I want is to see marijuana legal in my lifetime.

I know what you’re thinking. “Tommy, after 74 years of marijuana being illegal and 100,000s of marijuana arrests every year, how could we possibly forget your birthday?” I know, right? You can make it up to me by helping turn my dream into a reality.

If you make a $25 donation in my honor to the Marijuana Policy Project, they can start work on numerous medical marijuana ballot initiatives this year. Namely in Arkansas, Idaho, Missouri, and North Dakota.

And if you’re feeling really bad about forgetting my birthday, you could sign up to make a monthly credit card donation to support MPP’s plan to legalize medical marijuana in 27 states by 2014. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

These ballots aren’t going to initiate themselves! Please help make my birthday wish come true and support the work of the Marijuana Policy Project. Thanks, man.

Tommy Chong




PS: I’m proud to announce that I’m joining MPP’s VIP advisory board. I spent nine months in federal prison because of the government’s ‘war on drugs’. We need to change marijuana laws and MPP is doing just that.


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  1. Well Happy Birthday Tommy, may you have continued good health and a long long life. I have heard many things over the years about Marijuana, and having smoked it for lets see now about 34 years, I can honestly say yes it should be legalized. JUST REMEMBER, MAN MADE BOOZE, GOD MADE POT, WHO DO YOU TRUST? I enjoy smoking pot and will continue until I end my little forey on this rock. When I smoke I don’t need “happy pills”. And am content and happy. Take care.

  2. Happy Birthday Tommy.When I was a teenager I thought pot would be legal when my generation was in charge.I really think that the religious nuts are holding us back.Start placeing our work on the bible belt & maybe other states would folow

  3. Want to really help Tommy Chong see his dream come true. So do I, that is why I am collecting signatures for I-1149 a measure that would put full legalization of marijuana on the ballot, not some time in the future, but this year. We have only until July 8th to get 241153 valid Washington Signatures to put this measure on the ballot. If passed 30 days later it becomes the law in Washington and can not be changed for 2 years. If you want to see marijuana legal where you live help us get this on the ballot here, this year, there is every indication it will pass here. This is not medical marijuana or decriminalization. It is full legalization of the marijuana economy. To learn more visit SensibleWashington.org.

    PS Tommy if you are as serious as I am about legalizing marijuana THIS YEAR make some time between now and July 6th to come to Washington State and get signatures. One celebrity of your stature trading autographs with your fans from Washington State in a day or two could easily get us a significant percentage of the we signatures we need, more importantly your celebrity status would get Sensible Washington the publicity it needs so badly right now.

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