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Help Track Candidates’ Positions On ‘Vote For Marijuana’ Web Site


vote marijuanaBy David Borden

StoptheDrugWar.org has teamed up with Vote For Marijuana, a new web site that’s building a database of all state and federal politicians and their public statements/votes/pledges related to marijuana policy. We hope you’ll join the team by submitting information from your local races on the site.

Vote For Marijuana’s goal (and ours) is to enable any voter to see all the local politicians running for (and holding) office, and what each politician has said and done about ending or continuing marijuana prohibition and its parts. For that we need activists from each state to help.

Visit http://www.voteformarijuana.net/getinvolved to learn how to become a Vote For Marijuana moderator in your home state, or just check out the front end and see what the system already knows about your local politicians!

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Johnny Green


  1. Maybe the problem is actually one of having so many amateur politicians mucking things up in 50 States. Why do most other Western Democracies have a Prime Minister ? A professional politician? Instead, Americans usually vote for a revolving door of well intentioned I’ll-informed people who know nothing about justice or governance.

  2. I know about my state Reps and Senator. These idiots are brain dead delusional bible thumping parrots. Only in the Unnatural mental wasteland called arkansas.

  3. Another reason for voters to continue insisting on invoking term limits on ALL politicians. We don’t need professional politicians, they should get back out into the real world after a maximum of two terms and live amidst the laws they helped create and impose on us. It’s easy for them to talk a good game when standing comfortably in front of a TV camera, but moments later they’re back in an insulated, tax payer provided cocoon of total comfort.

  4. Ohio
    Anita Rios Legalize Gov candidate
    Fitzgerald MMJ Gov Candidate
    Thomas Jefferson Davis MMJ 90th State House Rep (spoke to personally)

    Kaisch Dead No!
    DeWhile Dead no! no matter what the majority tell them to tell DC

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