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Hemp Bill Filed In The Missouri Senate


industrial hemp cultivation vermontBy John Payne

Last Thursday, January 15, state Senator Rob Schaaf (R – Saint Joseph) introduced Senate Bill 255 to legalize the production of industrial hemp in Missouri. “Buchanan County used to be one of the main growers of industrial hemp,” Dr. Schaaf told the Saint Joseph News-Press. “We could revitalize our rural area. It grows like crazy.”

A similar bill was sponsored in the House last year by Representatives Mike Colona (D – Saint Louis), Paul Curtman (R – Pacific), and Galen Higdon (R – Saint Joseph). It received a hearing in the House Economic Development Committee, where it received a nearly unanimous vote and a do-pass recommendation. If it been earlier in the session, the bill likely would have passed the House of Representatives and maybe ended up before the governor.

You can help ensure this important legislation passes by writing your state representative and senator through this easy-to-use advocacy page on our website. Your legislators are interested in hearing about what their constituents value, and even a handful of personal emails can impact their priorities.

This year, we are starting with a more educated and sympathetic legislature, so the process should move more quickly than in previous sessions. Moreover, I expect a companion version to Dr. Schaaf’s bill to be introduced in the House within the next couple weeks.

You can help up us advance this important legislation that will create jobs and economic opportunities for Missourians by making a contribution of $10, $25, or $50 now. You can also make a lasting impact through the legislative session and beyond by signing up for a monthly pledge of $5, $10, or $20.

And remember that we do accept PayPal contributions at john@show-mecannabis.com and our BitCoin wallet information is here.

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  1. Josh I never heard of hempcrete before so I looked it up. Badass is all I got to say the next house I build has to have that and other durable product made from renewable products. Thank you for the info.

  2. Hemp makes great paper. In today’s society we don’t keep stacks and stacks of paper around long enough for them to degenerate. If anything we can reduce the amount of trees used to make paper by combining recycled paper with hemp. And hempcrete is an amazing building material. Our action was built on Hemp.

  3. The point is we cut down 2.7 million trees daily world wide.trees supply most of our worlds oxygen and cleans most of our carbon dioxide out of the air. No plant does it better. Plus it takes years for trees to mature while hemp a few short months. So if we don’t cut up 14 million trees to make 10 million paper bags if we used hemp in stead I’m for it. True you can’t use hemp for building and it doesn’t make the best paper for writing but there is numerous other things that hemp can create effectively.

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