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Hemp And CBD Bills Die As Missouri General Assembly Melts Down In Last Week of Session


missouri legislature marijuanaBy John Payne

The last week of the legislative session in Missouri is always chaotic. Typically, each chamber is voting on dozens of bills every day, frantically rushing to turn those bills into law before they are statutorily required to adjourn.

That was not the case this year, however. First, on Tuesday, the state Senate took up controversial Right to Work legislation. Democrats attempted to filibuster the bill, but Republicans cut off debate and forced a vote by employing a parliamentary procedure known as “moving the previous question” or simply “PQ.”

The Republicans succeeded in passing that bill, but Democrats responded by grinding the Senate to a halt for the next three days. Typically, scores of bills would be passed in those last days, but, this year after the PQ, the Senate passed only one bill, which was necessary to receive $3.5 billion in federal matching funds for Medicaid.

Nevertheless, on the other side of the Capitol in the House, legislation was moving smoothly — until Wednesday morning. That is when the Kansas City Star broke a story about Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives John Diehl (R – Town and Country) engaging in a romantic relationship with a 19-year-old Capitol intern, documented in a series of text messages.

At that point, Diehl retreated to his office, and the ordinary operations of the House ceased. The next day, Thursday, May 14, Diehl announced that he was resigning as speaker and representative, and the Republican caucus voted for Majority Leader Todd Richardson (R – Poplar Bluff) to replace him. By Friday morning, the House was voting on legislation again, but we lost nearly two full days of the session to the scandal.

Jefferson City’s transformation into a scene out of imperial Rome this past week denied votes to many worthy pieces of legislation. That unfortunately includes HB 830 to legalize industrial hemp and SB 386 to expand the CBD-oil program. Both bills had already been passed in the chamber in which they originated and were on the calendar to be voted upon in the other chamber.

There is, of course, no way to know for certain how those votes would have gone, but I strongly believe both bills would have passed. Instead, they ended up as collateral damage of the most chaotic end of a legislative session in recent memory.

We succeeded this session in moving cannabis reform to a centrist position among our heavily Republican legislature. Given the number of different bills on different facets of cannabis policy that were discussed, legislators spent more time considering the subject than almost any other.

The session ended poorly, and there is no avoiding that fact, but that is the result of partisan dysfunction and unrelated scandal — not a lack of support for our bills. We will return next session even stronger and in position to continue widening the scope of cannabis law reform in Missouri.

In the meantime, we will turn our full attention to the initiative petition over the summer and fall. We are in the process of finding and assembling the team of campaign professionals and coalition partners who will help us pass the broadest possible initiative on Election Day 2016, and we will keep you updated on that process over the coming weeks and months.

Although the legislative session may have ended, our battle for justice has not; it has merely shifted fronts!

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  1. We sat and sat waiting for all to be legally in mo. I couldn’t sit anymore when I watched my son almost die in front of my eyes. Hospital, drs. Didn’t even cross my mind. I looked up at my boyfriend and we both said
    Colorado. I prayed the whole way while his little body continued to seize and shake 19 hrs. Later we were there 21 hrs later I was standing in a what I would call a pot shop…( as I don’t smoke this stuff) the nicest people ever sold me some what back in the day I would call resin..now called oils..I bought this I paid 350 for several packs and ran to the car. I tthought I was to late seeing my boyfriend in tears.. he hollard hurry cause my baby had went into a horrible seizure. He finally stopped as I reached for yet another diastat shot. So for the first time In our journey I laid that shot down and held his head up and said here baby here’s those colordo oils we promised we would get u to. 20 min. Later my so was happy and smiling from ear to ear. I hadn’t seen him this healthy in yrs. Today straight cod oil..no thanks to the drs. Around mo. But to cw and my baby is growing and happy 45 days with no seizure no thc straight cod oil..so mercy hospital I hope u relize how many babies u are murdering by turning them away..how sad. What’s up fellows afraid this is the miracle for epilepsy and u be out of a job.. sad day…hey all call realm of care in colordo u don’t have to move there anymore they will help

  2. Benjamin Carver on

    I am actually blown away that cannabis is actually an issue in todays society. It is rather childish in my opinion for any government to waste time money and possibly peoples lives worrying about whether a plant should be accepted or not. I suffer from depression, anxiety, and maybe even ptsd. ( post traumatic stress disorder. ) cannabis does help those who suffer from just about any life hindering ailment. It helps me get off my rump from staring blankly at the wall from depression to going out for a brisk walk or mowing grass or something i’d normally never do. Which is usually everything. Many will continue to suffer from their health conditions until the legislation can decide to know the benefits most certainly outweigh the negatives. Not to mention, another crippling blow to a dangerous underground criminal market. This needs to be dealt with Earth. Not just Missouri. Or USA. But the whole world could learn a great deal from the damage of prohibition. I believe synthetic drugs are a direct result to this War on drugs, which has failed on a level of epic proportions. Why waste time and money on aspects of the world that just physically cannot be controlled.

  3. freedomlover on

    Why hasn’t SMC submitted a initiative to collect signatures on? Waste of time messing with the legislature. We should be collecting signatures now.

  4. Hemp Hydroseed America! Right there with you brother. Everything is coming up hemp. So sorry if someone gets cross-pollinated…shouldn’t have been such Khazars about sharing.

  5. Technically, CBD is not necessary. THC, and/or THCA are the Volume Knob, and Tuning Knob to the Radio. Edestin is the Batteries. CBD is not a platonic solid, and is formed from the Tetrahedron. I find CBDA much more effective for internal use in the carboxylic state. One need look at Pre-Synaptic, and Post-Synaptic along with Classical and Retrograde Signaling to see what is required as a basis for Regulating and Modulating. I do not use CBD, nor THC extracts & concentrates, and I manage all of my maladies with the Platonic Diet.

  6. CBD is like icing on the cake. It is not one of the platonic solids, so they can do what it can. It would be made from the other solids.

  7. Ignorant? These psychopaths are intentionally denying food & care to children. Thank Allah, God, Yahweh, Satan, and any other idol worship that the Democrat/Republican Syndicate heads will be removed by GUILLOTINE during my lifetime. :)

  8. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    I like both, but high CBD is key for me. I do like THC allowing my mind to slow down a bit so I can think things through when stressed. I was dabbing with a friend this week. We dab high CBD and THC. best feeling in the world. Relaxation and thought was perfected.

    CBD warms up my body and structures the brain chemistry to calculate. THC relaxes the body and slows down thought, allowing brain calculation to be understood caused by high CBD. In turn the relationship is righteous and understood as natural.

  9. CBD also works in tandem with THC. To focus solely on CBD’s is to miss the boat with regard to the healing properties of cannabinoids, of which there are many.

  10. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    CBD is an amazing fix for those suffering countless issues with health. Depression is long gone when using high % CBD dabs. Confusing how anyone can be so ignorant towards the healing powers of Cannabis. While they play Politics, many more will suffer from their actions of ignorance.

  11. Once again a mans dick overrides his judgement and f cks up the whole political process. And they talk about women’s hormones. Ha!

  12. Bob Schneider on

    Isn’t this a sad day in the state of Missouri. They pulled this to get out of bucking the feds. I vow that Bobby pot seed rides again. Some of you may laugh at me for calling myself Bobby pot seed, but as a child one of my hero’s in life was a crazy little man that wore a cooking pot as a hat and wandered thru the country planting apple seeds. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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