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Hemp Cultivation Now Legal In Vermont, Farmers Not Required To Wait For Federal Law Change


industrial hemp cultivation vermontBy TheJointBlog.Com

Senate Bill 157 has officially become law, explicitly legalizing hemp in the State of Vermont. Under this new law, farmers who wish to grow hemp must simply file some paperwork with the Secretary of Agriculture, Food and Markets, and maintain a 0.3% or lower THC content in the hemp they cultivate. The secretary may require a registration fee, but the maximum they can issue is $25 a year. Unlike most other state hemp laws, this proposal allows farmers to begin cultivation prior to a federal law change.

With this law taking effect, Vermont joins Washington and Colorado which allow hemp cultivation before the feds end their prohibition. Obviously those who decide to cultivate hemp will be violating federal law and putting themselves at risk of prosecution, but they would no longer risk state-level charges.

This opens up a market for these states which, according to congressional research, consists of over 25,000 various products; the same research found that America imports nearly half a billions worth of hemp products from other countries, while maintaining the illegality of its cultivation.

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  1. So the trick here will be to harvest early – to beat the DEA from coming and burning down your crop. If my weed enhanced memory doesn’t fail – there’s a Dakota Indian tribe that plants hemp for clothing every year on sovereign nation land no less. And every year, like clockwork, the DEA shows up just before harvest with black SUV’s and strike force of masked gunmen, surround the field – weapons at the ready, douse it with fuel and burn it to the ground and leave without a word. I’ll bet we see the same thing this year in Colorado and Vermont.

    I would very much like to see these farmers trim the hemp all summer long and have it analyzed for nutritional content – high CBD I’ll bet. I can imagine going to a Denver juice bar – Kale/Hemp/Lemon juice please! Hemp oil extract needs to be analyzed as well – for potential cancer cures. I’ll bet we could be growing “Charlotte’s Web” by the acre. Of course White Widow by the acre sounds nice as well.

    If they grew ruderalis strains they would harvest before the DEA was even aware it was time.

  2. Well done Vermont! 0.3 THC can be upgraded in one growing season, as and when the law changes, as it surely must. With every acre planted, the need grows for facilities to process the crop, research and development will no doubt see new machines and refining techniques emerging.As others have said, the hemp trade and utilisation displaces the trade in fossil fuels. All good.

  3. Gregory Paul Smith on

    Hemp competes with petroleum for plastics and bio-fuels that would go along way toward recycling the carbon in the atmosphere instead of adding more by converting the fossils that have sequestered all this extra carbon for millions of years. Hemp is a key crop in the clean energy revolution but it is being suppressed under the guise of a drug prohibition.

  4. Mark Edwards on

    I am Grateful that there are still humanoids….that have some common sense, and concern for their fellow people that actually work to improve life.

  5. We want all cannabis legalized, silly! Also because hemp would instantly replace all other crops used for ethanol, so oil producers hate it; it can completely end the need for timber based paper fiber, so the forest cear-cutters hate it; and the of course it is non-toxic, so tobacco producers hate it… and that is just the beginning.

  6. Hemp can so help so much. If you researched hemp you would know why. Its not all about being high anymore.

  7. Why do drug law reformers love hemp so much? Hemp doesnt even get you high, so whats the point?

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