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Hemp Legalization Bill Passed By Virginia Legislature


industrial hemp farming bill obamaMarijuana legalization gets a lot of attention these days, but there are significant reforms occurring with hemp as well. My home state (Oregon) just licensed its first hemp grower. Many other states are on their way to doing the same. This week Virginia’s Legislature voted to legalize industrial hemp. The bill will now go to the Governor. Per The Joint Blog:

Legislation to legalize hemp cultivation has been approved by Virginia’s full Legislature, and has been sent to Governor Terry McAuliffe for consideration.

“I am thrilled with the progress this bill has made and the support it gained since its beginnings eight months ago,” says Delegate Joseph Yost, the bill’s primary sponsor. “Hemp is good for agriculture, it is good for the environment and is good for jobs”. Yost explains that the bill “sets up the necessary framework for Virginia to begin immediately moving forward on researching industrial hemp and eventually moving towards full commercialization.”

Obviously, if the Virginia’s Governor signs the bill it becomes law. But even if he doesn’t, the bill will become law even without his signature. albeit a after a little bit of time. I’m very curious to see how Virginia’s hemp industry grows over time. Virginia used to be a a very large producer of hemp. It’s about time that Virginia farmers get to grow the cash crop again if they choose to.


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  1. Cody Lee Counts on

    do u realize that America was built on hemp that a little girl had strokes all her life and took hemp bills and they stopped do u realize that this will help farmers and if u ant for it why are u looking it up u just don’t know what hemp can do when u think of hemp u think of weed theres a difference you are just stupid plasticjebus get educated on it

  2. INDUSTRIAL HEMP CAN BE A SOURCE OF CANNABIDIOL (CBD) WHICH IS LEGAL BUT HAS A VERY HIGH PRICE TAG. Let Virginia reap the profits which Canada now has a cornered market on!

  3. That’s really great. Medical marijuana or hemp must be legalized due to the benefits it has on body.

  4. Do any of these people realize how stupid they sound when they speak of the need to research industrial hemp?!?

  5. Another win for the earth so long as we are going to be using the hemp for clothing and paper products.

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