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Hemp Legalization Initiative In Arizona Begins


industrial hemp farming bill obamaHemp is a very versatile plant. Once upon a time in America, hemp grew all over the place, and was used for many things including clothing, rope, and paper. Numerous states have passed some form of hemp reform and a shift in federal enforcement policies have opened the door for more states to pursue hemp if they desire and follow certain rules. Of course, federal enforcement policy could change back at any time, so full federal reform should still be pursued, but these are pretty amazing times in the world of hemp policy.

An initiative has started in Arizona that would legalize hemp. Per Whaxy:

At this time, Arizona does not permit farmers to cultivate hemp, but a the organization, known as Hemp Our World, is aiming to change that. The group is mobilizing now to collect the more than 150,000 signatures required to place a measure on the 2016 ballot. The signatures must be collected and submitted by July 2016.

The initiative organizer, Christian Carrasco, told the Arizona Daily Star that the inspiration for this came from the measures recently approved in Colorado and Kentucky. Between now election day 2016, the organization plans to share knowledge and educate voters in Arizona so that they are able to make informed decisions. They are worried that people may confuse a hemp amendment with a recreational marijuana measure, and vote against it out of confusion.

According to Arizona representative Sonny Borrelli, however, this type of legislation may pass when the legislature reconvenes in 2015. He pushed for legalizing hemp cultivation last year with no success. Next year may be different, however, because the Arizona Farm Bureau recently approved the development, production and distribution of industrial hemp in the state with the goal of developing an ideal strain to plant as a cash crop.

In a perfect scenario, the Arizona Legislature would pass hemp reform and save activists a lot of time and money. However, activists should bank on the Arizona Legislature stepping up, so gathering signatures in the meantime is something that should still happen. If you are in Arizona, I urge you to volunteer for the effort. A solid hemp industry will help farmers who have been hurting for many years now.


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  1. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    IF Federally recognized tribal enrolled members were licensed by the federal government to grow cannabis pay taxes to their individual tribes for the tax stamp and license be allowed to grow commercially for dispensaries… or something of this nature. there are so many poverty stricken folks all over the country. yet having this medicine not just the flowers and buds everyone is so familiar with but the Kickapoo Bear grease or the SAGWA or cannabis syrups and all of these combination of extraction this is where it became dangerous before……
    imposters made fast and dirty medicine and people got sick
    sure now days nobodies a fool right…….you cannot tell the difference between petrol chemical extract and organically edible extract not in color or smell or texture…….
    the olds one would say 2 steps away from the soil and you should leave it with the clay.
    If a farmer will not taste the soils PH where he grows produce do not eat the produce. …..Kind of important if you live in a farming community to know what is good food and what is not especially when chemical fertilizers leech into the water table and cause brain damage in children between the ages of 3-5 and we wonder why it is difficult for some of our kickapoo children to form abstract ideas and draw conclusion. I would gladly read further any comments or ideas of what an equitable resolution to the continual abuse of natural resources and Intellectual property? might be? and how as a residents of this continent do we want to appear to the rest of the world, are we just an dump ground from salvage of old boat parts and coal?or is there soul and spirit here within this medicine? it is filled with spirit and when you look into the black stone mirror you will see either a paradise or your worst nightmare but you will see for sure. that is enevitable.

  2. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    Johnny: you touched on some serious concerns for even legal pot growers that being the fickle passions of the federal government.

    kind of why I have been trying to speak out…… this has all happened before…………..when cannabis was legal and the Kickapoo Indian were making medicine out in the Kansas sun…. before prohibition and folks gathered from several counties just to see the show and hear about the wonders of Kickapoo Indian Medicine Oil or Kickapoo Indian Medicine Sagwa cure for coughs cold blister tooth ache skin ulcers and more it will relax you like no other and when combined with the methodical mysterious melodies of the KICKAPOO DOCTOR’s flute music your worries and illness will soon melt away. my grand father told me stories about the common advertising you can find in old newspapers and bottles. he told me about being a “doctor” for the Kickapoo Indian Medicine company during the 1800’s and how people become afraid of the truth so you have to be careful what you let them see. he told me and showed me the methods of process right there on the farm it is not just cannabis it is all wild crafted medicine….. these medicines are kept from abuse by the FDA….

    IT is my family heritage to wildcraft medicinal plants and minerals from the soil and I have a prescription from the Indian Health service in chemawa Oregon the tells me to return to traditional medicine………..at great cost and difficult emotional reasoning I did this and have healed myself of diabetes, and control the nerve pain caused by being over 400 pounds and only 5’9″ for almost 10 years………….

    you see I was a residential school victim of extreme abuse. my grand father home schooled me until I was 8 and I was beginning to read french….when the united state government came and took me to riverside Indian school. I was beaten there for speaking Kickapoo….. I ran away….. what I remember is they told us that our ways of life were immoral and not human like an animal they tied a block in my mouth they tied my left arm behind my back they beat me with a rubber hose…..I became a violent disruptive child and was offered military service or prison…

    I look back now having forgiven the people of a dysfunctional system for the institutional abuse and rejoice that I have survived.

    but today I remember my grand father was not immoral and we did not abuse animals or live in filth like swine.

    and then after that sinks in I remember the elders would gather several children especially the ones that worked hardest… remember Gordon remember the grotto your Dad took us to with Misho and all our cousins remember the games we played…those games were elders games and designed to discover hidden abilities in the youth hidden interests so the child could be directed in community life among the tribe. these game were Agriculture phrenology related skills of balance strength endurance, and passion our Elders were masters of psychology parents trying to do the best they can with what they have. resources…….which for the most part meant wild-crafting plants and minerals from the land around. was this what the residential school was attempting to beat out of me?

    1930 prohibition

    1893 kickapoo Indian medicine company (was the residential school attempting to enforce prohibition on the children of native families because the federal government wanted the intellectual property of the Kickapoo nations people? “I site the federal governments patent on the canabinoid medicines derived from the cannabis plant ” knowing the continental impact this medicine would have on the public would put TOO much political control in the hands of the enemy the Indian people of this continent. Roosevelt said about the same time frame ” the only good Indian is a dead Indian”http://youtu.be/6kkRqEclLHI

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