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Hey Tea Party – George Washington Grew Hemp


I wish I could write this article with just counter one-liners like “Marijuana is not a gateway drug. Legalizing marijuana will not increase use amongst children just bad parenting” the list goes on but it’s just as bad as saying “I’m rubber your glue”. So let’s get logical.

When the Tea Party first arrived I thought it was a joke, not just because of their initial campaigning of “Tea-bagging” but because it was an obvious political tool of the Republican Party and Fox News. As time progressed these people have proven to be a force to contend with in politics; consider them a middle class ACORN.

Lately I’ve hearing more and more that the Tea-party is not racist or other such language but I honestly believe if McCain got into office there would be no Tea-party but there would still have been more bailouts.

The point is if these people really believe in what they tout than they should support the legalization of marijuana. Much of the tea party stance refers to the founding father’s beliefs. With that said George Washington grew hemp. Thomas Jefferson believed “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.” The founding fathers were pro-marijuana.

Whether you’re a smoker or not, the fact that big government is trying to tell states what their policies, should be enough to anger tea party supporters. The DEA (a branch of the government) has extended its powers to punishing legal (in their states) growers and sellers of medical marijuana. Remember, smaller government not more.

And what about fiscal responsibility? Billions are spent yearly to battle marijuana. I wonder how much has been spent to extradite, prosecute, and jail Marc Emery or Eddy Lepp? The two individuals I’ve mentioned are serving time for marijuana, prior to their convictions have lived peaceful non-violent coexistences. Why are we arresting hippies when there are enough bad guys out there?

Besides the money being spent on the prosecuting side (police, courts, and jails) we’re losing money on the tax and free market side of things. Everyday I read about X amount of plants found worth millions of dollar or X amount of pounds found, these dollar values are purely fabricated. Hypothetically let’s say they’re true, well than the state, federal, and local communities are now losing out on those dollars.

Not only does the recreational/medicinal business lose but so does the industrial. Hemp can be used for rope, clothing, paper, and oil. Did you know all hemp products in the USA are imported? Farming has always been a backbone to the American industry, seems to me that we need to get back to basics with something that can’t be outsourced.

Than there’s the healthcare debate. We’re all familiar with disclaimers at the end of drug commercials; drugs for pain, depression, erectile dysfunction, the list goes on, hell even beer and cigarettes come with a disclaimer. The question here is why not marijuana?

Cultures have known for years that marijuana helps with pain and other chronic problems. I’m not sure at what point drugs get the FDA approved stamp but it seems to me that if you have to put a disclaimer about anal bleeding maybe that drug shouldn’t be getting approved. I for one have never heard of anyone’s butt bleeding from smoking a joint but if you have please let me know.

Years ago American politicians created a subversive counter culture based on racism and dollar signs; it’s up to American politicians of today to fix it.

There’s nothing more American than a protest, rally, or even a sit-in and I believe this is what helps propagate the Tea-party. People are always looking for someone or something to blame but unfortunately the answer is not black and white. They believe our privileged fast-food, sue happy, get rich quick, INTERNET society is crumbling under the face of socialism. Well if companies keep leaving the states (3 that I know of this year) than you’re going to need that socialism.

We have the perfect opportunity to change a corrupt law and create new industry here in America. A chance to free up our prison systems and face our world with a realistic viewpoint not the jaded a pothead is a loser attitude.

Besides if the Tea-partier truly feels that legal marijuana would just lead to mass groups of people staying home getting high and not being productive, well than that means less competition for you, doesn’t it?

The Tea-party fundamentals wreak of marijuana, its time you people truly took a stand. Maybe its the Arizona heat talking but I think at the next Tea Party rally expect to see a 5’11” brown guy holding a sign with George Washington on it saying “I grew hemp”.


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  1. Republicans, by definition, are “racists, bigots, and haters” according to the Liberals. It is an “automatic” description.

    As usual it is those who possess a characteristic that ascribe it to others. It has recently been brought to my attention, DEMOCRAT Woodrow Wilson SEGRATED Washington D.C. upon his arrival, successfully undoing some of REPUBLICAN Abe Lincoln’s work.

    Yet, Tea Party Members are continually picked on.

    Liberals are a joke.

  2. I don’t think the GW grew hemp thing will win a lot of support from the Tea Party. Show the math. Cost of drug war $50,000,000,000 divided by 150,000,000 taxpayers times 2 taxpayers per household equals $667 in your pocket if there is no war on drugs. The Tea Party has one stated issue, government spending. Show them the math and they will support us.

  3. Thanks Miggy
    I’m busy today but look for me tomorrow after church my email is
    converse with you soon.
    If you are as close to me as I assume:
    Have a Great Day and enjoy the cool weather!

    Peace, Love and Weed

  4. The guys are hooking me up with an e-mail here soon but ’till than you can reach me @ poetry_by_miguel @ yahoo.com

  5. Herb, Miggy
    Thank you both for not raring up at me and accepting me as me. I don’t agree with the old red neck song either.
    Is there away to private message each other, mainly because I don’t want to air my dirty laundry for people to take shots at me.
    I can tell your both conciderate people and would love to have an exchange with both of you………….Peace!

    Angie sorry if my grammar and spelling isn’t correct. I have already admitted I am an Okie and Bull riding was more important to me at the time of schooling.
    But you have a nice day
    Peace, Love, and YES FREE THE WEED!

  6. You misused the word “than” three times when you should have used “then” and you ought to have used “reek”, not “wreak.” Other than that, awesome article. I agree wuth it 100%.

  7. I remember that song that went something like “I’m just an Okie from Muskogee” and went on to name what wasn’t allowed in their town. Don’t feel bad, I grew up in Georgia and I’ve changed. I’m not gay, but have gay friends; I’m not a racist nor do I believe “Everyone and anyone can be considered racist.” But you know, freedom allows us to disagree, now let’s free the weed. ;)

  8. You all have to forgive my spelling and gramar. I have already admitted that I am a Okie.

    Peace, Love and Weed

  9. “Years ago”
    Like the early 1900’s it doesn’t matter wether repub or democrat There both guilty of Progressiviism.

  10. Sorry I missed a point in Herbs post and Miggy’s
    There are Racists in every color, country, Everyone and anyone can be concidered racist.
    I would think after 40 some years of being a biggot you would happy with me loosing my hatred for people of color.
    Sorry but after my childhood molestaion I cannot accept same sex, I love San Fran. But the things I see there makes me physicly sick, seriously I puke every time I go there.
    I voted for prop 8 because I don’t want another child hurt by “ACCEPTANCE”

    Peace, Love and Weed

  11. Herb
    I agree, but not he dollar, GREED period!
    As far as politicians goes I hated both Bush’s because of the greed.
    Woodrow Wilson was president that started it all. His properganda man was studied by Hitler and Goerbals.
    Margret Singer is praised by the uninformed. She started what we know now as Planned Parent Hood
    her mission was to stop the blacks from reproducing.

    Do Your Home Work! Find the hidden History.
    W. Wilson requested a picture of job applicants for the Fed’s in any position to segrate the blacks.
    Serisously, I am not trying to start a war, to many people have died over the beliefs and religeon
    If anyone wants the points proved I would be happy to show you what I have found.
    Greed is one of the Ten comandments.

    Looking for no enemys! Just respect me for me, I do you wether you believe the same or not. I believe in Ford’s better Ideal, I support Hemp Growers. Save the Forest and no more people dying from black lung.

    Peace, Love and Weed

  12. I’m sorry to hear about such an ugly past but my friend you weren’t violated by a sick homosexual but by an evil pedophile. Being gay does not equal a want for children. I’m not gay this is just something I know. trust me I love the va jay jay.

    And yes I know there are corrupt towns run by corrupt cops and so forth but my blind faith and optimism knows not all are douches and wants to believe more out there like the good ones I’ve encountered are out there.

    One love my friend, remember don’t believe everything you so nor do I

  13. I can tell you all are concerned
    I cellebrated my 22 years clean from the needle and the spoon last march. I am 50 now thank You Lord!

    “miggy420 says:
    August 26, 2010 at 5:05 pm
    One more thing.

    You brought up religion. Jesus believed in taking care of others. Do you think Jesus would of supported some sort of healthcare reform or even immigration reform? I think so.”

    Your wrong the bible says obey the law. Thats a hard pill to swallow even for me

  14. Well as a Victim of a same sex cousin at the age of five. I cannot support Gays at all in any way shape or form.
    What church, or bible supports the issue?
    I believe the good book word for word and believe that those perverted in sodom and gomora got what they desrved.
    Being gay is a disease!
    Your not born that way, your made that way through your enviroment!
    Now back to the cop issue. I don’t have the time to show my life in my shoes.
    Everything that I know that is criminal was taught to me by a cop.
    My grandfather was a chief of police in a small town, corrupt as ever. While sending kids to the pen for a single joint. I sold cocain, quailudes, weed and Texas birth certificates all supplied by Houston cops, mexican mafia as it was known in those days. All the dope came from Harris county confication room.
    I did this with protection by the same cops.
    BTW: Thanks for the addiction, another Disease supplied by my enviroment.
    I am not trying to ruffle feathers But do not come at me with this gay crap if your church accepts practicing homo’s Then you need to find another non perverted church.

    Sorry if my views upset you all, but stick a fork in me I’m DONE!

    Like Forest Gump
    “That’s all I got to say about that”………Time for another bowl to burn

  15. There are some deceived good people in the Tea Party who are sincerely wrong. I have a family tree full of them who no longer associate with their liberal branch. It has moved from a chilly reception to don’t come, it’s going to be sleeting. This all since the Tea Party came along and now they feel the freedom to disown those who don’t believe as they do.

    The Tea Party truly needs to look at their beliefs. If they want free enterprise, don’t stop once you come upon cannabis! There are farmers (tobacco in the South) who are going broke because they can’t grow hemp.

    “Years ago American politicians created a subversive counter culture based on racism and dollar signs; it’s up to American politicians of today to fix it.” This is so true! While the Tea Party claims not to be racist (which I am sure is true in some tea pots), the tea party in my area seem to be preparing for a race war! It is like those decades of brewing hatred has finally boiled over.

    The dollar is still the rule of thumb in the U.S., so why are we still afraid of the great big dollar sign that comes with legalization? I don’t understand it and we all should be encouraging our representatives in government to FIX IT! And for you Tea Party folks that are pure of heart, stay that way and light up that joint. Peace

  16. One more thing.

    You brought up religion. Jesus believed in taking care of others. Do you think Jesus would of supported some sort of healthcare reform or even immigration reform? I think so.

    Jesus wouldn’t have bailed out big business though, let those fuckers fall they would me.

  17. Points we differ on?

    1) I never said support your local cops, I just believe not all of them are douches.

    2) I just believe all the energy the Tea Party has harnessed can actual do a change. Did you know one of Karl Rove’s plans to get Bush into office was to have each state set their own legislature against gay marriage thus bringing out the conservative religious vote. Bush won because people were afraid a bunch of dudes were gonna get hitched – how lame is that?

    Glen Beck has scary mixed language dogma. I tried watching several shows in all of them found untruths and double talk. If you’ve recently found yourself “not a racist” you still have a lot to learn but right now many people are being played behind the stigma of “Tea Party”.

    I voted for Obama and have not been happy with the “change” but I wouldn’t put his face on a poster masked as the joker. Politics have always been fucked and now the ones who thought it was always coozy i.e during Reagan, Bush 1 and 2, and even the Clinton years are realizing you can be a victim to. The problem is the middle class is just starting to get their lobbyist known as the Tea Part but it has too much misdirection and even corrupt upbringings.

  18. I am a T-Party memeber and I have my medical MJ card !
    Those that say were racist, well educate yourself. I was raised in Oklahoma and very racist. But through watching Glen Beck and actually doing my home work as he suggest.
    I have lost my racism through learning true American History.
    History that has been erased by progressives since Woodrow Wilson. He is the one who started the current segragation Dogma.
    Glen like my pastor says here is the subject, highlights the points and says “You search and do your own home work, Do not take my word for it”
    Just as Jesus taught.

    There is some points we differ on: IE, Support your local Cops! ………..NOT! They are out for themselves not for the good of the country.
    There is much more Dirty cops,DA’s, and Judges who just laugh while they drink or even smoke dope while on the job. Not a speaking point, From personal expierence.

    Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover, Read it then you have a right to judge.

    As a T-party member, I am personaly out to stop corruption from the Local cop to Obama which said he would stop the RAIDS!
    We all see how that is working out.

    Peace out!

  19. YA! lol
    great blog, i read it everyday after a nice toke
    happy smoking and happy blogging!

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