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High Bail For Medical Marijuana Raid Arrests Sparks Questions


Last week there were some raids on medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon. It was truly a sad day to be an Oregonian. Lori Duckworth, her husband Lee, and several other Oregonians were subjected to frightening paramilitary raids.  They were handcuffed, their property ransacked, and they were thrown in cages for providing medicine to patients.  Their alleged crime is that they recouped too much reimbursement for the medical cannabis they provided.  Under Oregon law, growers are allowed to be reimbursed for supplies and utilities, but not labor.

Bail for Lori and her husband is insanely high – $550,000 each. Why such a high bail for non-violent people? That’s a question that is starting to be asked a lot as the days go by. There are people with much lower bails, even though they have committed REAL crimes. They are violent offenders that should be in jail for a long, long time. However, they are going to be let out to make room for people like Lori Duckworth, who did nothing more than provide medicine to sick patients…

Bail for third degree robbery, misdemeanor strangulation and fourth degree assault, $80,000. Bail for child sex abuse, $250,000. Bail for providing medical marijuana patients safe access to medicine they would otherwise have to obtain from the black market, $550,000…Please watch the video below, and share it with everyone you know, inside and outside of Oregon.


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  1. The public’s safety is more at risk from the judge and his court than the accused in this particular case. This is OUTRAGEOUS. I’d recommend a new lawyer that’s a little higher on the food chain. Someone who will raise ABSOLUTE HELL about this. The real criminal in this case happens to be wearing a black robe and is prevailing over this sham of a hearing. Everyone should have stood up and started howling and creating a ruckus in his courtroom. Outrageous decisions by these govt stooges require outrageous behavior by those that…..disagree. We’ve played things their way long enough….

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