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High June in Colorado — Retail Cannabis Sales Get Silver Medal


Boulder, Colorado — June this year gave us National Doughnut Day, International Picnic Day, Father’s Day, the Summer Solstice and plenty more. But in Colorado, it presented yet something else worth celebrating — the second busiest month of cannabis sales since the state legalized recreational cannabis.

“The June numbers reflect the profound and sustained boom going on in the cannabis industry in Colorado,” said BDS Analytics founder and CEO Roy Bingham. “Month after month our data reveals heightened retail sales.”

June was awfully kind to Colorado cannabis in 2016, clocking $112 million in dispensary sales,

a 31-percent increase over June 2015. The adult-use channel drove the growth, rising 47 percent to $74 million. Medical outlets grew 8 percent to $38 million, but all of that dollar growth came from a 9-percent average selling price increase as sales of individual units in medical declined 0.5 percent.

Concentrates again set the pace for growth, rising 73 percent over June 2015 across both channels to take a 24-percent share of total sales, up from 18-percent share last June. Edibles climbed 53 percent to 13-percent share, while flower sales increased 14 percent and dropped 8 points of share to 56 percent.

Year to date through June, total sales rose 35 percent compared to the same six months in 2015, to $598 million, putting Colorado’s fastest growing industry on pace to reach $1.35 billion in 2016. Adult-use dispensary sales climbed 50 percent year to date while medical outlets rose 15 percent.


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