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HIGH TIMES Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup 2013


I attended last year’s High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in the Bay Area. It was definitely fun, but not as awesome as the events in Southern California and Denver in my opinion. It’s still a worthwhile event to check out though if you are in the area. It’s going to be hard to top the last Cup, which was the first ever legal Cannabis Cup in the United States (Denver). Are any TWB readers going? Anyone out there disagree with me, and think that the Bay Area Cup is better than the rest? I wonder if there is going to be another activist social media panel again, and who is on it. I also wonder when they are going to have an event in Portland, Oregon (my area!). Below is a promo video for the event, attend if you can!

“It’s our fourth year in the Bay Area for the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Richmond, CA (June 22-23, 2013). Make sure to check out the activist and grow expert seminars, our honoring of Dennis Peron, and a special musical performance by Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah, Raekwon and GZA. Tickets are available at www.medcancup.com.”


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Johnny Green


  1. Monterey Bud on

    Hey Johnny –

    It was great hanging out with you guys at the Denver High Times
    event this year. That was a crazy couple of days of pent-up national desire for
    marijuana to be treated rationally, minus the money backed, fear mongering from
    those with a vested interest. It was great hanging out with you and Jay up in
    the WeedMaps lounge.

    Between the weather cooperating and providing beautiful sunny skies, and the sanctuary of the lounge, complete with DJ – providing safe harbor from the sold out crowds at the Denver event. In addition to the quality of the Method man / Redman show, minus the occasional hallucination – Denver
    was a smoking success.

    And if I’m not mistaken… while these events get a little hazy sometimes. We had some fat dabs in the lounge at the 2012 Bay Area event. While it’s sweet that California has medical marijuana [although on a rapidly
    decreasing basis], you’re right! The Denver event rocked. It just felt historic…

    Maybe because it was.

    In any event – I was going to send you and Jay an e-mail, thanking you guys for hanging out and smoking. But what the hell I’m here now… Killing two birds with one stone. Sending a ‘shout out’ to the Weedblog, thanking you guy’s for all you do. As well as firing off a quick ‘hi five’ on the Denver 2013

    Time for a Sunday smokes Sesh ~
    Monterey Bud

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