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High Times Magazine Opened West Coast Office Two Years Ago Today

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Happy Anniversary High Times West Coast Office

I saw the following wall post this afternoon on Facebook, “It’s been exactly two years since we moved to California and started up this magazine… Any chance we can celebrate 20,000 likes by 4:20PM?” I remember when High Times announced the creation of their West Coast office. Like many marijuana consumers on the West Coast, I thought to myself, ‘it is about time!’

I know people in New York are very prideful, but I think the facts speak for themselves that the West Coast is the center of American marijuana culture, specifically California. The West Coast is where medical marijuana started, it’s where marijuana decriminalization was first passed, and it’s home to the finest marijuana on the planet. If you don’t agree, chances are you haven’t been to the West Coast!

I actually dug up the article that announced the launch of the High Times West Coast office as well as the High Times Medical Magazine (quarterly publication) and the first cannabis cup in America. Here is an excerpt of their announcement, “With New Jersey signing on as America’s 14th medical marijuana state, and the Obama administration taking a state’s rights approach to enforcement, HIGH TIMES knows the time is right to launch HIGH TIMES Medical Marijuana News and Reviews, an all-new newsstand magazine focused on the needs of medical cannabis patients and providers nationwide.”

As someone that owns The Official HIGH TIMES Pot Smoker’s Handbook, I was very excited to see that author, and Senior High Times Editor David Bienenstock, was going to head the new project. “I can’t imagine a more exciting time to transplant myself into the epicenter of cannabis freedom,” said Bienenstock at the time of the article. “This new magazine will break important ground for HIGH TIMES, and give medical marijuana patients and providers the kind of comprehensive coverage they deserve. Meanwhile, having an official HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in California is literally a dream come true for millions!”

As loyal TWB readers know, Ninjasmoker and I attended the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles. I had a chance to meet some of the staff of High Times, and they were very educated, knowledgeable people on the topic of marijuana. I used to not give High Times full credit because after all, they were from New York…I’m glad to see that for the last two years, they have been right in the middle of the action, and I look forward to their endeavors in the future. Happy two year anniversary High Times from your friends at The Weed Blog!


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  1. FUCK HIGH TIMES!!! first and foremost they are not really a reputable source for marijuana and related news. They could never ever stand up a real publication like Marc Emery’s cannabis culture. high times owns international oddities, you know all the b.s. legal weed you see several full page ads for in hightimes. that stuff isn’t natural at all and its marketed as a safer alternative to marijuana. just as bad are the ads in the back for adult phone sex lines. how can a publication claim to bee moving towards reform when they print that filth and marijuana users in general get sterotyped in with it. there is a place for sex ads and labratory created, well whatever that stuff is. that place isn’t in a MARIJUANA MAGAZINE though, I wouldn’t look for weed ads in a playboy why is it the other way around. CANNABIS CULTURE never had adult ads or fake weed. they spoke the truth, now Mr. Emery is jailed and we are celebrating an inferior magazine. high times may be the most popular but certainly not the best. the number of magazines they sell isnt a reflection of how good they are, but a testament to people being spoon fed shit and not knowing better. boo hightimes, boo and shame on you.
    joel s.
    the angry hippie
    indianapolis, in

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIGH TIMES!!!!! Obama, Biden, what jokes, I live in Delaware, this place, I am not knowing anymore, I have lived in this state for 38 years, and I am not getting their ideas… I have had back problems since I was 20 and getting worse with age!!!!  I am now in a pain mang. program and I am thinking about looking into the medical marijuana, I don’t think it could be any worse, the State is now STOPPING the scripts for oxycodone, because of the script addictions that are going on, my doc, WILL NOT give them to me anymore and the State is saying that if you don’t have cancer you now have to have prior approvel, which is fine, but the doc I am seeing refuses to fill out the paper work, and since March 1 this year, he has just stopped that one med that I need to have a quality of life, I even have to different docs that have called him and told him about the research we have done for the past 5 years, I need that break thru med to function every day.  I do have a friend that does smoke the med mar, and I have to see what I need to do to see if I can try it and see if it does anything for me, any ideas, if so thanks for the help, I just keep telling my self, “it could always be worse”!!!!!  I am really thinking about going west and getting out of here!!!!!

  3. The so called fake pot etc will not go away regardless of the new laws that have been imposed just about everywhere.all they will do is to change one or two ingrediats and it will be right back out there being solf everywhere agin.If they really wanted to prevent this sort of very dangerous and deadly stuff all they have to do is to legalise marijuana.In country’s that have done so it has had very positive effects especially in the numbers of teens using marijuana.That has droped very significantly and the same woul happen here if our governemt would wake up and do it.Also I have this thing thats just been eating at me since a week or so agao.Cna anybody tell me what Bidens agenda was when he went off to visit the latim american country’s that have legalised marijuana use for their citisens??I know it had something to do with this subject,of that there is no doubts whatsoever,so just what was or were or are his intentions concerning this all??I want to know and since he went I have yet to read about and or hear anything else about it,so if anyuone knows shoot me an E-mail at charles0390@hotmail .com,ok?Tks a bunch

  4. Samantha_stones79 on

    I need to be in High Times my bday is 4/20…oneday I will. Happy Bday

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