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Hillary Clinton Says It’s ‘Important’ To Let States Legalize Marijuana


The first Presidential debate for the Democrat side occurred this week and the topic of marijuana came up The internet has been buzzing ever since. During the debate Bernie Sanders was asked if he would vote for marijuana legalization in Nevada if given the chance. Bernie Sanders said that he suspects he would, because essentially prohibition is a terrible thing and has ruined too many lives. The debate moderator (Anderson Cooper) then turned his attention to Hillary Clinton.

He asked if Hillary Clinton was ready to take a position on marijuana legalization yet, because in the past she has refused to. Hillary Clinton then did what she always does, and refused to take a stance on legalization, instead saying there needed to be more time and more research done before she supported legalization and fully supported medical marijuana. Her answer was clearly not as good as Bernie’s, which has been the topic of many, many articles since the debate. To be fair, she did say that she supports not putting people in prison for marijuana, but by the time she got around to that part of her marijuana policy position it fell flat and didn’t seem that genuine, at least to me.

Apparently Hillary Clinton realized that her answer was not satisfactory, because yesterday she did an interview on MSNBC where she appeared to tweak her answer a bit. She was asked how she specifically feels about Colorado proceeding forward with marijuana legalization. She had the following to say, via a YouTube video clip that the always amazing Tom Angell posted:

So when originally asked if she wanted to take a position on marijuana legalization, she refused. After the backlash she received in the media, and witnessing the praise heaped on Bernie Sanders for his answer, now she is saying almost the same thing, but with some rhetorical tweaking. I got the pleasure of hanging out with United States Representative Earl Blumenauer briefly last night, and we talked about Hillary’s change of tune. He said that in his discussions with Hillary, the answer she offered up in the MSNBC video was the stance she has told him and others behind the scenes, but for some reason during the debate it didn’t come out the way it did in the MSNBC video.

I am all for politicians evolving on marijuana policy. Just because someone was against it before or on the fence before doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be allowed to get on the right side of history. But they have to be genuine about it, and they have to get all the way on the right side of history. With Hillary I just always get the ‘stall and run out the clock’ vibe from her. She will say whatever she thinks is popular at the time, but in a way that is vague and minimizes any backtracking the in the future if she changes her mind. Saying it’s OK for a state to proceed with legalization is not nearly as strong as saying that you would vote for a state legalization initiative.

What do TWB readers think? Is Hillary’s new position on staying out of legalization’s way good enough? If you are like me, you would have felt way better about it if she would have stated that in the debate, but instead she chose to punt on the issue, claiming that there hasn’t been enough time yet. Her MSNBC video suggests that it’s not allowing time to go by that should occur, but that Colorado should be allowed to proceed unimpeded for an indefinite amount of time, and whether good or bad things happen, the feds should stay out. To me that’s a lot of political rhetoric considering just two days prior she could have said the same thing, but instead refused to take a position at all on the issue. She is seeing how popular marijuana policy reform is with the American public, and in true politician fashion, is trying to act like she has been into it for a long time. Well, at least since after the debate on Tuesday…Thoughts?


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  1. Kirstin Elaine Martin on

    I honestly think that so many of us have been brainwashed and misinformed over the years, that Hillary’s insatisfactory answer is due to ignorance, misunderstandings and lack of time and focus on this issue. I am sure that if she understood the history and facts about cannabis, she would even support it on a Federal level. So let’s reach out and educate here on the subject.

  2. The reason we need federal legislation is that we need to end seized assets associated with marijuana prohibition.

  3. This Drug War Rhetoric and the hack that wrote it needs a working class ass kicking and a traitors just. The Drug War is a war based on lies and the statement
    ( The history of legalizing drugs in this country is the very root of our demise.) is the biggest lie of all. Take a look outside. Drug addicts are not the problem here, they are the cattle that fill our prisons. The problem is the unaccountable war mongers, like “bill opp” plugging the drug war and his Wall Street buddies that profit from every other war America is in right now.

  4. Clinton will say anything to get elected, including support states rights during the campaign if that is what it takes ti get elected. Once elected, she will back her campaign donors’ Those donors, like the prison industry and Monsanto are investing in her campaign to make sure marijuana prohibition does not change. Marijuana is the raw material for over a trillion dollars of our future GDP. The corporations that would lose their ass from marijuana legalization are in the Clinton camp. She also has a track record of selling out the middle class for Wall Street profits and Zionist agendas. You cannot trust a word that comes out of her mouth, especially when it conflicts with her track record, and her track record is all about corporate power and Wall Street cronyism. Don’t buy her BS, not for one moment.

  5. This is all Political BS for the sake of winning votes. I am 63 years old. I have witnessed my friends, family, and colleagues, over the years transition from smoking pot to Cocaine and Meth. Most of them are now unproductive, dependent, and abusive. The history of legalizing drugs in this country is the very root of our demise. Call it what you may, but truly the future of the America, and it’s ability to be perceived as a country of morals and strength because of those morals is at hand. We will succumb to other World powers that can control their moral attitudes and beliefs. They are one in their convictions. We on the other hand, are not.

    America, because of its inherent right to freedom, has allowed the bastard Lawyers, politicians, and Courts to squander its true heritage. We are pussy’s. Fight for what is right and just. Get some balls. Let’s finally regain the image of a true world leader. If you cannot take the FFF’n heat then don’t bother to play the game.

    Be brave in Justice and Fairness for all. Not just a chosen few.

    Come to Modesto, CA. See the Homeless, see the drugs and meth and what they have done to radically change this town over 25 years. I have seen and witnessed the transformation.

    We do not need more relaxation of the drug laws. We need BALLS… To say no… For the sake of our families, friends, and Country.

    Stand with me and fight the ass holes who do not live and breathe the results of their laws.

    Come to Modesto…. 27 Murders this year. Record….

    We don’t need ISIS to destroy us, we will destroy each other.

    God Bless Us All…………………………

  6. We have waited long enough for progress on this front. We cannot afford to go backwards for the next four to eight years. We did that with Bush. and frankly Obama has been a disappointment on that front as well. He could have done so much more, if he wasn’t trying so hard to please absolutely everyone.
    These next years are very important for the movement, and, and I for one cannot risk voting for somebody who is not 100% behind full legalization. Clinton seems to have just woken up to that fact. I want a leader, not a follower. She does not have what it takes to lead. and to think outside the box. With her, it will just be the same ole same ole.
    Also, despite the fact that I voted for her husband, twice, I cannot tolerate the idea of seeing his cheshire grin, as he becomes the first “first man.”
    We need progress very badly in this country, not a return to those days. Also, Clinton voted for the Iraq war. Please spare me the retort of “she acted based on the intelligence that she was given at the time,” BS. Even Sixty-Minutes, knew that it was all trumped-up at the very moment that Powell was giving his “Mushroom Cloud” speech.

  7. No disrespect. but I can certainly determine by your comments that you are a big Clinton fan. You vacillate just like her. On one hand this, on the other that

    Her answer regarding marijuana legalization during the debate was a clear and resounding “NO.” Now, just days afterward she is already to use one of her old favorite words, “parsing,” her words to try and fit. With still over a year til the elections, I am confident that she will measure so many of her words. that it will become apparent to even the most ardent Clinton supporter, that she speaks with a forked tongue. Anything to get elected. Whereas Bernie Sanders, is consistent, on point, and sincere. He truly believes in what he says. There lies a huge chasm between the two.

    As for your statement “For all of her credibility issues, and her tendency to be a jellyfish floating on the tide of public opinion, Hillary remains the most electable democratic (or republican) candidate by far,” your willingness to overlook these flaws, and still declare her the best option for democrats. I feel epitomizes what is wrong in this country, Even admitting that she is a spineless-jellyfish, she is the one you are going for.

    You and millions like you, who can never state anything she has ever really accomplished for this country, still want the continuation of the regime. If she is elected, it will mean that either a Bush, or a Clinton. has held the Oval Office, for a minimum of 24 years, and perhaps 28.
    Bernie Sanders has intelligent answers for every question. He will not trip up on his responses, because he didn’t have to memorize, or practice his answers, because they are genuine.
    If people like yourself, who admit that Hillary is not the ideal candidate, got behind Sanders, he could realistically achieve most of what he proposes.

  8. Exactly, I want to know which polotician is actually going to end marijuana prohibition federally. It should be up to states not the feds. I’d also like to know who is going to end asset forfeiture, it’s a form of persecution without conviction an needs to go!

  9. Which is why I won’t vote for her or any other candate that doesn’t take a solid stance on legalization. This half ass attempt to say I’m for states having the right but never pushing to change federal law so that is specifically allows it does not float my boat. Doesn’t matter what letter falls behind their name… R, D, I ect. The one who comes out to end the federal drug war has my vote! I say this being an undeclared voter who does not use drugs. I’m literally sick of government wasting my tax dollars to fight an un-winnable drug war!

  10. Ideologically, I agree with Bernie Sanders more than I do any other candidate. The problem is, unless millions and millions of young people actually turn out to vote he probably can’t beat the Republican nominee in a general election. Nor will he be able to successfully achieve any of his democratic socialist goals if he does somehow win – do you really think both Republican-majority houses will work with him? Jim Webb was right during the debate: there is a reality we have to consider here.

    For all of her credibility issues, and her tendency to be a jellyfish floating on the tide of public opinion, Hillary remains the most electable democratic (or republican) candidate by far. I consider her support for federalism (states should be free to govern themselves, by and large, without federal interference) a huge win for proponents of legal marijuana. On the other hand, I would consider nominating a too-radical-to-win candidate a serious mistake. The worst possible result that could come down in 2016 is that we get a republican president to go with our doubly-republican congress.

    One thing that Bernie mentioned during the debate that hasn’t gotten much press is that it’s not just about the White House. There are various 420 ballot initiatives in many states likely to go in 2016, some in states where democrats could “steal” a congressional seat (they need a 5 senator swing to balance the scales [conceivable], and 34 House Rep seats [highly unlikely]). Since young people tend to be lazy voters unless there’s something on the ballot about which they are passionate, here’s hoping swing states like CA (where the democratic senator is retiring, thus vacating that seat, potentially letting the republicans steal one from us!) and FLA, and IL, etc., get their acts together and get initiatives on the 2016 (not 2015) ballot, thereby motivating Bernie’s millions to actually show up on election day to 1) vote for legal weed, and 2) incidentally to take back control of their government, as long as they’re there.

    Why can’t we just vote via an app?! Nothing in the history of political elections would be close to equaling such a move, in terms of empowering the people. We would immediately realign the composition of our representatives to more accurately reflect our nation’s true principles and demographics!

  11. Saying the campaign would have nothing to do with the “poster boy for drug company greed,” a spokesperson for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders rejected a meeting with Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli and turned over a campaign contribution from Shkreli to a health charity. (Salon)

  12. Hillary will say anything any time to get a vote. Like 99% of all government people, it is all about them not the public. Besides if Hillary said the Sun came up in the East I’d have to go see for myself before I would believe her. The amount of hypocrisy and contempt the politicians have for the American voter is staggering. Free the Cannabis not free ISIS from Cuba.

  13. The only candidate that is the closest to legalizing marijuana is Bernie Sanders. He has been saying it and in the debate they pretty much asked him and just used Nevada as an example and he confirmed his stance. Hillary almost sounds like she is against it. She always says more research needs to be done which shows she doesn’t think it should be legalized.

  14. Any way you slice it, she’s second best. I’m voting for Bernie, and if it’s Hill vs. Rubio or something, I’ll vote Hill. The only reason she has “evolved” is because she’s scared not to. She might lose votes! If people are active and tell her that she needs to evolve, eventually she will. Otherwise, she won’t.

  15. What’s keeping Hilary, and other politicians, from taking a stand are the same powerful/sociopathic interests that used lies and slanderous innuendos against cannabis in the early 20th century to establish the prohibition of one of the most beneficial plants on the planet. Those who wanted to treat those suffering from disease as a “market” for petrochemical based synthetic drugs, instead of the living beings that they are who need real medicine that would heal them without harmful, health destroying side effects.

    If researchers had been free to study cannabis without restriction for the past 70 years the health profile of the American people, and of others around the world, would be dramatically different. The rampant epidemics of chronic, degenerative diseases and conditions would not be happening; but then that would undercut the “market” that Big Pharma depends on for their most lucrative revenue streams. Good for all of us and bad for the few who profit from those markets.

    The real harm related to cannabis comes not from the plant but from its prohibition to all who need it — that being just about everyone.

  16. She is an opportunistic cunt. If you want to put yet another plutocrat in office that will draw close to 500,000 ayear + her husband bills salary then please vote in the witch. If you want yet another 2008 financial crisis due to her stance on Glass Steagall, than by all means vote the crone into office. My vote is for Bernie.

  17. I really don’t think any of them say the truth ,I think they say what they think we want to here, MORE WORK< LESS PUBLIC ADD < LOWER TAXES oh come on are we really that stupid, I just want one honest man or woman to stand for our country and not for their political gain . I think cannabis should be legal , if not for tax purposes then
    for medical , but people have been curing all kinds of aliment's in the herbal treatment's some sound silly but so did molded bread,
    Just my option but I have seen things work that was not made in a lab. or the list of side effects the pharmaceutical medication has, so who is really the drug dealers??????

  18. hillary clinton is full of shit she will say anything and do anything to get elected but if she does get elected I bet my bottom dollar that she would be totally against legalizing any type of marijuana and maybe try to shut down the states that have already legalize it she is nothing but hey back stabbing liar

  19. Rand Paul was better. Carly is worse, Rubio and Christie are horrible. The rest have been vague. But hey it sure is great that they are being forced to talk about it. The next Republican debate is in Colorado! This could be the turning point my friends… for our initiatives and for many a politicians career.

  20. Virginia Ewell on

    I understood her debate response to mean she wouldn’t overturn state laws but she didn’t rule out removing the federal criminal law. I also doubt the others really meant they would overturn the state laws. Question could have been better worded because of the two different legal actions.

  21. It is spooky, being that she is polling strongest, that there is no telling what her position really is. She is well aware that people have been using cannabis for centuries with great benefit and little ill effect and she is also aware of the lives damaged by keeping cannabis schedule 1. So what’s keeping her from taking a stand? For all I know she is dead against legalization but will wait till after the election to inform us of that.

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