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Hillary Clinton Says She Supports Re-Classifying Marijuana From Schedule I To Schedule II


hillary clinton marijuanaIt wasn’t that long ago that Hillary Clinton participated in the Democrat debates on CNN during which she was asked if she supported marijuana legalization. She said that she did not. Bernie Sanders on the other hand was asked specifically about the Nevada marijuana legalization initiative that voters in that state will be voting on in 2016, and he said that he would vote for it. After the debate, Bernie Sanders was praised for his answer, and Hillary Clinton was not.

Since that time Hillary Clinton has changed her position on marijuana, which is nothing new. The day after the debate she stated that while she doesn’t support federal reform, she does support allowing states to pursue marijuana legalization if they wanted to. Today she ‘evolved’ on the issue even more by stating that marijuana should be re-classified from Schedule I to Schedule II. Per the Washington Post:

Clinton said that she supports removing marijuana from a list of schedule 1 drugs, a classification that prevents federally-sponsored research into its effects. As a schedule 1 drug, marijuana is classified among the most dangerous drugs that the federal Drug Enforcement Agency regulates.

“We haven’t done research, why? Because it’s considered a schedule 1 drug,” Clinton said during a town hall meeting at Claflin University in South Carolina on Saturday. “I’d like to move it from schedule 1 to schedule 2.”

To some voters that aren’t familiar with marijuana reform, that might sound like a significant thing. However, it’s not as significant as many people think. Marijuana prohibition would still exist at the federal level, and federal agencies like the DEA would still go about business as usual. The only true way to get on the right side of history is to un-schedule marijuana altogether and thereby end federal marijuana prohibition, a position that Bernie Sanders came out in support of recently, and backed up by introducing a bill that would achieve that objective if passed.

Hillary Clinton wants to as the question, ‘we haven’t done research, why?’ I’ll tell you why. Because of politicians like Hillary Clinton, who will say whatever it takes to get votes, but will rarely (if ever) back it up with action. If Hillary Clinton really wanted more research conducted, like she has claimed so many times, why has she never, ever taken any steps to help make it happen? Why does she only support re-classification now, after polling shows that it’s what a majority of voters want?

Below is another excerpt from the Washington Post article. It’s a quote from Tom Angell from the Marijuana Majority, who is absolutely everywhere these days it seems (and rightfully so!):

“The rescheduling of marijuana is a step in the right direction, but only going down to Schedule II is mostly a symbolic move,” said Tom Angell, chairman of the pro-marijuana group Marijuana Majority. “It may make research slightly easier, but on its own wouldn’t do anything to protect seriously ill people who are using marijuana in accordance with state laws from being harassed by the DEA.”

“Only changing the federal criminal statutes can effectively do that,” he added.


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  1. Good for her.BUTif Burn one with Bernie said it first and if he wouldn’t have piped up first she wouldn’t have ssid a word.
    Still its better than nothing

  2. Nothing about marijuana prohibition has ever made sense, so I’m not convinced the DEA are suddenly going to become rational. It’s always been about fear, ignorance, racism, power and money. Although they are called the Drug Enforcement Agency, they freely create public policy, not just enforce it. It’s well past time to pull the plug on these jokers.

  3. Why would anyone in there right mind believe anything she said. A week ago she was against legalization, what changed besides that she is trying to get people votes that are for legalization. Well no one that I know believe her at all.

  4. Don’t you have anything better to say? I don’t disagree, but the continued droning does little to move the conversation forward in a manner that is befitting to the quality of the topic. The truth is idealism is spectacular, but with the reemergence of cannabis as a plant folks can legally partake in, it behooves us to discuss the path toward “No more regulated than tomatoes.” That path has many twists and turns and will take sometime before it reaches that state.

  5. saynotohypocrisy on

    It makes sense for police unions to be most vocal in opposing legal weed, they’ve got clout with public opinion . If big pharma opposed weed publicly, I think public opinion would understand the cynicism that motivated them. Cops are better able to get away with slandering weed than big pharma, with their toxic, unaffordable concoctions would be.
    But it seems to me big pharma has a helluva lot to fear from herbal cannabis, and I’d be very surprised if they aren’t working hard behind the scenes to trash cannabis.

  6. It is no surprise that Hillary again has changed her position on a topic. To keep it plain and simple, I don’t trust Hillary. Bernie Sanders did great at the Democratic Candidate Forum, and as always he was very genuine. Hopefully Hillary supporters will realize Bernie Sanders is the best democratic candidate.

  7. She wants to put it in a pill and sell it to us while continuing to ruin people’s lives throwing them in jail for a plant. Big Pharma floozie!

  8. Closet Warrior on

    HelllNo is right on, Hillary flip flops like a walk on the beach, just think if she used her political contacts, she could probably get it re- or descheduled. Then Monica could suck on her stogie.lol We will prevail, stand tall and vigilant for the times they are a changing’ and slowly but surely if we stay the course then we will win this war of attrition(WOD) is a sad joke that unfortunately is killing many of our soldiers off before they even get to the front, therefore, we must be their action, their stories and their voice along w/our own primal scream that this plant is not evil. The exact opposite-this medicinal plants is love and compassion!!! What does that say about you’re so-called hero politicians?? Pretty rhetorical. We need a Revalaltion or a Revolution.

  9. Hillary is feeling the pressure. As the poll numbers for legalization go up, her scheduling opinions will come down. We are winning this war. We just got to keep pushing for complete abolishment of prohibition. Politicians that want to keep their jobs, will get on board. There’s gonna be an epidemic of flip- flopping on this issue. And that is great news for our side.

  10. I was fighting to legalize cannabis 10 years ago, where were you? Heck, I’ve been fighting for cannabis legalization for more than 25 years and I’m 30 years younger than Bernie. Just pointing out facts. Bernie has only now, after 24 years in federal office, gotten around to the right position on this issue. Good for him, I didn’t say anything about him that isn’t true nor that warrants anyone with a knee-jerk defense of him.

    I supported gay-marriage in the 80s when I was old enough to form my own principles, what does the year have anything to do with the recognition of basic human rights? Slave owners in the 1810s were bigots even though the general population agreed with them at the time. What year it is has absolutely no bearing on basic human rights. Weak defense, sorry.

    Bernie is Bernie, warts and all. If you want to excuse Bernie’s previous stance of only moving cannabis from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2, you are a fool. Just acknowledge his previous weakness and wrong stance on this cannabis issue, praise his current proposed legislation, and go from there.

    The reason most activists who are right on the issues have little shot of becoming President, is because weak, compromising voters go out of their way to defend the horrible actions of politicians that start wars, kill people, and lock human beings in cages. I don’t care what level a person is, dog catcher or President, stupid and evil is still stupid and evil and I won’t tolerate that, let alone defend and vote for it.

  11. That was 10 years ago! That’s like saying someone who was for civil unions in the ’90s is a bigot because they weren’t supporting full gay marriage rights. How many federal-level politicians have been better on cannabis than Bernie Sanders? How many of them have even some shot of becoming president?

  12. The biggest anti-pot campaign contributors are the police and prison employee unions. That is where the vast majority of the opposition to cannabis legalization comes from, government employee unions for the police and prison guards.

    We may want to blame big pharma the most, but if you look at who is quoted in the newspapers and who testifies to state legislators every time cannabis legislation is introduced, it is ALWAYS the government employee police unions that are the most vocal against cannabis law reforms.

  13. In 2005, Bernie Sanders introduced legislation to move cannabis from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2, exactly like Hillary is now proposing. You can’t trust anything these politicians say regarding cannabis. You can only trust what they actually have done. At least, after 24 years in federal office, Bernie has finally come around to removing cannabis from the CSA Schedules.

    Hillary belongs in jail, not deciding which human beings should go to jail for cannabis. A vote for Hillary is a vote to lock human beings in a cage for having cannabis. You are a disgusting human being if you vote to lock people up for cannabis.

  14. Meth and PCP are also Schedule II. This is nothing more than a political stunt. Under this schedule, it will allow Big Pharma to sell you Sativex, just as restrictive as it is in Britain (which means to practically nobody). Don’t buy the hype folks. Moving marijuana to Schedule II is a joke, it’s all about removing it off the controlled substances list completely like alcohol and tobacco.

  15. Surprising absolutely no one, Sen. Clinton has found her way to the optimum position, appearing to support reform just enough to serve as a talking point to make her sound pro-reform, while being bland and uncontroversial enough that Republicans can’t use it against her in the general.


    And that’s why she’s going to be triangulator-in-chief in 2017, folks. The perfect cynical candidate for our cynical political era. Please, prove me wrong! Support Bernie Sanders, vote for him in your Democratic primary (and then again in the general election)! Drop him a $20 if you can; his money is all coming from individual donors, and almost all of that is from small donations.

  16. Allowing marijuana to move to schedule II could make persecution even worse than it is. Big pharma will have us in the palm of their hands and the DEA will come at users with a vengeance. Keep in mind that one of the biggest drivers for marijuana prohibition is those that make money enforcing it. Making marijuana schedule II would start a cycle of lobbyist cash to push for strict enforcement to that big pharma can have control of the plant and the profits.

  17. Catalina Copeland on

    thats the GMO agenda
    they say roundup causes cancer
    GMO cannabis will kill us. NO. THanks CHUCK R at DEA !
    see ganjapreneur article about steep hill labs and reggie g. patenting genetics …
    no schedule II. no big agriculture. no GMO cannabis.
    It is NOT medicine it is a herb remedy.
    I dont SEE DEA at the chinese herbal medicine shop.
    watch out for this

  18. Based on its safety profile Medical Marijuana should be de-scheduled completely — it should be over the counter.

    If the DEA isn’t willing to do that, existing DEA policy would say that it be on no more restrictive Schedule than Schedule 4.

    Here’s Why —

    Marinol, which is pure THC (the psychoactive component of Marijuana) in pill form, is Schedule 3, so things that contain less than 100% of it shouldn’t be more restrictive than Schedule 4, based on how the DEA schedules other Drugs, including drugs containing Opiates.

    CBD isn’t psychoactive, and doesn’t belong on any DEA schedule.

    That’s what the makes sense based on the DEA’s policy on other drugs.

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