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Hillary Clinton Expresses Support For States’ Rights When It Comes To Marijuana Reform


In 2007 Hillary Clinton was running for President. Back then Hillary Clinton said that she was against marijuana decriminalization. Then in 2012 Hillary Clinton stated that she didn’t think that marijuana legalization was ‘the answer to fixing the failed war on drugs.’ She reasoned at the time that cartels would figure out other ways to make money, such as through kidnapping or extortion. But last summer in an interview with CNN, Hillary Clinton has changed her tune a bit. She stated that she was ’open to trying marijuana legalization at the state level.’

Hillary seemed to double down on that position today, per a couple of tweets that were sent out by CNN’s Political Producer Dan Merica:

With today’s comments being spread far and wide on social media, many activists are asking the question ‘when is Bernie Sanders coming out with his official stance on marijuana policy?’ Poll after poll is showing Bernie Sanders in the lead over Hillary Clinton, with no viable third candidate for the Democrats at this point. I’m curious to see if Hillary’s comments gain any traction with the media and the American public, and if so, if it has any meaningful effect on polls. If that were to happen, I’d expect more and more politicians to follow suit. What do TWB readers think. Do you take Hillary Clinton’s comments as truth? Do you plan on voting for Hillary Clinton?


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  1. First of all, Hillary’s stance sounds suspiciously like most of the Republicans’. And it is hardly an endorsement of legalization; it is more of a way to avoid pinning herself down on the issue until she gets elected, at which point she will do whatever is politically expedient.

    And Bernie’s stance isn’t any better and possibly worse. He won’t say what his position is, and I don’t trust that. He does seem like an all-around better person than Hillary (whom I would not trust to stand behind me unwatched) but he is hardly a cannabis enthusiast’s hero.

    Unfortunately we don’t really have any heros in either party. Even Rand Paul, the “best” Republican (at least with respect to this issue), has never said he supports relegalization, but he has made a lot of noise about states’ rights and the unfairness of drug laws, and he has introduced some important legislation that would downgrade cannabis to Schedule 2. Still I would hesitate to call him a friend of the movement (more of an acquaintance really). And he is literally the BEST candidate running (again with respect to this one issue). That is a low bar. If one Democrat would call for re-legalization or at least de-schedulization and decriminalization at the federal level than that would be something. Right now we got nothin’.

  2. Flip-flop she don’t stop! Weaksauce! She’ll say anything to get your vote! I’m with Bernie 100% if I have to write him in on my ballot! #FeelTheBern

  3. If you want to know Hillary Clinton’s position on anything, just see what Bernie Sanders was saying two weeks ago. #Bernie2016!

  4. Some people accept cannabis as a safe alternative to Pharma crap
    Hillary is not 1 them

  5. Johnny Bloomington on

    “She also has no real chance of being president.”

    Uh… Yeah she has 50% chance…lol

  6. Johnny Bloomington on

    Obama said similar rhetoric just to get elected then did a 180. I’m voting for Bernie because he’s better on other issues as well.

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