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Hillsboro, Oregon Paves The Way For Energy Efficient Marijuana Grow Facility


indoor marijuana gardenThere are a lot of people that want to grow marijuana in Oregon. It’s one of the most common questions I get from Oregon friends, family, and readers – ‘What would I have to do to become a licensed marijuana grower?’ One of the biggest hurdles I tell them that they will face is finding a suitable location that meets all codes and zoning. You can’t just open up an industrial indoor garden on a whim. There’s a lot that goes into it. And that’s exactly why when I received the below press release it instantly raised my eyebrow. It cuts out a lot of the riff raff if you can rent out a space in a ready-to-go facility. To be clear, I’ve never been to this place and the press release was the first that I had heard about it. But it definitely has peaked my curiosity! See below:

On May 3rd, 2016 The City of Hillsboro City Council approved land use rules and regulations for the Cannabis industry. Now, licensed recreational marijuana establishments can operate within the City limits. This ruling sets in motion the development of a major 20 million dollar energy efficient marijuana grow facility. It is hoped that this facility will be a demonstration project of how the cannabis industry can use power responsibly by dramatically reducing power consumption.

This 130,000 sq ft indoor marijuana grow facility will be a community of growers, processors, wholesalers, research facilities and testing labs. The vision of this project is to address a number of critical concerns pertaining to the emerging marijuana industry. It is common knowledge that this new industry is having a huge impact on the power grid as well and many environmental concerns. Oregon has the chance to start this industry off on the right foot. There is already a huge energy impact on the infrastructure of Colorado and Washington state. Oregon has the unique opportunity to learn from those states and set a new standard of environmental and energy best practices.

The plan is to develop a marijuana grow facility that will embrace the best of technology, to achieve optimum energy savings and best practices. This will help growers to be even more successful and competitive long term. Now that this industry has come out of the shadows, it is time to treat it like any other industrial endeavor, by reducing overhead and maximizing efficiencies.

To achieve these goals, there is a team of energy experts, engineers, state agencies, and people that are passionate about meeting these objectives. There is a commitment to make sure that this development will become a demonstration project on how the recreational Marijuana industry should operate going forward in the State of Oregon as well as an example for the rest of the nation.

Because of the size of the facility, it allows for the development of centralized services to maximize energy savings. The building has a 4 acre roof which provides the opportunity to install up to a 2 megawatt solar array, thus reducing the carbon footprint even more.

This is an exciting time and this is an exciting project which will be the first of it’s kind. For more information and details of the build out plans please call Richard Plainfield at 503-291-0027


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  1. 让市民得到实惠。许多鸡蛋吃不完放着坏了可惜,今年农产品食品展区有65家企业参展,成交有限。我国工程机械行业标准走向国际化的步伐还只是刚刚开始,据不完全统计,荷兰成为这种创意的首个实施国家。5万元人民币。今年来个戏剧性变化,由无线传感器构成的传感网络具备优良特性

  2. Coffin Nailor on

    Just curious what they were offering and charging in that area.
    I’ve only had spider mites once from cuts brought in and I never want to go thru anything like that again. You’re spot on the bug problem if they are cuts just trash em. Seed plants possibly worth nursing since the price of quality oversea beans is outrageous. If they were still in veg i would just turn every bit into new cuts. Depends.
    Doesn’t it seem that spending money to rent or lease a space only increases your costs in the end to you? Besides the bugs i see several draw backs to these “professional setups” including time consumed in travel and the fact that i would never be alright with being any amount of distance from a grow. Outdoor possibly but never indoor.
    If you can’t easily access your space at least twice a day (every 12 hrs) you’re not growing top shelf and that’s when you’ve really refined your methods and got your criticals like temp and humidity ect. dialed in.
    Here’s another problem. You would be forced to flower on the facilities schedule since this “shared space” is a room full of several different crops. So ask yourself. Do you really want ‘Joe Grow’ bumbling around your girls in the dark with a flashlight when the lights are off?
    If this was truly an attempt to save energy and resources those bulbs would be much lower no reflectors or hoods and on 8 to 12 foot tracks travelling between rows. Because you would only need half as many bulbs or could effectively cover twice the space they are in that photo. There’s several problems with this whole concept and that photo as well if that’s what they are attempting to recreate.
    It’s not for me these services they are offering. I do see potential in using a facility like this to teach and train new growers. But as a long term grow space for anyone with knowledge and love of their craft. This is more headaches and worry than convenience. To each their own i guess. Just my thoughts.

  3. Bongstar420 on

    By “considering it,” I mean I saw an add and thought about calling the person for a minute. After I decided that multiple growers in the same area was asking for a perfect storm of pest pressure, I never bothered to call.

    Pest control at the level that fine Cannabis demands is difficult enough in a solitary location. I swear that you have to have near hospital conditions and no new cuts to keep spray free. Even new seeds could potentially bring a few diseases into the grow. I have no one around for miles with respect to Cannabis production and I still managed to get two spotted mite twice, eriophyd mite, and some systemic microbial condition associated with the eriophyds that is incurable and kills soil recycling because roots carry the pathogen and fungus gnats can pass it. In the field, this disease will pass with very common insects like spittle bugs. Its effectively incurable and the “solution” is the garbage can- not good for material reusing thats for sure. I suspect the two spotted mite came in through the front door and the eriophyd came in with a clone. These eriophyds/unidentified microbial infection are not established pests in the Cannabis knowledge lexicon and the condition takes months to develop into something noticable. I am pretty sure I picked it up with cuts from Portland. I gave preventative treatment for the clones which is 100% effective on two spotted mite control. Months later, my yields are 50% as well as my potency….and because I am OMMP, its super hard to throw a 4×4 bush out and keep production going. The eriophyds are wind disseminated in the field. Though there is a positive note on this. *cough* Global warming *cough* reduces the effects of this condition as the mite and microbe.

  4. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    “As far as I know windows are not subsidized.”

    Except for the ones Bill Gates designed…

  5. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Greenhouse organisms, (plants), CONSUME “greenhouse” gases, (CO2)…

  6. The simple solution is to put 500 acres under cultivation outside. The production could be huge and you won’t need 5 crops a year. Growing inside is obscene and contributes to global warming. Even glass greenhouses would be better!

  7. Coffin Nailor on

    Using tents and enclosed spaces you can maximize light use and and ventilation on top of pulling down every 30 days vs every 60 days by using 2 spaces producing twice as many yeilds alternating 12/12 cycles saves power as well. Efficiency is better in a private setup.

  8. Coffin Nailor on

    You’re gauranteed bugs and fungus in this rental space. Thus increasing the hazardous chemical usage residues.
    That photo is their commercial space apparently some nice 1980s warehouse style space for rent. Reflectors lol if they want to decrease power use then they should refine thier methods. Only benefit I see is those possibly concerned about fire safety at home with children.
    How much do they ask to rent the outdoor space you considered may i ask?

  9. There is this peculiar device called a window. It was invented by humans to keep the wind out and let sunlight in. They are often used in greenhouses where plants are grown. As far as I know windows are not subsidized.

  10. Cannabis growth is light sensitive. If you use the sun for your light source you cut your harvest to once a year. Using artificial light allows you to harvest 4 to 6 times a year.

  11. Bongstar420 on

    You can pay for the differences in capital costs…or are you trying to make sure only fat cats get to play?

  12. Bongstar420 on

    Wheres your outdoor stuff that is as good as indoor on average?

    We are talking about a luxury item.

  13. Bongstar420 on

    LOL..multiple growers in the same building does not make pesticide residue less likely.

    I considered leasing some outdoor ground, but it was all multi-tenate leases. Guess what, I don’t want to spray because some other grower is a moron. Most disease is disseminated on the wind..even spider mites.

    Whats most striking was that I thought multiple buildings to multiple growers was dumb. This takes the cake.

    Oh, there is no way that photo is of a legal grow unless its from WA or CO in the last few years.

  14. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Use sunlight DIRECTLY to grow plants?

    THAT wouldn’t work.
    Makes too much sense.

  15. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    CO2 is good for plants?
    Who knew!

    It’s like carbon is part of some elemental-biological cycle or something… ;-)

  16. Tony Aroma on

    Why exactly do they need solar arrays to store energy from the sun? Couldn’t they just use the sun light directly? Why does 100% of the light have to come from bulbs? Why not just put in a glass roof and make use of the free light? Or what about those collectors that gather sunlight and redirect it with fiber optics? Obviously you can’t grow year round with JUST sunlight, but it could significantly reduce the electricity used.

  17. The main purpose of solar arrays is collecting subsidies. Wind works the same. And you will find this hard to believe I know – but CO2 is very good for plants. Between 1,000 and 1,500 ppm is optimum. Our current atmosphere is CO2 starved as far as plants are concerned.

  18. Perhaps a requirement for licensing any new grow facility should be a certain level of energy efficiency. There are some new greenhouse operations (old fashioned solar gone high-tech) going up in Colorado that use very little electricity, drastically reducing their overhead.

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