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Hollywood Producers Looking For People For Marijuana Reality Shows


cheryl shuman cheech marinFind Out How To Be Featured In A National TV Show About Marijuana

CASTING NOW!!! DREAM BIG! Nothing like being featured in a national TV show to gain huge national publicity for your business, career, or yourself!

Hollywood’s most celebrated Network & Cable producers are now working with Cheryl Shuman to develop 4 (Four) different reality series evolving around the cannabis community and movement. These will be hits!! Imagine Entourage Meets Sex in the City Meets The Apprentices Meets Top Model Meets The Big C Meets the Cannabis Movement. These new hit shows about real men & women, living captivating lives in LEGAL MEDICAL MARIJUANA are now casting! This upcoming docu-series gives viewers an inside look at Cannabis Communities most intriguing, interesting, compelling, & glamorous individuals. In addition, we will be profiling some of the most compelling patient stories to help promote law reform as well as top political figures during the upcoming election.

The Production Team is currently looking for fabulous men, women and their families who live or work in the cannabis industry as well as main stream cannabis consumers to be on this series. We are searching for outgoing, exciting, strong, self-confident men & women who reside in LEGAL medical cannabis states who want to share their amazing lives!

Theses new docu-series are an amazing platform to promote current or future activism, business endeavors, careers, ideas, etc… you can’t beat the huge publicity of a national television show to make you and your ideas/brand a major success!

If you or someone you know is living “the good life” in one of the legal medical marijuana communities, we want to hear from you!

cheryl shuman hollywood medical marijuana


Be sure to mention you heard about this from Cheryl Shuman for priority consideration, and email ALL the information requested below ASAP to:

Be sure to include:
1. Your name (first and last)
2. Contact phone number
3. City/Zip where you live
4. A short bio about you and your fabulous life and what makes you a fit for this tv show
5. Recent photos of you, your family, and your home/BUSINESS (jpg format please)
6. Be sure to mention you heard about this from Cheryl Shuman for priority consideration!

Just go to www.BeverlyHillsCannabisClub.com and click Register!

Kindest Personal Regards

Cheryl Shuman
Director of Celebrity, Media & Public Relations




The stars shone brilliantly at Lure Night Club in Hollywood for the FX Summer Comedy Party. The celebration included series stars from Anger Management, Brand X With Russell Brand, Louie, Wilfred, and Totally Biased. Celebrities in attendance were Charlie Sheen, Russell Brand, Louis C.K., W. Kamau Bell, Selma Blair, Shawnee Smith, Daniela Bobadilla, Noureen DeWulf, Michael Arden, Derek Richardson, Elijah Wood, Jason Gann, Fiona Gubelmann and Dorian Brown.

The room was electric, buzzing with the anticipated arrival of the “winning” man himself, Charlie Sheen, star of Anger Management. He was easy to spot upon his entrance, surrounded by nearly a dozen bodyguards. I noticed that he was the only celeb with such an entourage.

Several sections of Lure were roped off for celebrities and VIPs. Massive video screens were everywhere, promoting the Thursday evening line up. Upon arrival with my daughter as my date, I stopped by to visit with each show and reunited with my friends from Wilfred – where I proudly work with them as the “marijuana expert” for the show.

About Cheryl Shuman:

Referred to as the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana,” Cheryl Shuman announces the formation of Green Asset International Inc.. Shuman brings 25 years of experience working with media, celebrities, marketing and health care in Beverly Hills. Shuman found her passion in the cannabis movement since 1996 working as an activist and legal cannabis patient. Since using cannabis therapy, she has survived cancer and injuries from two car crashes.

Shuman was the founder of Beverly Hills NORML, founding charter member of the NORML Women’s Alliance and served on the steering committee for Public Relations and Marketing on an International platform. Cheryl Shuman is a founding member of the NCIA, National Cannabis Industry Association and served as the Director of Special Projects for the NCIA including the Women’s Cannabusiness Network. Cheryl Shuman transformed her non-profit career into a thriving profitable media enterprise.

Cheryl was the Executive Director of Celebrity, Media and Public Relations for the KUSH Brand which includes KUSH Magazine, KUSH Conventions and DailyBuds.com. Cheryl Shuman has been interviewed for television programs, newspapers and magazines, including but not limited to: ABC News, CNN, Fox News, NBC News, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, Today Show NBC, HBO Entertainment News and more.

Her private medical cannabis collective, “The Beverly Hills Cannabis Club” is unlisted and membership is by referral only. Through her personal relationships and connections within Hollywood, Cheryl Shuman has been named as one of the most influential women in the cannabis reform movement by international media. Her position within the cannabis industry creates the first and only company of its kind and at the forefront of entertainment marketing, celebrity endorsements, product placement integration, sponsorships, production and technology.

Cheryl Shuman serves as media spokesperson for the hot new vaporizer CANNACig Rapid Fire Marketing (pink sheets: RFMK) and conducts their marketing, public relations, product placement, and consulting services.

Cheryl Shuman’s “Green Asset International Inc.” is a business development company and acquisition vehicle. Green Asset made news with an historic $100 million funding facility dedicated to the cannabis industry with plans to go public by 2014.

Cheryl Shuman, C.E.O.
Green Asset International Inc.
Director of Celebrity, Media & Public Relations
“Smell the Truth” – Hearst Digital Media
The Truth List
Spokesperson for CANNACig by RFMK
Beverly Hills Cannabis Club
Join Free Using “Cheryl Shuman” as your invitation code on:
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Johnny Green


  1. 420simnkitka@gmail.com on

    Ife:-) “Don’t 4get2 stay high,”Up in smoke”!:)

    Hey Chech, Itz been awhile Since I’ve run in2You &Your Awesome Wife

  2. RFMK Stockholder on

    I hope Cheryl has the CANNAcig personal vaporizer on the shows. I love mine.

  3. RFMK bag holder on

    Just dont show Cheryl your money or she will rob you like she robbed the RFMK investors.

  4. 55yr old smoking since 16, recently finished breast cancer trmt. used marijuana with nausa and over all cancer pain…the thing is i’m in texas (the state where the thought of medical marijuana can’t even be said…)oh, yes, forget i’m bipoar. cancer sure helped with that….

  5. Hello from Hemp-EaZe! We are The Innovators of hemp ROOT healing! I must admit that I am camera shy But if there is an opportunity for product placement, I would be glad to donate some of our product line. http://www.hemp-eaze.com

  6. Way to go Cheryl! Excellent concept, perfect timing. Dream come true if I could move to participate. Me and about a million other folks. Thanks for liking my videos. That was a real confidence boost.

  7. Cheryl Shuman on

    @38124e3b48b9f1fb96f015a8b3344ac4:disqus I respectfully disagree. We need to educate the masses. By sharing the true stories of patients and everyday people in this movement it’s the only way we can pass that tipping point to mainstream acceptance and social change. I’m 100% supportive of rebranding the current face of the modern cannabis consumer. We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, mothers, brothers, patients, entertainers and a huge group of people tired of hiding in a closet. We must work towards change and stop living in fear. Only through enlightenment and diligence will we make history together. I’m fully dedicated.

    -Cheryl Shuman

  8. Cheryl Shuman on

    @facebook-100002308148775:disqus Please send the information as instructed above :) Thanks!

  9. Cheryl Shuman on

    @Sara Conrad. Several people have sent in audition tapes from NYC and other states that plan on moving to California.

  10. Cheryl Shuman on

    @b9ad2c4c4ac20b26baf99680c507cc0c:disqus Send your information as instructed and I’m happy to take a look :)

  11. Cheryl Shuman on

    Johnny, with all due respect, are you familiar with any of the work I’ve done? I’m an activist first and I have creative control over these productions. I made it a condition in my contracts with each production company.

  12. Robert Platshorn on

    The Silver Tour and the Tuna hits Australia this Sunday. Featured on
    Australia’s #1 show. TV7’s Sunday Night Prime Time. You can see it on
    the web. Here is the info they sent. “Our story on medical marijuana
    will run this Sunday Night on Channel 7 Australia at 6.30pm Sydney time. You can watch it live at http://www.sundaynight.com.au
    Or the program will be posted the next day for viewing… there’s a bit on board the boat and some at the silver tour meeting.”

    SHARE-and spread the word..The Silver Tour is changing minds around the
    world to end Cannabis prohibition. Support us on Kickstarter http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1871132414/should-grandma-smoke-pot-an-entertainment-edumerci/backers

  13. Veronica French on

    I don’t have any stake in the business but with the many medical problems I have, I do believe in Medical Cannabis. I’m only 45 and have medical problems of an 80-year-old!! Or Worse!! I can’t wait to see this!!! =D

  14. Don’t be coward, educate uneducated public about the reality of cannabis culture against myths &/or stereotype, biased opinion then DEA will be defeated to mass transformation!

  15. JohnnyBloomington on

    Yeah its called weed wars and american weed. In american weeds, they show a dumb “so called” manager of dispensary fighting with its owner. It also shows how the brothers took way too long to get there shit straight to keep prop 300 from banning dispensaries in Ft. Collins.

    These programs love to show the “hey look at the dumb stoner.” If we want this legal we are going to have to put up better PR than this crap.

  16. Blazing bitch on

    For the ones that get pick hopefully the job/company you work dont see the show and end up firing you for it cuz this show wont make you no big movie star

  17. liscenced grower smoker….33 yr long smoker began at 16, JR McKinney Albq area…call 505-661-2649 for the real joint…no better pain medicine….Id like to be in your documentary. suffer from a lifelong back condition called scholiosis. been thru pills and other standard treatments….only thing worth doing,,,less harm than good…is the Medical cannabis. got some 8 footers making bud rt now,,,about to smoke some now with my coffee as I roll out today and yes, I have a good bit of low back pain and my neck is sure sore too…thats normal for me, But the treatment opinions and options are a to z acupuncture to vicodins, physical therapy , which causes it to hurt…to surgery and fusing bones…..tired of seeing docs for their opinions….so I stay home alot, read alot and grow and smoke some fine buds on a daily basis. No doctors profit,,,and as a patient ; a person… John McKinney doesnt have to lose.
    ($$$ breaking opiate, pill addictions etcetera) actuqlly a 2 or 3 pain level which is aggravating, really doesnt require opiates…cannabis is adequate and allows enough relief for sleeping.

  18. I’d like to be on the show, although I quit smoking weed years ago. I was’nt enjoying it anymore. & I don’t glorify it either. It was fun @ first as a teenager, but led to more problems than anything else later in life.

  19. nygratefulfred on

    pick me,I am 59 years old and have been smoking since I was 16,a lot of stories and a lot of experience and a few surprises.Pick me and we will make one interesting episode!

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