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House Republicans Block Changes That Would Allow More Federal Marijuana Studies


congress marijuana sanjay gupta weedLess than a week ago a bipartisan amendment was introduced in Congress that would have made it easier to conduct marijuana research. Right now marijuana research is very difficult because marijuana is a Schedule I substance according to the federal government. The bipartisan amendment would have reclassified marijuana into its own category, therefore helping remove some of the barriers to research. The amendment was even co-sponsored by long time marijuana opponent Andy Harris, which many thought would give it a much better chance of passing. But that hope was short lived, as Republicans in the House of Representatives killed the legislation. Per The Washington Post:

Medical marijuana is now sold in nearly half of all states, and even one red state has legalized it for recreational use. Veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are clamoring for access to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. Loosening pot laws polls better in three swing states than any 2016 presidential candidate.

But House Republicans have so far declined to keep pace with shifting public opinion. They did so again late Wednesday, when a rare bipartisan pot proposal died a quiet death in the House that would have reclassified marijuana so that national laboratories could conduct “credible research on its safety and efficacy as a medical treatment.”

The amendment to a bill scheduled for debate Thursday on the House floor would have encouraged the National Institutes of Health and the Drug Enforcement Administration to work together to allow studies of the benefits and risks of marijuana to treat cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma and post-traumatic stress disorder, among other conditions.

What are House Republicans afraid of? Are they afraid that if extensive research is conducted, that the truth will come out, and that the shame that is marijuana prohibition will be harmed? One of my biggest pet peeves is when politicians say that they can’t support marijuana reform because there is not enough research out there, after which they do whatever they can to prevent that research from happening. It’s the ultimate political delay tactic that marijuana opponents have been using for years. Meanwhile patients suffer, and people get arrested for a plant that has been proven to be 114 times safer than alcohol.


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  1. Michael L. Wallace Jr. on

    LET”S CHANGE DIRECTION : If you don’t HEAT Marijuana it WON’T GET YOU HIGH . So if you Eat or Juice Raw Green Fresh UNHEATED Marijuana with high amounts of all Cannabinoids including THCa & CBD for it’s many Safe , Healthy , Healing & Life Saving Benefits then it WON’T GET YOU HIGH . If our Government arrests Americans because they can use Marijuana to get high then they MUST ARREST Big Pharmaceutical Companies who sell drug that America can use to get high . Marijuana should either be sold at all Grocery Produce Sections or every American should be allowed to grow enough so every household member can juice it 2 to 4 times everyday . Marijuana is Safer than Water , Salt , Sugar , Alcohol , Tobacco & every Pharmaceutical Drug ever made . (Drying Marijuana is Heating) ~ Now stress the issue

  2. Seems to me the main difference between US slavery and the Nazis is 75 years.

  3. Jordan Shorette on

    I never told you to take anything down I said that the flag represents racism not just *laugh southern heritage in a place of GOVERNMENT it should not be flown. it is not the state flag it is not the American flag so it shouldn’t be there. I don’t give a rats ass what flag you hang on your house offensive or not. no god or racism in government is my only point. trust me if I had my way the bible would be thrown right out the courtroom window, the fact that your asked to swear on a stack of meaningless dribble is foolish and a waste of time, it should be a replica of the constitution. and btw the cross def should be removed from all government property, apologizing to no one and having it clear your conscience is whats ludicrous. also the Nazis rounded up a specific type of person and forced them into labor camps and killed them at will this is no different then slavery in the US except the US wanted to profit the Nazis wanted to erase, so the Nazi flag reference is perfectly fitting.

  4. Freedom is Offensive — Not Oppressive. We can’t take down history because of feelings. Using the Nazi flag as the same is ludicrous. So, what will be the next Nazi flag to take down? The cross ? American flag? When will those symbols come under fire? I use my brain all the time, this is why I refuse to take down historic images. Nudging ownership over individual freedom is the absolute of Oppressive behavior.

  5. Jordan Shorette on

    are you kidding me, the south revolted against the federal government like Lincoln said then never even had the congressional authority to leave the union there for your “confederacy” was not a country it was an active group of terrorists attempting to continue to enslave human beings on us soil and it was dealt with. this is no different then Germany flying the Nazi flag at every government building because its history. use your brain dude

  6. Those who oppose the legal use of cannabis – for any reason – typically have either an unchangeable “weed is bad” mental model and/or they have some personal incentive (economic and/or votes) that prevents them from supporting it. That’s just how this is going to go until the voters overwhelmingly support legalization and these politicians are replaced.
    In the grand scheme of things, this is an unfortunate but temporary setback. Cannabis legalization will prevail.

  7. You never take down history! Ever!! Once this starts it will only continue. Freedom is offensive not oppressive! So who’s next on the history chopping block? What image is next to be banned?

    NAACP wants to blasted off mount Rushmore generals. Its like ISIS knocking down historic traces of humanity because they are offended. Question the image and debate, but never delete history in the name of political correctness.

  8. Jordan Shorette on

    yes it is lol its not even the original flag of the confederacy this flag was reintroduced during the civil rights movement to show opposition for integration and was adopted mostly by the kkk the only place that flag belongs is in a museum or on someone’s private land I don’t agree with it but theres freedom of speech which I do agree with. government land should be neutral no racism no god just science and fact.

  9. Since these sorts of bills have been regularly passing in the Hose with about 50 Republicans in support there must be something special about this bill. Research.

  10. It was recently released that Hillary raised $40 million in the month of April, and some of it came from pharmaceutical companies and other corporations, so all of them have their hands out and don’t really care where it comes from as long as it keeps coming to them.
    If the president would come through on his numerous promises to reschedule it the problem would be partially solved, but it would also send a strong directive about backing off the law enforcement agencies from making insidious arrests when they find a joint safely locked in a glove box or in the trunk.

  11. PhDScientist on

    People in Washington are making this way too complicated. The right solution is to de-schedule Marijuana immediately, It should be “over the counter” it has an incredibly wide therapeutic index and an unmatched safety profile and Americans who need it are suffering and dying.

  12. The Other LA on

    John Fleming needs his license to practice medicine revoked since he bases his opinions on cannabis not on medical science, but based on his idiot prejudices. Such a person should never practice medicine if I had my way.

  13. Tricky Ricky on

    I wonder if John Fleming or Steve Scalise from La are on that committee…Fleming is a Doctor, but believes MJ makes people who smoke have schizophrenia which of course is a hoax. He’s so narrow minded and arrogant about his stance that it wouldn’t surprise me if he had a part in stifling progress. Louisiana republicans are famous for that!!

  14. That flag is not racist . Its historic and the Confederate army was one of the best. There generals still used today for war strategics. Nation must never take down history because it offends others. Just like a nation should never start a war on drugs because it “offends” others.

  15. I think their addiction to hippie punching has overwhelmed their political good sense. Support for medicinal marijuana is overwhelming and even an enemy of MMJ like Doc Harris was supporting this. Even in the Republican primary, their action today is not a winner with voters. Maybe with special interests they are relying on for cash.

  16. disqus_khOigjnTmd on

    From about 3/4 of the way down the WaPo article:

    “Why the measure failed remains unclear…
    Both Griffith and an aide for Harris pointed to the House Judiciary Committee, which has jurisdiction over national drug laws, as interfering with the proposal at the last minute Wednesday. A spokeswoman said the committee, led by another Virginia Republican, Robert W. Goodlatte, had no comment.”

    So, that’s the two Republican co-sponsors of the amendment saying the Republican leadership of another committee torpedoed the amendment. Some right-wing drug warriors no doubt wanted to avoid revealing their own hypocrisy in voting against research, when they’ve publicly used the need for more research as a fig leaf for decades.

  17. stellarvoyager on

    Everyone take note of which party blocked the research: the GOP. From the WaPo on why it was defeated: “It would allow science to dictate marijuana policy.” Enough said.

  18. Tricky Ricky: Johnny reports that the bill ‘died a quiet death’. That can only mean it didn’t get voted on. The scum didn’t have the courage of their fascist convictions to go on record about it.

  19. Tricky Ricky on

    Johnny…after reading this I had a hard time figuring out how this got shot down and who voted against it. Can you post that somewhere please? I can guarentee that if any Louisiana republicans were involved that those morons voted against. ALL of them are stuck in 1988…even Garrett Graves who was in high school then. Such an embarrassment to be from a moronically lead state like Louisiana.

  20. OK, all you Republican sycophants, let’s hear you defend this shit.

    “What are House Republicans afraid of?”

    Of not getting re-elected! Republican voters are hippie punchers, and marijuana laws are their favorite punch.

  21. Follow the money. Big Pharma is terrified of cannabis’ medical potential, so they command their politicians to kill any bill that will promote this possibility. It takes money to get elected to congress – where do you think that money comes from? Large corporations. Who owns congress? Large corporations. Follow the money…

  22. Jordan Shorette on

    I just don’t understand why some people are so ignorant and stupid, funny its the same people fighting marijuana research that are throwing a fit about taking down that racist ass flag. too bad leonard nimoy passed away maybe he could explain to these right wing idiots that the needs of the many out way the needs of the few. I agree with a lot of republican concepts as well as democrat but these people are MORONS!

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