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How Do You Feel About Celebrities Releasing Their Own Marijuana Strains?

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It seems like every time I get on social media these days there is another celebrity coming out with their own marijuana strain. Tommy Chong was the first that I heard of, entering into an agreement with a marijuana store in Pueblo, Colorado which involved them using Tommy Chong’s name for products, including his own marijuana strain. The next that I heard about was Bob Marley (rest in peace). Then it was Willie Nelson with ‘Willie’s Reserve.’ And most recently it was Snoop Dogg and now Rihanna.

These celebrity strains are a no-brainer for the most part. All of these names are well known and revered in the marijuana community. Celebrity endorsements are not new, and since they work in other industries, why not try them with marijuana? If Michael Jordan can sells sneakers and Gatorade, than celebrities should also be able to sell marijuana too, right?

Like I always say, marijuana is different. Just because something works in other industries does not mean that it will work in the marijuana industry. This is due to the fact that consumer habits and desires in the marijuana community are different than they are in most other industries. After all, sneakers and Gatorade weren’t prohibited for several decades, and Michael Jordan wasn’t considered to be a criminal in the eyes of the law when he wore sneakers or used Gatorade. Had Michael Jordan been pushing strains of weed, it would have been a different story!

Many (not all, don’t freak out) marijuana consumers don’t like ‘big marijuana,’ or even the thought of it. Also many (again, not all, stay calm) marijuana consumers demand authenticity. So when celebrities come out with their own strains that they obviously didn’t bread and/or grow, it could cause a consumer confidence problem that a lot of these companies aren’t anticipating. Marijuana consumers are already asking the question, ‘are these endeavors authentic, or are they just a ploy to make money at all costs?’

All of the celebrities coming out with their own strains are consumers themselves, and seem to smoke like broken chimneys. So hopefully they are participating in the development of these strains, even if it’s just to consume them. No one should care more about the quality of the end product than the people with their names tied to the strains. These strains are going to create very high expectations (no pun intended) with consumers, and anything short of the best end product on the market, and the strain could fall flat.

A bad endorsement deal outside of the marijuana world is not a very big deal usually. If a pro athlete endorses a sneaker that people don’t like, they just come out with another one the next year and all is well. But again, marijuana is different. Marijuana is so tied to these celebrities persona that if someone tries Willie’s strain or Snoop’s strain and it’s not good, that reflect directly on that celebrity. Marijuana is such a big part of their identities that a flop could hurt their image a lot.

What do TWB readers think about these strains? Do you have extremely high expectations like I do, or are you just happy to be smoking a strain that is named after one of your favorite people? If the strain proves to be less than desirable, would that change your opinion of the celebrity who the strain is named after? I look forward to reading what you have to say.


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  1. Great to hear JetDoc! You seem like a good person.

    I read in your other comments of your military service and political activism for Marijuana. I know how hard such activism is and I appreciate your boots on the ground hitting the street for Marijuana legalization! The direct Human intel you speak of is important and I hope you will keep us all informed and email me anything of note you wish.

    Please feel free to contact me via email if you wish to chat and network! ProLegalTreesGuy@gmail.com
    I also may be able to help with my YouTube channel to get out important info. I do however require that you fully identify yourself to at least me in private so we can trust each other more and have transparency and accountability in our dealings. I choose total publicity but I also understand the need for security from criminals and the kool aid guzzling general public. I’m a man of my word.
    I hope you introduce yourself soon! The spooks have our ID and beliefs already so don’t be shy about making online friends otherwise our community will be far more divided and the anonymity so many use unnecessarily weakens our Pro-Cannabis movement in general by dividing activists and promoting an environment of confusion and division our lying enemies thrive in.

  2. Snoop Dogg is far from my concept of someone who actually cares about
    Marijuana legalization or doing anything for that except try to profit
    from it. He does have alot of rap about selling cocaine in Miami though.
    He was aquitted on murder charges too related to gang stuff.

    Coke selling crips don’t seem like good poster boys for Pro-Cannabis politics
    whatsoever if you ask me.

    Snoop Dogg doesn’t mind profiteering off of
    Marijuana but where is his activism to legalize it? ‘gangsta’ (C)rap
    glorifying criminality, murder, and promiscuous sex isn’t Pro-Marijuana
    activism it is smut and lies! Instead Snoopy is busy cashing in once
    again rapping trash teaching black folk to sell drugs and join gangs to
    escape poverty and racism when really it makes them become dead or in
    jail. Therefore Snoop Dogg is a lying Uncle Tom! (And NO that is not a racist term but means he is a backstabber to his own kind; just google the term!) And speaking of dead people what ever happened to Rapper Easy E who
    was murdered after dissing certain rappers and labels? What really
    happened to Tupac and Notorious BIG? Lets ask Snoop Dogg and listen to
    the tumbleweeds blow by….Maybe instead of investing millions where it
    is already legal to profit himself he should also be using his wealth to
    support voter initiated Marijuana legalization initiatives for in other
    states as well?

    Snoop Dogg and other celebrities seemingly supporting Marijuana have dubious motives at best. Snoop Dogg is a low life and a prime example of exactly the type of person who should NOT be representing anything Pro-Cannabis for our Movement or Community. I’ve no doubt that he is an initiate of the illuminati and I believe he is a murderer. In the picture above he is giving the FreeMasonic hand signal showing he is “on the level”; note how he is holding his hands and the square it creates in the negative body space. You will see many members of these secret groups giving that exact sign and many others. I myself have successfully exchanged this and other signs with Freemasons and confirmed in reality and with other records that it is legit. LivWell the company Snoop Dogg supports in Colorado has been sued at least once but I think multiple times now for allegedly using pesticides on their Marijuana crop.

    Willy Nelson the stoner for prohibition told Ohioans to vote No on Issue 3 in 2015 to legalize Marijuana because of economic bullshit when all we had to do was amend it again in 2016 for Open Markets!
    Joe Rogan the elitist affiliate of the Church of Satan told Ohioans to vote NO in 2015 to legalize Marijuana also citing economic bullshit. Neither of these men are Ohioans nor in need economically or in regard to access to Marijuana unlike everyone who is in NEED of it being legal in Ohio NOW but they told people to vote to have the medical patients sit around in pain, suffer, and die because of economic bullshit we could’ve fixed later as if we don’t already have monopolies in Utilities and big business anyways and it would have created Home Grow with no vegetative state plant limit!
    And who can forget Ol’ Rasta man Bob Marley who’s family is now promoting under his name “marley naturals” as a Weed line. Did you know that Rastafarianism is Black supremacist racist and worships some emperor as a god of sorts? as in Ras=Prince-Tarfari-anism ,ie the worship of Prince Tarfari as a god man coupled with a racist disdain for Western and White society. Bet you didn’t know that! ALL racism is bullshit and therefore cannot be good for Humanity or be Pro-Cannabis.
    There are other celebrities jumping on the Marijuana Profiteering Carpet Bagger band wagon and they all suck just as much if you’re asking me!

    Many Holy-Wood whores are now attempting too profiteer off of Marijuana. No surprise. Hollywood is a smut peddling cesspool of Communism and dangerous secret society networks which are subversive to our Constitutional Republican government. This is not some ‘theory’ but reality that you may verify. NONE of these people in Hollywood are good representatives for anything Pro-Cannabis. All I ever see them doing so far is profiteering off of legal Marijuana but they do nothing to support it politically that is of note other than fund legal outlets to profit from it but so what. They likely will have a sucky product just like you say Jetdoc.

    I will not be purchasing their Marijuana and nobody else should either! They are not good people and do not deserve your money nor does the Pro-Cannabis Community need any support from these low lifes whatsoever. Legal Home Grow is where its at! Buy local and support local businesses to create more liberty in society and wealth from the ground up instead of the top down and get more quality and accountability too! Go local and Home Grow! To Hell with all these lying celebrity profiteering illuminati trash and their lousy Weed.

  3. I believe that the NEW users coming into the market, like Sr. Citizens or younger consumers will be the ones to purchase that stuff. I do think it’s an authenticity problem however, with discerning consumers.

    Basically, I don’t buy shit because a certain celebrity endorses it. But there are people who definitely do! If I saw a strain with a Pop ?’s name on it? I probably would honestly AVOID these strains, with the thought that it’s just “commercialized weed”, with LESS attention paid to its QUALITY than it’s QUANTITY! Where they were paying more attention to the celebrities face ON the package, than they do the product INSIDE that package!

    Knowing that celebs will always cover their asses, I would also think that, it’s probably not too strong. Why do I say that? Because IF that product EVER hurt anyone? THEIR reputation would be shit and their NAME is their livelihood. So I would think, it’s probably not too strong.

    I do think that new consumers to the market, will be the main purchasers of these products. I mean what ole lady, our ole man doesn’t KNOW Willie Nelson and the fact that he smokes weed! They LOVE his music, so they’d definitely purchase his weed!

    How many 40-65 yr olds, DON’T know who Cheech & Chong are? How many people DON’T know that they’re famous for smoking weed? He’s made NO secret of his beliefs on marijuana as well as the fact that it’s saved his life! NOT necessarily curing his cancer, yet he still claims it saved his life! He’s made NO secret to his age group, the medicinal qualities of marijuana.

    There will be a segment of the population who does purchase it. But the discerning consumer will purchase it out of curiosity once, but will go back to purchasing the LESS commercialized, LOCALLY grown product!

  4. Kathleen Chippi on

    Cannabis is the People’s Plant and will remain so….”big cannabis” is BS. Snoop has ‘teamed up’ with a company in Colorado guilty of poisoning plants and then selling poison to consumers while claiming they didn’t know it wasn’t healthy or safe to use toxic pesticides and such….and solely responsible for cannabis being kicked out of the state fair after they passed out THC product to people while saying it contained no THC….

    I have no problem with celebrity’s who have been openly pro cannabis for decades like Willie selling their ‘brand’, IF they can even comply with the over-regulated BS going on now…..There is no interstate commerce so they will have to work with locals where-ever they go. Maybe they don’t realize we still need their $$$ to fix and/or create realistic, scientific and humane regulation and licensure for a FREE MARKET for anyone to cultivate, dispense/sell or use the safest therapeutic substance known to man now that we have 10,000 years of recorded human use as the best ‘research’ that can be done on ANY substance/product.

    I have huge problems with Big Business, Big Government and Mass Media, the three perpetrators of the 78 year WAR on ‘we the people’, based on LIES, PREJUDICE and GREED, being permitted to participate at all, including and especially on regulating or taxing. The Drug war is a SHAM and if we believe in science, sanity or humanity at all in 2015, cannabis should be lawful for anyone for any use and IF one wants to make it a business…then a regular old business license/regulation for any herb or food crop should suffice.

  5. When it come to cashing in on canna prosperity I want to see the people that fought to end prohibition cash in.

  6. As I understand, most of the celebrities have a line of cannabis and products. It would have to be one hell of a strain for a celebrity to put their name on just one strain. I think those that have a good product/value will knock it out of the park. Consumers will buy first to check it out. Then decide if it’s worth it to re-up.

  7. I’m probably disinclined to purchase a celebrity weed product. Not sure why but I think it’s due to the authenticity issue you raised. However as marijuana becomes more mainstream this probably won’t be a hangup for most newcomers. With that said, I suppose if the product was amazing I would give it a try. Quality control will be everything determining the success of these ventures.

  8. “What do TWB readers think about these strains? Do you have extremely high expectations like I do, or are you just happy to be smoking a strain that is named after one of your favorite people? If the strain proves to be less than desirable, would that change your opinion of the celebrity who the strain is named after? I look forward to reading what you have to say.”

    Johnny, I personally don’t care about pop-star celebrity strains but can’t speak for others. I choose strains base on 1) was it grown organically? (such as a “Clean Green Certified” label) and 2) what is the cannabinoid and terpene profile? I get my information about weed from scientists/writers like Clarke, Russo, and Backes – not pop stars. Subsequently, I do not have high expectations for pop-star strains. They will likely cost more and deliver less than local organic farmers can. As per Snoop Dog, pop stars likely will contract out to mediocre suppliers, even with histories of pesticide problems, who will still claim “top shelf” because of the celebrity brand. Finally, it is not the endorser’s fault if the strain sucks or is full of pesticides or heavy metal contamination although it would reinforce my bias that celebrity endorsers rarely know anything about products they endorse. Hope that answers your questions so we can all share our thoughts. As always, thanks for the Weed Blog.

  9. I look at it this way these celebrities listed are known by many to partake in Marijuana. This creates news and publicity so if Whoopi Goldberg wants to come out with Whoopi Weed and and 500.000 people go maybe it isn’t so bad after all….! I am for it.

  10. Theres no way anybody can keep track of all strains i first place. And u know damn well half of the strains most likely arent even what they purport them to be..
    As far as celebs go if its on the up and up,i guess it makes no diffrrence to me.

  11. Closet Warrior on

    I applaud your blog, but you are contrary to your own cause Johnny. You pose a question then answer it before your article’s through then rebutt w/more probing questions. Do us the favor by letting us answer for ourselves. This is capitalism at its finest. If they have the money then let them endorse 100 strains w/their name on it, who cares besides the one takin it in the wallet. He’ll, wish I had my own strain round the world. Lastly, anything to help the cause-or don’t you proofread your own blog?

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