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How Do You Find Your Marijuana?


find marijuana cannabisI remember when the only way to ‘score’ some marijuana was to find a friend who knew a grower, an out of town hookup, etc. For a lot of Americans, those days are long gone. I live in Oregon, and I can get cannabis delivered to my house or go into a location any day of the week in just about any large town or mid sized city. I am fortunate enough to know some growers that kick me down nugs, but I know there are a lot of people out there that are in the market daily/weekly/monthly trying to get the best deals for the best product. If this is you, how do you find your meds?

Do you use search engines like Google? Does anyone out there search using anything but Google these days lol? Do you use phone apps like Weedmaps or ThcFinder? If so how of ten do you use it? Is there one that you use over other ones for one reason or another, and if so, why?

Do you have marijuana related advertising in your area? Last time I was in Salem, Oregon going to a public meeting at the capital I saw a sign shaker right off the freeway, and I thought that was pretty effective. I would imagine a lot of people find their marijuana via a friend referral, whether it’s for medicine or recreational. Do you like to shop around? I know some people that like to go around to lots of dispensaries and use delivery services because they are constantly searching for a new variety or want the best deal.

Do you live in an area that it’s hard to find marijuana? Do you have any tips for people out there?  Chances are if it’s hard for you to find, it’s hard for others too!


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  1. We use our own device to grow at home. We have tested it for three years to make it as easy to use as possible. It’s pretty simple technology, and we are hoping you will share this link with your friends. http://www.home-gro.com

  2. I am 67 years Los and disabled nd there is absolutely no where or anyone I can ask. When I was younger and on Chemo for 2 years there was never a problem. Now I am not driving and have no friends that suffer as I do. I am in a horrible position because I have no choice but to take the medication they give me that will kill me and it really doesn’t help at all. That Posion that I take will be my death when Mrajuana would have allowed me a good and healthier way and then I could enjoy my days and get around instead of being in extreme pain 23 seven for the past 10 years now that I haven’t had Marajuana that helped me through what was a living hell on chemo. Now that my illness has caught up to me and there is nothing they can do to help me any more. I have been told for years now that being comfortable is the only thing I can do. Yeah right on that Posion they give me brings not one minute of being comfortable it is just making me sicker. They have to pass these laws and allow us a quality of life in every single state and Stop Pushing these horrific drugs that are totally unaffordable and are killing us anyway. They need to get out of my life I am sick and I need to be able to take what makes me feel better and doesn’t make me sick or drugged like their shit does. Just Sayin

  3. I live in idaho, we have no place where we can go. We still have to find someone who knows someone. And prices are rediculous because of the risk. Good thing I have a few close friends who know what’s up.

  4. Not hard for me, but if your having an issue. Try budtrader, mmj trading post and craigslist under beauty/health. If your not licensed don’t bother. Those of us who have this privilege aren’t stupid enough to screw it up and deal with unscripted people. peace

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