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How Does Cannabis Affect Diabetes And Metabolism?


Do you have diabetes? If so, do you use cannabis? How does it affect you? Do you find that consuming marijuana in certain forms reacts different with your diabetes? Do you create medibles that are sugar free? How does cannabis react with your metabolism? These are all questions that are covered in Radical Russ Belville’s latest installment in his ongoing Q and A series with Dr. Mitch.


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  1. I have type one diabetes,and I use an insulin pump. And other than the unit and an a half I get every hour I take no insulin for te food I eat.. My A1C dropped from ove 12 to 7.3 souley by ingesting Rick Simpson oil. Canabis is the best. It heals so many ailments. Educate your self and learn to make your own Medicean.

  2. Would love to be a Test candidate, on the results of smoking over the last two decades….Think I’d represent what it can do, has done, and will continue to do.

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