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How Many Medical Marijuana Patients Are Pain-Only – Radical Rant


I hear a lot of marijuana prohibitionists exclaiming that ‘most people just say that they have pain to get medical marijuana cards; it is all a sham.’ In this Radical Rant, Russ Belville discusses the statistics behind the rhetoric that is being thrown out a lot these days by marijuana prohibitionists.


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  1. I learned almost 45 years ago that marijuana was great for dealing with the pain that comes from migrines and arthritis after being injured in Vietnam. The Dr.’s kept giving me more and more chemical poisons that only worked some of the time with who knows what longterm effect it would have on me. Nothing was natural with these pills. Some were strong narcotics with definate SIDE EFFECTS worse than the pain I was dealing with on a daily basis.

    Did I abuse marijuana,perhaps inthe earlier years. I also was dealing with the PTSD that came with the aftermath of the war. Again with the pills as if that was the solution they(DOCTORS) could provide. Will 44 years later I am still here and still vaporizing the ONLY medicine that works for what ails me.

    I am not a leach on society but a productive member with four outstanding children by my side. I truly believe that marijuana has been and still is my saving medicine. So roll another on just like the otherone for the brothers and sisters aunts uncles grandfathers and grandmothers the judges the lawmakers and best of all the President of the USA.

  2. In Az anxiety & panic attack in the card Dr office is not enough to qualify you. i was completely in tears freaked out in public discussing my pain instead of them seeing the sheer panic after the 3 hour drive and just signing the paperwork. it is all ridiculous… medical mari helps me be “normal” despite multiple anxiety disorders that is why i have used it but yet i have to discuss pain to be legal…come on people wake up and legalize adult use for any reason we the people choose to use it same as deadly cigs and alcohol.

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