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How Many Scandals Will It Take To Fire DEA Chief Michele Leonhart?


michele leonhart dea marijuanaYesterday DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart had to testify before members of Congress in regards to a series of illegal sex parties that DEA agents participated in. The sex parties took place in Columbia, and involved prostitutes that were paid for by cartels. According to Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), Michele Leonhart ‘looked the other way’ and instead of punishing the parties involved, gave them ‘essentially a vacation.’ Per The Hill:

Both Republicans and Democrats took shots at Leonhart, with some calling for “new leadership” at the DEA. She’ll be back on Capitol Hill Wednesday testifying before what promises to be an equally hostile House Judiciary Committee hearing.

The Justice Department’s inspector general released a report on March 26, accusing DEA agents of participating in sex parties funded by the drug cartels they were supposed to be investigating.

The top Democrat on the committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings (Md.), called the sex scandal “deplorable.”

“The inspector general’s report details conduct that is deplorable for anyone, let alone law enforcement officials serving the United States of America,” Cummings said at the hearing.

To be fair, the sex parties occurred before Michele Leonhart took control of the DEA in 2010. With that being said, many of the DEA agents still work with the agency, and there were allegations at the hearing that not only is Michele Leonhart refusing to fire them, she has tried to protect some of them. Michele Leonhart fired back saying that she is offended by their conduct and behavior, and she is trying to ‘fix the system.’ Those are just empty words though, proven by the fact that not only are many of the DEA agents still on the job (none were ever fired, although at least one has retired), many of them received promotions. Per the Huffington Post:

At a hearing held by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart also admitted that “a number” of agents who were involved in prostitution were promoted between the time the incidents occurred and the time they were fully investigated. None of the DEA employees involved were fired.

Michele Leonhart will say whatever it takes to save her own backside, and to maintain ‘business as usual’ at the DEA. If she really wanted to ‘fix the system’ her agency would constantly be involved in scandals. The Drug Policy Alliance has started a petition calling for the termination of Michele Leonhart. You can sign it at this link here. Below is the language of the petition:

Recent revelations show that the DEA has been secretly tracking billions of U.S. phone calls for decades. And several agents were just accused of having sex parties with hired sex workers funded by drug cartels.

This is outrageous, and yet another example of how drug prohibition breeds corruption. It’s time to end the war on drugs and hold the DEA accountable for their actions.

DEA Chief Michele Leonhart has stood in the way of sensible drug policies for too long.

I urge you to fire Michele Leonhart and rein in the DEA.


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  1. Not too mention all the non-violent drug offenders wouldn’t be going to jail anymore, which would also save millions of dollars.the dea wanna keep people down just for using and selling drugs, when the most dangerous drugs; alcohol, tobacco, and legal prescription medications are killing way more people. It makes no fucking sense, fuck the dea.

  2. Let’s fire the dea period.they are a worthless,bloated, corrupt government agency that is an absolute failure with this drug war. They have ruined many people lives with these bullshit drug arrests (especially marijuana).you would save billions of dollars without these clowns and then when drugs are legalized and taxed you’d make billions more. The dea is clearly failing and this drug war is unwinnable. Let’s get rid of the Dea once and for all.

  3. She and Governor Chris Christie should get married, they are two peas in a pod and they seem to possess the same level of intelligence.

  4. stellarvoyager on

    If teachers can receive jail time for a cheating scandal, then she should also receive jail time for a much more egregious scandal. Yet she still has a job, let alone no jail time. Where’s the accountability?

  5. stellarvoyager on

    Her replacement will likely be just as awful. The corruption goes beyond any one individual, and merely changing the captain of the Titanic will not fix what is wrong with the Titanic.

  6. She has been the head of the DEA since 2007. Bush originally appointed her before Obama appointed her a second time. That being said, Obama needs to fix this situation by immediately firing her, and appointing a credible reformer from outside the agency. (Or just defunding the entire DEA.)

  7. You write that “the sex parties occurred before Michele Leonhart took control of the DEA in 2010.” This is not the case. Michele Leonhart has been the head of the DEA since the previous administrator quit in 2007. 2010 is when she was “officially approved” by the Senate, but by then she had been already on the job for more than 3 years.

    These drug-cartel funded orgies are the most recently uncovered of the many examples of incompetence and gross misconduct that have occurred under her watch. It boggles my mind that Leonhart has kept this job for so long when it has been obvious that she must be fired for years.

  8. I doubt Obama is actually opposed to legalization, he just doesn’t want it on his watch. That’s about the same attitude as most politicians.

  9. He knows weed is awful, but thinks corruption, bribery and lying under oath are probably okay.

  10. You can thank the double speaking Obama administration for this appointment.
    He says he thinks “we” need to not devote resources to prosecuting state medical marijuana cases on TV, then spends more in his first 4.5yrs in office than did Clinton and George Jr. combined raiding dispensaries and trouncing individual grow ops [see The Culture High {it is currently on NetFlix}].
    The duplicitous nature of politicians is coming back to bite said snakes in the ass regarding marijuana. This administration has chosen to fight back by appointing ruthless guard dogs in the hopes of stemming the tide toward outright legalization.
    It won’t work.

  11. Did you read that the FAT ASSHOLE Chris Christie said if he becomes President he will fight until weed was TOTALLY ILLEGAL ? Is this guy a jerk off or what ?

  12. Just defund and disband the DEA. We have no need for federal drug cops. This a chance to trim 2 billion dollars a year off the federal budget.

  13. Found this after a Google search of DEAWATCH.COM———————————

    Links to documents at bottom of internet posting……………..

    Poly Patrol Reporting and UpdatesWell it’s been too long since the Poly Patrol reported in to DEA Watch! Since our last major report there have been changes in the political landscape after the 2014 elections. Because of the current tidal wave of scandals and investigations in Washington DC we felt it was best to sit and wait for things to settle down before launching our “second wave” in the battle against the narcokleptocracy that continues in DEA.

    We monitor the Watch daily and are aware of many questions and inquiries made regarding the status of Poly Patrol revelations. Contrary to assertions made through the Watch on 01/31/2015, re-“AWOL Poly”: we have not been promoted, retired, silenced, killed, or otherwise disabled!!!!

    We first reported the DEA Polygraph Scandal on July 21,2014, in a report entitled “Poly Wants a Cracker”. This touched off a firestorm of activity at Headquarters and in the various DEA Field Divisions and Foreign Offices along with media inquiries requesting more information. The huge far-reaching illegal conduct supported by Administrator Leonhart in the DEA polygraph program continues to this day along with many other corrupt and illegal activities, all in violation of the DEA Standards of Conduct and Federal Law.

    While the Administrator’s minions and indentured servants have been vigorously investigating and trying to assess blame and responsibility for these whistle blowing activities, their efforts have failed in a spectacular fashion. The DEA Polygraph Unit and the DEA Quantico Training Unit have locked down their files and electronic media storage. There are still plenty of documents and supporting information among in-service personnel in the Division Offices and Foreign Embassies which DEA currently operates from. More sources of information have come forward in a clandestine manner as the outrage inside and outside DEA grows greater with each passing day as the egregious conduct sees the light of the proverbial day! Keep in mind that the polygraph “self admissions” scandal and cover-up are an extremely serious gateway to felony Federal Law violations with the well worn 18 USC1001 is just a starting point!!

    On 10/28/2014, the Poly Patrol responded to the Administrator’s Conduct of DEA Employees memo, dated: October 22, 2014, that was distributed Worldwide throughout DEA. In our rebuttal entitled “Pot Meet Kettle”, dated: October 28,2014 the farcical hypocrisy and double standard were laid bare for all to see in our point by point cogent rebuttal to this document.

    The final impetus providing incentive for today’s Poly Patrol update, “Party on Garth” is the March 26, 2015 release of the US DOJ Office of Inspector General Report re: The Handling of Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Allegations by the Department’s Law Enforcement Components. The report consists of 139 pages and is readily available for reading in its entirety through the usual venues. The following quotations from the OIG Report are relevant to the current state of disarray at DEA when taken “in the totality of circumstance” regarding internal investigations.

    From the Executive Summary-

    The OIG’s ability to conduct this review was significantly impacted and delayed by the repeated difficulties we had in obtaining relevant information from both the FBI and DEA as we were initiating this review in mid-2013. (1) Initially, the FBI and DEA refused to provide the OIG with unredacted information that was responsive to our requests, citing the Privacy Act of 1974 and concerns for victims and witnesses as the reasons for the extensive redactions, despite the fact that the 010 is authorized under the Inspector General Act to receive such information. (2)

    After months of protracted discussions with management at both agencies, the DEA and FBI provided the information without extensive redactions; but we found that the information was still incomplete. Ultimately, based on a review of information in the OIG Investigations Division databases, we determined that a material number of allegations from both DEA and FBI were not included in the original responses to our request for the information.

    We were also concerned by an apparent decision by DEA to withhold information regarding a particular open misconduct case. The OIG was not given access to this case file information until several months after our request, and only after the misconduct case was closed. Once we became aware of the information, we interviewed DEA employees who said that they were given the impression that they were not to discuss this case with the OIG while the case remained open. The OIG was entitled to receive all such information from the outset, and the failure to provide it unnecessarily delayed our work. DEA, starting with our illustrious Administrator, Michele Leonhart, continues to violate federal law at each and every juncture of misconduct investigations, as she “the” driving force an the very root of illicit, corrupt misconduct conduct perpetrated by DEA, to the detriment to U.S. citizens, foreign nationals, and anyone that crosses her reign of corruption.

    Therefore, we cannot be completely confident that the FBI and DEA provided us with all information relevant to this review. As a result, our report reflects the findings and conclusions we reached based on the information made available to us.

    End of Executive Summary


    While this OIG report deals more specifically with sexual harassment and sexual misconduct allegations by Department of Justice law enforcement agencies, one cannot overlook some of the disturbing nuances that apply to many DEA OPR/OIG investigations in the Kabuki Theater of the DEA Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and DEA Office of Inspector General investigations (OIG). Of course the Deciding Officials (DO) complete the Kabuki Theater of the absurd. The withholding of evidence in both criminal and internal DEA investigations are extremely troubling. Whether relevant or exculpatory in nature, the facts should be presented. Unfortunately, deceit and obfuscations seem to be the “status quo” under Administrator Leonhart’s tenure from the DEA LAFD to DEA Headquarters.

    At least during the Secret Service scandals, USSS Director Julia Pierson was forced to resign. Unfortunately no concomitant relationship exists in the sphere of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

    Some other sexual misconduct that didn’t make it to OIG report exemplars or the penalty phase in the typically skewed DEA investigations process:

    ASAC H.C., retired (Full names, places, dates- redacted) GS R.M., retired SAC D.C. SAC B.G., retired SAC R.B., retired ASAC T.S. retired GS G.E. GS T.R., retired and others too numerous to mention…

    From Politico. 03/26/2015-

    Agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration reportedly had “sex parties” with prostitutes hired by drug cartels in Colombia, according to a new Inspector General report released by the Justice Department on Thursday. In addition, Colombian police officers allegedly provided “protection for the DEA agents’ weapons and property during the parties,” the report states. Ten DEA agents later admitted attending the parties, and some of the Agents received suspensions of two to ten days. (emphasis added)

    The stunning allegations are part of an investigation by the Justice Department’s Inspector General into claims of sexual harassment and misconduct within DEA; FBI; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; and the U. S. Marshals Service. The IG’s office found that DEA did not fully cooperate with its probe.

    The congressional committee charged with federal oversight is already promising hearings and an investigation into the allegations.
    End of Politico, 03/26/2015

    Sexual escapades and adventures are nothing new for US Government personnel traveling TDY,PCS domestically, and in foreign environments. The road warrior credo of “wheels up, rings off’ remains. These shenanigans have been going on literally for decades, but now, simply receive much more scrutiny when things go wrong or payments promised for “services rendered”, are not paid. Emails, Blackberrys, Smartphones, and Government Credit Cards not withstanding!!

    With the sexual hijinks of the Secret Service and the Drug Enforcement Administration now front and center on what seems to be a weekly basis, we thought it might be enlightening to review some of the other nonsense, scandal, and illegal conduct currently under past. present, and future scrutiny:

    In the Los Angeles Field Division, SAC Williams took over the Los Angeles Field Division in 2014. Misconduct and other infractions were revealed. Some issues were overlooked because they were instituted by a “well connected”, now retired, TFO. Investigations are currently continuing into serious matters, including, but not limited to, the following a set forth below:

    Lack of DEA LAFD cooperation with LAPD homicide investigators regarding a homicide death of a DEA prisoner in Los Angeles.

    Misuse and conversion to illegal personal use of Los Angeles DEA facilities, property, vehicles, and office space at off-site locations in violation of GSA policies with the complicity of LAFD “Management.”

    Continuing investigations by the OIG into TFO Gene Johns (Administrator’s husband) {now retired) assorted misuse and abuse of authority while employed as a DEA TFO in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. His exploits are legendary as the ‘West Coast Administrator Emeritus”. However, the Bockelkamp suicide “third rail” remains buried along with Jeff. This remains buried despite some revelations and photos that reveal possible malfeasance to put it “diplomatically’!

    In the Dallas Field Division an investigation by OPR/OIG involving the misuse of US government funding for assorted USAID, DOD, FAST Team and DOS/DEA/DOD Aviation programs to be utilized in the Kabul Office.

    In the Phoenix Field Division an investigation by OIG involving assorted sexual misconduct. EEO complaints. job vacancy announcements, and improper utilization of government funds, all of which was perpetrated with the direct knowledge and participation by the Division Management officials.

    In the Washington Field Division the on-going SOD, CIA, NSA, and Stingray issues are currently undergoing a colonoscopy courtesy of Capitol Hill and the ACLU. Most important though is the current obfuscations and withholding of possible exculpatory evidence in certain criminal cases. When these situations have been brought to the attention of numerous judges during interrogatories with various DOJ AUSA’s throughout the United States, the results have been blistering and extremely damaging to assorted criminal cases.

    While these listed examples are by no means all-inclusive, (feel free to send your lists to DEA Watch); it simply provides a sample of the current state of affairs within the Drug Enforcement Administration as it thrashes and veers widely as the rudderless ship it has become. Whether it is the Classroom Marksman, Facebook Fraud, Prisoner Abandonment, or the formerly ‘Wasscally Wabbits” overcome by marijuana as reported from Utah; we sit aghast at how far we (DEA) have sunk in the Marianas Trench.!

    Many of us within DEA continue to sit on our collective outrage regarding the misdirection and criminal conduct within many levels of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Department of Justice. Others within DEA are too afraid to report via clandestine channels (eg. DEA Watch) the outrages de jour in DEA. The favoritism and frequently predetermined outcomes of many bifurcated OIG/OPR and Deciding Officials(DO) investigative responsibilities have become untenable at this point and need to change immediately.

    In furtherance of the needed changes within DEA, today the Poly Patrol, plans to submit a letter of complaint to Chairman Chaffetz on Capitol Hill. Included in the letter will be the original copies of the previously submitted materials to the former Chairman, Darrell Issa. We are resubmitting this information; along with some new additions (Exhibits 1-5), to make sure our issues do not slip from view during the transition to the new Chairman’s stewardship.

    Chairman Chaffetz appears to be somewhat outraged at the current conduct mentioned recently in the March 26, 2015, OIG Report of Sexual Misconduct within the DOJ. Perhaps as supporting documentation of the polygraph scandal, the sexual scandals, the foreign scandals, and other criminal conduct are brought more expediently to his attention he might be able to actually gain ground in investigating them. Of course that would require cooperation and compliance with the service of process.

    The current status quo within DEA OPR, OIG, OSC, DO, is simply no longer satisfactory. A congressional investigation is mandated in this case and at some point should be demanded by the Chairman Chaffetz and Members of the House Oversight Committee.

    Last but not least, Chairman Chaffetz needs to subpoena Administrator Leonhart and other relevant personnel, to come testify before the House Oversight Committee on Capitol Hill. Testimony under oath, regarding serious criminal/civil malfeasance and chicanery is now demanded by all honest and forthright DEA Personnel!

    It’s time for the Administrator’s resignation, a housecleaning I and a big flush to get DEA back on track.

    use or lose??

    DEA, starting with our illustrious Administrator, Michele Leonhart, continues to violate federal law at each and every juncture of misconduct investigations, as she is “the” driving force and the very root of illicit, corrupt misconduct perpetrated by DEA, to the detriment to U.S. citizens, foreign nationals, and anyone that crosses her reign of corruption.


    The entire letter and attached Exhibits #1-5 addressed to Chairman Chaffetz are listed below for your translucence…

    Date- April 1 ,2015

    The Honorable Jason Chaffetz. Chairman
    House Oversight & Government Reform Committee
    2236 Rayburn House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone 202.225.7751

    From: Numerous Concerned WHISTLEBLOWERS at the Drug Enforcement Administration


    Special Agent Candidate Polygraph ILLEGAL Hiring misconduct
    DEAWatch.com Poly Patrol reporting of ILLEGAL misconduct
    DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart ILLEGAL misconduct
    DEA Deciding Officials Misconduct- Confidential Source
    Special Agent Sexual Misconduct report of the OIG March 26, 2015


    The subject matters listed in this documentation have been previously submitted to your predecessor, the Honorable Darrell Issa, with two notable exceptions. Those exceptions are the Office of Inspector General Sexual Misconduct Report dated 3/26/2015 and the DEA Deciding Officials misconduct Confidential Source document. This initial information was originally mailed out in July of 2014 to personnel within the Drug Enforcement Administration, persons on capitol Hill, and persons in the National News Media. The response to the initial revelations was swift and immediate. However, what we wish to do now is make sure that the requisite follow-up investigations and interviews that have been undertaken are in fad completed.

    As you are no doubt aware, the scandalous, tawdry, and frequently illegal Conduct of Federal law enforcement officers and Federal employees seems to have reached new levels of infamy over the past few years. Unfortunately, a willful disregard for the Constitutional legal process seems to have been ensconced within the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of government.

    While the realignment of Capitol Hill is a work in progress, we feel it is important that you receive the attached information for your Committee’s dissection and investigation. We also feel given the severity and diabolical nature of some of the misconduct that current DEA Senior Management and now-retired managers have engaged in, that they should be compelled to testify under oath before your House Oversight Committee. There are also other retirees and current employees who might possess, or testify to, pertinent facts and details in these serious matters. Additionally, if you are able to obtain through the subpoena process the relevant emails and supporting documentation regarding these matters, you will finally understand what is going on within the Drug Enforcement Administration. Will your Committee be given access to all relevant information, or, will it simply be subject to the “magical coincidence” of the… “hard drives and servers crashed so we cannot retrieve and produce the records you requested”… excuse?

    As you are keenly aware; inside the Government as well as in the corporate community; the reporting of illicit, illegal, or other assorted tawdry conduct is frequently met with career ending catastrophic responses to the person or persons involved. What is painfully clear is that in order to proceed forward in these types of matters, you need the assistance and backing of both a political institution and responsible media representation reporting these actions. Without political and media assistance, the whistleblowers are frequently, cast adrift, treated as toxic, and simply destroyed.

    Special Agent candidate Polygraph ILLEGAL Hiring misconduct-

    The exemplar document attached, Exhibit 1, contains email traffic regarding issues with the polygraph of Special Agent initial hires involved in the screening process for selection to Basic Agent Training at the DEA Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Questions are raised about the actions of the Administrator, Michelle Leonhart, allowing candidates with revelations of past serious criminal misconduct, to be considered for employment within the Drug Enforcement Administration, and in fact hired by DEA as Special Agents.

    DEAWatch.com Poly Patrol reporting of misconduct-

    The exemplar document attached, Exhibit 2, contains information listed on the deawatch.com website, dated 7/31/2014, under the title of “Poly Wants A Cracker.” This documentation contains the full letter initially sent to Capitol Hill and throughout the Drug Enforcement Administration’s most senior officials nationwide. It also contains some responses and commentary to the revelations contained in our initial document submission. It should be noted that since that initial submission, there have been some retirements within the Drug Enforcement Administration’s ranks of Senior Management.

    DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart ILLEGAL misconduct-

    The exemplar document attached, Exhibit 3, represents the DEA Headquarters memorandum, dated 10/22/2014, regarding Conduct of DEA employees. The document contains the standard boilerplate managerial law enforcement off-duty and on-duty standards of conduct pablum. When DEA employees read this memorandum, they frequently realize that Senior Management within DEA are the greatest violators of these Standards of Conduct. See attached http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/deawatch/poly/polyexh4.pdf“>Exhibit 4, for relevant commentary on the Standards of Conduct.

    The exemplar document attached, Exhibit 4, dated 10/28/2014, contains information listed on the DEAWatch.com website, with a point by point response to the Administrator’s conduct of DEA employees memo, dated 10/22/2014. The response is entitled “Pot Meet Kettle.”

    DEA Deciding Officials Misconduct Confidential Source-

    The document attached, Exhibit 5, is a redacted statement regarding assorted DEA OPR matters under discussion with DEA Headquarters Officials recently. While the redaction’s are necessary to protect the source of information from DEA’s vindictive and retaliatory excoriations; the remaining commentary shows just how corrupt the DEA OPR and DEA Deciding Officials (DO) operations within the Agency have become. The document clearly shows that most, if not all, of the decision finalization work on these cases was completed by junior administrative staff with no real proper legal training, legal acumen, or case considerations from the GS-15 Deciding Officials assigned to final adjudication of the disciplinary process.

    This metastasis dysfunction has led to legendary hypocrisy and excruciating double standards when punishments for assorted offenses are warranted. The heavily redacted exemplar provides unique insight into the incompetence, legally defective, and frequently “pre-determined outcomes” that have had many attorneys and DEA employees incredulous and disappointed for many years. The legal and civil repercussions of these perjuries may bring a wave of serious re-litigation of current former, and retired employees who were systematically, methodically, eviscerated by a supposedly “open and independent’ DEA OPR/OIG and Deciding Official adjudication process.

    A Congressional investigation of DEA OPR/OIG files and Deciding Officials formal penalty findings and records kept regarding these “investigations” should be a top priority. The complicity of DEA Headquarters Office of Chief Counsel will require a Congressional Inquiry as well, since they continue to engage in activities of artifice, deceit, and willful judicial fraud and misconduct.

    Special Agent Sexual Misconduct report of the OIG March 26, 2015 http://www.justice.gov/oig/press/2015/2015-03-26.pdf

    As you are no doubt aware, Politico Magazine quoted you in a 3/26/2015 article regarding the OIG report on sexual misconduct among Justice Department agencies, and, your promise to begin an investigation into this matter and other matters regarding the dysfunctional utopia that has become the Drug Enforcement Administration. Some of the current revelations are stunning on many levels.

    Today, we respectfully submit our formal request for you and members of your staff to undertake an investigation into the illegal conduct that has become the status quo at the Drug Enforcement Administration for many years. We look forward to seeing the results of your Committee’s work on this critical problem. The remaining honest professional, DEA personnel demand these untenable situations be addressed immediately.

    Thank you for your assistance.
    Concerned DEA Employees

    Attached Exhibits-

    1 02/05/2014- DEA Exemplar Emails-Issues with Polygraph
    2 07/31/2014- DEAWatch.com posting re- “Poly Wants a Cracker”
    3 10/22/2014- DEA HQS. Memo- Conduct of DEA Employees
    4 10/28/2014- DEAWatch.com postings re-“Pot Meet Kettle”
    5 Redacted – DEA Deciding Officials Misconduct- Confidential Source

    (D/W Redacted), S/A

  14. it’s like everyone elected or a position of power is out to better themselves while destroying our country. Vote out all incumbents, don’t let them get comfy

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