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How Marijuana Is Tested


Marijuana testing is becoming more and more common, and I don’t see that trend ending anytime soon. As states pass medical marijuana reform laws, it is almost certain that marijuana lab testing will be a requirement. It’s a good thing for patients too, because they should know what they are consuming. Long gone are the days when you had your friend try your marijuana to see how good it is. Objective data and analysis can provide information that even the most veteran marijuana consumer cannot. Below is a video from long time friend of TWB Masterbong taking us inside a marijuana testing laboratory:


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  1. mikefromsantacruz on

    While, lab testing for marijuana safety is a necessity for the retail markets and some specific situations such as patient users with compromised immune systems. Marijuana lab industrialists realize that its a relatively safe plant to use, but there’s no money in that! So scare tactics are applied to the masses. Simply put, if u scare the ignorant into believing that pot is dangerous, the ignorant will pay youto make it safe. But labs cant make safe weed now can they? They can only apply their standards of testing, but who do they answer to? No one but themselves. Futhermore, steep hill lab employs a known cannabis criminal in their management team. Addison demoura has stolen from ca. Med pot patients and exposed them to d.e.a. raids in 2007. If a social pariah like demoura has his greedy fingers in any medical or publicly available business then that business should be put under serious scrutiny. Demoura is a dangerous pathological liar and sociopath. He is currently being investigated by the irs for tax evasion.

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