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How Much Cannabis Does A Medical Marijuana Patient Consume?


Smoking marijuanaHow Much Medical Marijuana Do You Consume?

How much cannabis can one person consume in a year? It seems like a straight forward question. I’d imagine if you are a rookie smoking for the first time, you probably don’t consume much out of your metal pipe or ‘customized’ soda pop can. On the other hand, I’d assume a staff member at a medical marijuana clinic in California could probably eat enough cannabis brownies to sedate a large dinosaur. It’s a question worth considering, since it’s one of the first things a state has to consider when it’s starting a medical marijuana program.

Take for instance the State of New Jersey. Their medical marijuana program forbids cultivation in anyway, and you can possess up to two ounces of dried marijuana per month. This would be an example of a broken system. Why in the world would you limit a patient’s use of a harmless substance? What if a cancer patient is having a really hard week and they need more medicine? I can wrap my head around a two ounce limit at any given time, but not a cap for the month.

Compare that to Oregon, where the current legal limit per medical marijuana patient is 24 dried ounces, or 1.5 lbs. However, unlike New Jersey, that doesn’t mean a patient can only have that amount once per month; it means that is the limit at any given time. There are people that I have met at the clinic that are yielding 14-22 ounces per plant (Oregon law permits 6 mature plants per patient) every 10 week cycle. That works out to 436.8 — 686.4 dried ounces a year. THAT’S A LOT OF MEDICINE!

Should we conclude that patients in Oregon are suffering more than people in other states that have lower limits? It seems to me that medical marijuana is just as effective at treating conditions on this side of the state line as it does across the state line. Am I missing something here? A 24 ounce limit works just fine in Oregon, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t work everywhere else. I think if someone looks at the facts for what they are, they will see that low possession limits for patients is nothing more than a way to curb a state’s medical marijuana program. I once read a NPR article about medical marijuana in Humboldt County, CA where medical marijuana limits were at the time the highest in the nation. To quote a medical patient from the article ‘”I grow as much as I can consume in a year,” he says smiling. “That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.” How much cannabis does a medical marijuana patient consume? As much as it takes to alleviate their suffering, not a gram more, not a gram less.


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  1.  providing you need six pounds(I do) and 99 plants. BUT here lies the caveat. Patients are receiving ridiculous recommendations from doctors for bullshit maladies. There is a doctor in the grass valley area that gives 99 plant 19 pound recommendations to EVERYONE. law enforcement cannot tell who is full of shit and who is really sick.many of the patients in California grow an excess and then sell to illegal dispensaries… suggestion to all patients: do sample testing days. figure out exactly what you use. keep a `medicine log’ so you will always have that as an explanation for what you possess/require.Keep cooking recipes with your recommendations, as well as juicing instructions and weights. when it is all done and said you have developed your medical necessity defense.No two patients are alike, whether they use narcotics or the natural herb, their personal dosages will always be different.

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  3. I vaporize 1-2g/day on avg., but use a lot more daily in raw juiced cannabis. I juice 20-30 large leaves every day from a specific CBD strain, and mix that with fresh juiced fruits/veg. It’s worked for both my psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis so well that I’m no longer on ANY prescription pills to treat the disease or kill pain. Its reduced inflammation all over my body like nothing I’ve EVER taken before, and has literallly given me my life back!

  4. I got sick in 2004. I was 125 and went to 200 lbs in a matter of maybe 2 months. I was so swollen, whole body inflammed. Took up to 8, 9 Lortab a day for pain with a ton of other pills. The pills stopped working and my doctors told me to stop looking for answers so I found my own! This plant SAVED my life. I lost soo much weight and in no time! Got off all pain meds, now just smoke and it does wonders. I lived in bed for 4 years not being able to mother my children or be a wife to my husband. Now, I am up and about. I still have bad days, but Cannabis keeps me sane.

    I am in Louisiana where it is acceptable to be drunk for any event, but not for me to medicate legally. I am about to go to court for a simple possesion charge in June. I have no clue what I am going to do because without my God given medication, I will die. I mean litterly die because I have tried to kill myself 3 times because I could no longer take the pain. This state is going to kill me!  

  5. Sunniemathis on

    I smoke a half ounce a week… wishing our state approved medical marijuana… I am in so much pain and it is not easy to find….

  6. this is because in cali they ruled that u can’t tell a person how many tylenol they can take so how can u tell them how much pot they need? everybody needs diff amounts of anything….tylenol, norco, alcohol…. and if u ONLY use concentrates need a whole lot more flower to produce what little meds u do get…..

  7. Well let you tell you I have been a marijuana smoker for 40 years but I have only been eating marijuana for almost one year. I have lost 60 LBS. just by eating 1 to 2 grams each night before bed, also my twitching leg syndrome is gone, a bowel disorder I had for 30 years is gone and I sleep like a baby EVERY night and I take NO PILLS!!!! My husband is a diabetic he was testing on 2 pills a day from 180 to 250 (normal glucose reading is 70 to 140) he now tests 65 to 100 and we are about to remove his second and last diabetic pill!!!!! WHY ARE ANY TYPE 2 DIABETICS ON ANY PILLS!!! EDIBLES,EDIBLES,EDIBLES!!! …BUT… It takes a lot of pot when you eat edibles every day.  I use one oz per cup of butter and a cup of butter lasts us about 3 days where as we would never smoke that much at our age..lol…and than if you have more family members you want to be including this in their diets as well so it takes a lot of pot to produce really great butter and oil!!!! GET HEALTHY AMERICA GOD”S WAY!!!!

  8. Shit. You can get your MMJ rec from your Doctor amended to suit your personal medicinal needs in CA. Can you imagine 99 plants/6 pounds at any given time? It’s no joke.

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