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How Much Does Marijuana Cost Where You Live?


cost of marijuanaBuying marijuana is pretty much a permanent fixture on the stoner’s monthly expenses. Bills get paid first (or at least they should) and then the remaining bill money is spent on buying bud. Depending on where you live, this could be a decently large amount of money. The prices of cannabis differ in different geographical locations, providing stoners with either a little bit of extra weed or a little less. In some areas, this may be a lot less, as there are some states that have terrible grow conditions or are just difficult to sell in due to laws, so the prices are jacked up in order to even out the risk involved.

Place in California sell ounces for as little as $150. While the weed obviously isn’t top shelf, it’s still smokable and of better quality then most states end up receiving. High end strains end up going for $200 and up, depending on what the strains is and the dispensary. California seems to be the place with the lowest prices for cannabis because even though Colorado has legal bud, their tax rate brings the total price up a considerable amount. And for those stoners that are on a budget, price of bud is everything. Not only that but getting decent quality is important, especially when you don’t have a lot of money to spend. There are so many stoners out there that manage to spend some money on bud and end up with a bag of Brown Frown!

The farther north you go in the states, the price gets higher. States that border Canada can see ounces go anywhere from $225 for alright stuff to over $400 for what is supposed to be the best but as said above, the kind of quality you get is always a risk. Even small amounts get frustrating when you manage to find an extra $20 that isn’t going towards electricity, rent, or some other form of necessary bill, head to your dealer’s place, and leave with a bag of what could pass as the stuff that gets scraped from lawnmower blades. The middle southern states also have problems with their weed prices and not only that, but finding the bud is extremely difficult in the first place.

If you happen to live in a spot that has decently priced bud as well as good quality, don’t take it for granted. There are people that struggle to find something to smoke every single day. As legalization continues to take strides, the price of legal weed will hopefully level out, letting stoners smoke without endangering their bills. But even if they do’t, stoners will always find a way to smoke if they really want to, even if that means saving spare change to buy a gram.

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  1. I am new to buying medical cannabis. I live in Livingston ca. I have my cannabis card. And I know the 2 strains of weed i need for my pain but the doctor never mentioned how much it will cost me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Where i live i buy an ounce like for $45 dollars. 400$? Damn that’s what a good renting house would cost here lol i live in Ecuador. (And the weed is pretty much really good}

  3. Sophisticated Stoner on

    Here in the bahamas weed is very cheap like reggie is 2 dollars per gram and the higher stuff is 5 per gram strains can be found and those are expensive but decent green buds cost 100 for an oz straight from the farm :)

  4. Linda Bonilla on

    You might need to move…Texas will probably be the last state to Make Medical MJ legal…it is not to late to start over….can you handle that???

  5. yeah but the quality is very poor, i never buy weed from other balcan countries cuz its always full of seeds and sprayed with weird shit hence the low prices, we call that type of weed albanka or albaniana and almost nobody buys it cuz it a waste of money and brain cells

  6. in Slovenia the prices vary depending on quality, i stick with the same dealer for as long as he has good buds, now i pay it 60€ for 10 grams of good outdoor buds with heavy medical properties and im happy but toimmaine than in the year 2000 the prices were 3/4 less than now, well the quality wasnt that good but u got 10g of homegrown for 15€, the good ol’ times

  7. This is now added to my “must visit” place list. Definitely some strains that are tough to find around here that I need to try for myself.

  8. In my experience PA has some good weed prices. My girl & I smoke daily, it’s a must for us (I use it to control my seizures, and an added bonus is my girl and I never fight when we smoke). We pay $45 for an 8th of loud. It’s good, that’s for sure, & if you’re on good terms with dealers around here you can definitely get the hook up. Plus, with living in Allentown there’s usually a fair amount of options — at least from my experience thus far. Even when almost everyone is dry — put in a bit of effort & you’ll find good shit for a good price. #ReasonsForLikingPA. I remember in MA I got good prices too though– a bit better too simply because of who I knew & the way I lived, etc. so it made getting weed not so much of a worry or question, bc I knew id have it.

  9. Albertabound on

    In Alberta and most all of canada I’ve been it’s pretty standard. 10 for a g, 30 for eighth, 50-70 for a quarter, all the way up to 180-250 an ounce. Depends on who you know and how good it is but price in canada is always around this standard.

  10. In Seattle weed is some of the best in the world. Prices for oz can go from 150 to 300. But Ive lived all over the country and Seattle has the most consistent prices for the best weed out there. The Seattle area is flooded with Grape Ape and all kinds of kush. Every great strain can be found here ant any given time.

  11. smokey mcpot on

    Down here in Hendersonville Tn it goes for 50 an 8th and a 100 a qrtr and its Damn good From California. And its normally always top shelf and always has strain names. Right now we have a few options to pick from:ChemDawg,Blue diamond,Animal cookies,Og/Greencrack and Grandaddy purp. We havent had to go a day with out smoke in over 4 or 5 years.

  12. Would depend on the law there, or rather the penalty. If like PA you can grow an oz and it’s no more penalty than possessing an oz, then growing might be a good idea. If cultivation inherently carries a higher potential penalty, find someone who you trust and get some from them every now and then.

  13. I pay 5$ for .5 or 10$ for a gram and its about 40$ for an eighth here in ottawa,ontario

  14. NW Florida (may as well be AL). I have three pretty reliable sources. One I patronize more than the
    others because he brings it to me and he’s not scary. I am a middle aged white lady. :) I pay $20 a gram or $50 for an eighth. It’s high grade and he almost always knows what strain it is.

  15. Companion Measures Filed in Kansas to Legalize Medical Cannabis »Members
    of Congress Send Letter to President Obama Urging Reformation of U.S.
    Cannabis Policies
    February 12, 2014

    A bipartisan coalition of 18 federal lawmakers sent a letter today to
    President Obama, urging him to put an end to cannabis prohibition by
    removing it as a Schedule 1 substance.

    “Dear Mr. President: We were encouraged by your recent comments in your interview with
    David Remnick in the January 27. 2014 issue of the New Yorker, about
    the shifting public opinion on the legalization of marijuana”, begins
    the letter. “We request that you take action to help alleviate the harms
    to society caused by the federal Schedule 1 classification of

    The letter continues; “Lives and resources are wasted on enforcing
    harsh, unrealistic, and unfair marijuana laws… Classifying marijuana as
    Schedule 1 at the federal level perpetuates an unjust an irrational
    system. Schedule 1 recognizes no medical use, disregarding both medical
    evidence and the laws of nearly half of the states that have legalized
    medical marijuana.

    We request that you instruct Attorney General Eric Holder to delist
    or classify marijuana in a more appropriate way, at the very least
    eliminating it from Schedule 1 and 2.”

    The letter states that billions of dollars are spent each year
    arresting hundreds of thousands of people, and also notes that African
    Americans are roughly four times more likely to be arrested for cannabis
    than someone who’s Caucasian.

    The Congressmen and Congresswomen who signed on to the letter: Earl
    Blumenauer (Or.), Dana Rohrabacher (Calif.), Steve Cohen (Tenn.), Sam
    Farr (Calif.), Raúl Grijalva (Ariz.), Mike Honda (Calif.), Jared Huffman
    (Calif.), Barbara Lee (Calif.), Zoe Lofgren (Calif.), Alan Lowenthal
    (Calif.), James McGovern (Mass.), Jim Moran (Va.), Beto O’Rourke
    (Texas), Jared Polis (Colo.), Mike Quigley (Ill.), Jan Schakowsky
    (Ill.), Eric Swalwell (Calif.), and Peter Welch (Vt.).

  16. I’m BiPolar 1, rapid cycler, smoked marijuana from 15-30 yrs of age, quit. Was diagnosed as BP at 42. Just crashed again after Manic phase, I can’t live thru another”Darkness”. All I know is I never suffered from suicidal depressions or Manic highs when I took a couple of puffs a day, I was a Credit Analyst, not a constant stoner …….I live in Texas, I’m becoming desperate. What do I do, where do i go to get medicinal marijuana…..I don’t want to deal with back alley drug dealers, I’m a respectable citizen, I don’t know if I’ll make it thru another depression, I can’t stabilize out, pharmaceutical meds are killing me.

  17. Yes, top shelf Mexican. The good stuff seldom travels North, though, which is why Mexi-brick gets a bad rap.

  18. Seems like I read that Denver growers operating illegally were being shut down, one by one…
    Looks like you’re gonna need to go legal, or just… go.

  19. I just noticed that this beautiful bud is sitting on top of a job application, is that right?

  20. Dirty old man :D
    What’s weird is that I keep coming back to gaze at these buds, and I don’t know why!

  21. We’re just trying to be protective, Tim, but you seem to have the matter in hand. Keeping in mind, though, that the stranger you’re meeting with could be undercover. Or they could be armed. Anyway, take all precautions. (I wonder if a woman in your position would be able to do the same?)

  22. won’t answer me here must be scammer like in previous posts juliana made…..People on here say its a scam…..Brick weed around here goes for $500.00 a pound but nobody wants it here

  23. Just be thankful you can buy it legally and don’t have to risk incarceration or getting robbed when you buy it. I wish I had moved to California 20 years ago.

  24. Vincent, I am not sure why you would call me stupid. I pay what I pay because I have medical problems and without it I would be in far worse shape. The bad thing about living in NYC is that you hear from all kinds of people that they have better prices for better quality. When it comes down to it they are trying to get me to send money and expect to get a package in the mail. Taking a chance of doing business like that would make me stupid. I deal with cash and carry dealers only. If you have any suggestions my ears are open otherwise I don’t think it is very kind to call someone names because of what they pay for the medicine they need.

  25. $125.00 to $200.00 an ounce in Colorado if You have a good caregiver. More if you go to a dispensary and more if you are recreational (at least 21% higher excise tax)

  26. what happened to the northern lights, alaskan ice, and alaskan thunder fuck? we grow them in Colorado???

  27. Vincent Nibblin on

    Tim you are really desperate, or stupid, you might as well throw your cash in the trash, better yet , give it to someone that needs it more than you, at least you will fell better. All these people on here are scammers, looking for a chump like you, remember you were warned!

  28. oh that sucks man. I know out in the smaller AK communities it’s not so good. I used to live in one and a bag (which could be anywhere from 4-7 grams IIRC) would run you around 100 bucks. I live in Fairbanks now and an ounce costs anywhere from 300-350 dollars, depending. Down in Anchorage you can pick up an O for less than that, though…I bought an ounce of high-quality product for 270 dollars. One thing about Alaskan weed is that a lot of people here put a lot of work and care into providing a great product, and the home-grown weed here can go toe-to-toe with anything else I’ve smoked around the country or around the world.

  29. Vincent Nibblin on

    Right On! Spammers and scammers, going to the slammer, When you get to prison, theres gonna be a clammer, to get in line for your sore behind. Breakfast, lunch and dinner time, please don’t cry, please don’t whine, You know you brought it on yourself this time! BITCHES!!!!!!!!!

  30. There. Downvoted and flagged each one. And while I’m beginning to feel quite anal about all of this, I refuse to be beaten by… spammers.

  31. You asshole, you spammed our website. I’m going to take a hit off this joint and forget you exist. But for now, here you go:

  32. I believe indoor cost way to much. Outdoor weed all you pay for is nutes and the seeds/clones.as of newmexico I know ppl in eastern AZ that grow green house they have spray systems set up to keep the plants cool.you can always put large bricks.of ice or just grow a sativa they love the heat and long hours of sunlight myself I have never tried to grow in a super hot area one time I grew in butte county it was hot and dry but not as much.as newmexico

  33. I live south texas and a nick is 5$s . Dimes are 10$s an ounces are 30$s and a pound goes anywhere from 100$s to 200$s

  34. There is no comparison to the luscious taste of a juicy and ripe heirloom tomato from my local grower’s market. However, I have tasted hydroponic tomatoes from the grocery store that come awfully close. (That sound you hear is my stomach rumbling…)

  35. Michel J Jack Sr. on

    Haha $100.00 for a shitty 1.8 bag here in Dillingham Alaska our legalization is on the next ballot though come time to hit the poles i hope and pray for legalization here in AK so we dont have to fork over $100.00 every time i wanna get high

  36. 170 a half oz in western nc. beautiful delicious buds. can get shitty weed for 80 an oz. nobody smokes that here

  37. Outdoor is the best. Its the only TRUE organic product available. My wife likes to use the example of tomatoes sold at the grocery store. Which is the better one, the 6 tomatoes sold “on the vine” from your local store or the one fresh picked from your garden?

  38. In swiss/zurich I pay for an ounce (~30gr.)between 220$ and 400$.
    So 400 a zip tbats what I’m on, fat buds and wellknown strain (last time we’ve imported Super Skunk from Amsterdam). My clients prefer to decide berween my diffrent offers but the shit I get for 220$ is also ok. It keeps you high and got small buds. Hope to see soon in cali!

  39. I live in Alabama and can get zips for 270 and that’s after it’s gone through 2 people in Alabama so and it’s dank as fuck frosty as snow on a tree. Key is know someone out in Cali/rado. They need to be a friend so they don’t take advantage of you and give you straight deals. Their shipping methods need to be creative and flawless. For all you kids that ever pay 300 or up. I cry for you. I remember those days. Meet some people…. And whoever said they r paying 100 bux for 5 to b delivered …hell I thought 80 for 5 was steep. That’s how I use to run shit

  40. Hey Ryan, there seems to be an argument amongst growers as to which is better — indoor or outdoor. Quality would depend on so many more things than just where it’s grown, don’t you think? So, you think indoor growing is more expensive, overall?

    And, for great places to grow cannabis, where would New Mexico fit in? Are we too dry here?

  41. I believe its because everyone is spending so much.money for up keep and lighting to grow indoor weed Only about 1% of growers where I live grow indoor and if they do they just keep it for them selfs northern California and southern Oregon are great places in America to grow outdoor weed and also there is this thing called auto flowering plants it take a total of 2 1/2 months to grow. And only 2 or 3 oz but that means almost anystate could grown it outdoor America needs to stop spending money on indoor grrowing and learn how to grow some chronic natural organic buds

  42. $150/ounce? That’s backdoor between med card holders. Brick and mortar dispensaries charge up to $250 an ounce and we have no sales tax!

  43. Dude, that’s $5.35/gram! And, it doesn’t look like a bud, it looks like a tree! Got any pictures with trichomes?
    (I’m not dissing your bud, I’ve just never seen a bud that big, is all…)

  44. “Sometimes entire categories of craigslist are rendered nearly unusable by spam. Con artists prowl the listings, paying sellers with fake cashier’s checks and luring buyers to share their credit card numbers.”
    Gary Wolf, brainyquote.com

    Public service announcement brought to you by every person ever screwed over by spammers :)

  45. “Another One Bites The Dust,” brought to you by Queen and our hard-working moderator.

  46. in eugene oregon grade a organic indoor buds sell for $150.00 oz – $2000.00 lb. Really nice outdoor $75.00 oz – $1200.00 to $1500.00

  47. Has anyone heard of the pot exchange? Its basically an underground commodities exchange where large scale buyers and sellers facilitate your large scale needs. Its international in nature, extremely layered, and not many people actually knows who their connections are. I can assure you, they know what the going rate of pot is in your area.

  48. I have found that price per gram or ounce is relative — but, when you break it down to the cost per joint, you can get a better picture of how much you’re spending.

    I’ve seen prices for MMJ in New Mexico anywhere from $10/gram, all the way up to $20/gram. Now, dispensaries may tell you that the higher price is because it is a Grade A medicinal strain, but one has to wonder… Except for the initial price of the seeds for these strains, why should it cost more to grow than any other marijuana?

    Is there a big difference in expenses between an outdoor and indoor grow? Are hydroponics more expensive? What does it matter how low or high the THC strength is when we’re comparing growing costs? Length of time for drying, maybe?

    In other words… why are prices (still) so high?

  49. WY.GrassSpecialist on

    Wyoming right now is the best place for booming Marijuanna sellers. Marijuanna in ,especially small dinky power plant towns, sells for 6,400 u.s dollars a Lb.. Which goes hand and hand with high pricing for the everyday buyer. Bags are sold as 20 sacks for 20.00$, 1/8’s for 50.00$ to 60.00$, 1/4’s for 100.00$ to 120.00$,OZ’s for 400.00$. Now the dealer on the other hand, in Wyoming, lives as close to Colorado as humanily possible Cheyenne most commonly known for the most action. because they were, before Colorado became a mini Amsterdam when they legalized recreational use among the whole entire state, the cheapest place to get good top shelf quality mountain grown cannibis at cuts as low as, 1/8’s for 20.00$, 1/4’s for 50.00$ to 60.00$, and OZ’s for 180.00$ to 210.00$, so the room for profit was unbelievable. you could take and buy 2 OZ in Colorado for 400.00$ max. and go down to Wyoming twenty minutes away and make 800.00$… But with the new laws installed they have made it completely tied up to the point that you really have no reason dealing in Wyoming anymore :)….unless you are the grower ;)…..until next time users…hey hey hey hey smoke weed every day

  50. Hey Ryan, unfortunately, I’m not on facebook, or in the twitter-verse (try to say that aloud, three times, really fast). But the good news is that I’m here, on The Weed Blog. Howdy!

    My problem with the indica/sativa labels is that I can’t tell the differences in the effects. Maybe our New Mexican strains are still underdeveloped — as opposed to your famous neck of the woods.

    Your bud looks great, sounds great, and if I try really, really hard, I think I can tell it smells great too.

    And it’s probably not a good idea to post your email address on this website, or any website, for that matter. You need to protect that awesome bud, right? You should be a little more careful. (If I sound like a mother hen, that’s because the description fits.) Peace out.


    It’s never anything spectacular either.. just mutt strands. if you want grade A stuff, $400+

  52. I live in Mexico on the west coast.
    I get top shelf Mexican for $35 an ounce.
    I am very happy.


    Here in New Zealand it’s quite a bit more expensive.
    one ounce will go for $300NZD ($240USD).
    the most common way it is purchased would be what we call tinnies, or dins, which is anywhere between 1 and 2 grams for $20 (a bloody waste of time if you ask me)

  54. The difference is indica vs sativa as I hope you know indica is a head stoned coulch lock compareded to sativa. Witch is a energetic high body high and they charge a oz per test witch they end up making over 300$ off that oz in the dispencery and its organic tasting not chemical like add me on fb? Ryan Rushing I live in Stockton CA look me up I’m a white Guy 19 years old ryanrush94@Gmail.com

  55. How much does Harborside charge you for testing, if you don’t mind me asking?

    And, what’s the difference when you toke a 15% as opposed to a 28%? Do you just smoke less, or is it a different high? Is 28% some kind of record?

    And, the most important question… How does it taste?

  56. Yeah I wish I had a better cam we get all of our weed tested at harborside clinic my low grade last year was 15% thc and high grade was 28% all organic outdoor weed

  57. I live in south eastern mass and mids is 100$ an oz, kind bud is 180$ an oz, and headies(primo,danks) is 240 an oz. we have pretty good prices around here for a northern state.

  58. we live in South Africa and we are able to purchase high quality swazi for R200 ($1 = R11) – quantity a bank bag (not sure how much it weighs)

  59. I live in Manhattan and I can tell you pot is quite expensive here. I pay $100.00 for 5 grams delivered. That is for a good strain. It is never the same but it is always on high end of the scale. I have not been able to find anyone who sells by the ounce or half ounce. If there is anyone who reads this and lives in NYC and can help me out with better prices you can reach me at timbambrough@aol.com. Thanks

  60. What you have here is an educated buyer. And I know what’s legal and what’s not. Why don’t you?

  61. The use of the letter “K” is cop talk, means the end of a statement. Like the Military uses the word “Over”
    Beware (30 yrs as an LEO, retired and still lighting up)

  62. Wikipedia:
    Central Californian slang tends to be an amalgamation of both Southern and Northern Californian slang, often siding toward the surfers. People will often refer to marijuana as dank, weed, or bud; it is also common to refer to a bowl of cannabis that has been expended as cashed.

    Urban Dictionary:
    1. Good weed
    2. Highly potent weed (chronic)
    3. Good stuff (usually referring to weed)
    4. Something awesome to the maxx
    As in,
    1. That is my favorite dank shit man.
    2. Aw I hit that dank shit and I was gone.
    3. Wow that’s some dank shit right there.
    4. Wow this store has some dank shit!

  63. I mean, I see a few, I think. And it looks really healthy. Indica? And, do you know what kind of THC level you’re getting?

  64. Sydney – $300 to $350 per ounce, and quality is pretty average/low compared to what snoop dogg sings about cali weed :) we can only dream about kush, mowie wowie, etc

  65. That looks really dense. But, how come I can’t see the trichomes? Is there just not enough light in this picture?

  66. That’s awfully expensive. I’m curious, do you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth?

  67. Here in Perth Australia it’s ridiculous 25 dollar (AUD) “sticks” usually weigh 1-1.2 grams and you can never really know what quality you’re getting. “Ounces” are $350-$400 and usually weigh less than an ounce!

  68. i usually pay about 35-40 for a half oz of reg. it’s not high quality, but it’ll get ya stoned. right now i don’t pay for mine, i get it for free from a friend.

  69. 50-100 oz depending on quality here in nor Cal :) we smoke good old organic outdoor weed :)

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