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How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost In Illinois?

illinois marijuana

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It’s been a couple of weeks since a handful of Illinois medical marijuana dispensaries started making legal sales to patients. It was a long, bumpy road for Illinois’ medical marijuana program up until that point. Despite having one of the most strict medical marijuana programs in the country, it still took considerable time and effort to get Illinois’ medical marijuana program to the point of providing legal, safe access to medical marijuana patients.

After the first week of sales, the numbers were released in regards to the amount of marijuana sold, the amount of money exchanged, and the average price of medical marijuana in Illinois. Per Fox 2 News:

Illinois’ new medical marijuana shops sold nearly $211,000 worth of cannabis in the first week, with less than a quarter of eligible patients buying so far.

Program director Joseph Wright said Friday the dispensaries served 806 customers. They purchased about 460 ounces of marijuana, or about a half an ounce per person, on average.

A statewide digital tracking system is in place to monitor sales. The first week dispensary sales figures indicate that the price per ounce on average was roughly $450, or about $16 per gram.

As a lifelong Oregonian, $450 per ounce sounds outrageous to me. I can walk into almost any dispensary in Oregon as a medical marijuana patient and pay as low as a third of that price for top shelf Oregon grown medical marijuana. Probably even cheaper since it’s harvest season. However, I recognize that Oregonians are spoiled, and so comparing price and quality to Oregon is not always a fair comparison.

If you live in Illinois, how do you feel about that price? Also, I haven’t heard what the quality is like. If you have seen some, or even better yet purchased some, I’d love to hear from you. There are currently about 3,300 medical marijuana patients in Illinois.


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  1. Will they ever make it legal Federal government so insurance companies wil have to cover some of prices and

  2. I recently got my card in Illinois.. I am and always have been a coneisure. I suffer from psoriatic arthritis. I have to say. The quality is just ok. There are a few strains that are pretty good. But for the most part it’s just ok. I’ve spent time in Colorado. It’s nothing like that. It kind of sucks because it’s a guessing game with what your getting so you better know what you like or your going to spend a lot of money on products that your not sure of. In Illinois they are not allowed to have “samples”. For they can’t have “unsealed” bud according to the state. Price wise it’s horrible !! 20 a gram. 60 an 8th. 120 a quarter. The prices are the worst. But with all that said I’m thankful to at least have a card.

  3. Ohio just rushed a useless bill though the house and senate to combat the MPP Medical Bill that was racing to its signature goals.. So, MPP just quits today, they still have $2 million in reserves for Ohio but say they quit, they are not just pulling out the bill, they are taking the bill and the signatures with them.. MPP is not a very good or respectable organization, they have become like a soulless Pharmacy Corporation that will run to the Profit in a heartbeat, and the health and welfare of the Patients NEVER rise to thier concern. Being bribed to pull out is not beyond an idea, it actually is the only idea that fits with what MPP is doing to the sick and dying in Ohio…

  4. Jerry Barnett on

    Move to MICHIGAN!!! I am moving there in a few months I hope. In Michigan there are no dispensaries…YOU GROW YOUR OWN!!! YAHOOEEE!!!
    Michigan here I come!!!!!!!

  5. Jerry Barnett on

    You are EXACTLY RIGHT!!! Illinois should be ashamed of themselves. MICHIGAN has is right! They allow patients to grow their own……NO DISPENSARIES, NO PEOPLE STEALING MONEY FROM THE SICK!!!

  6. Jerry Barnett on

    Michigan allows patients to grow their own so they are not required to pay a middle-man any of your hard earned money. The people running these dispensaries should be ashamed of themselves. They are taking money from people who do not have much but must do it because the pain is tremendous. Illinois denied my application because I had a possession of cannabis charge 27 years ago. SO, i AM BEING PUNISHED FOR A CRIME THAT HAPPENED 27 YEARS AGO……AND MY PUNISHMENT IS VERY EXTREME….i AM BEING DENIED A CURE TO MY PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT, there is a bright side to my problem in Illinois…The prices of street weed has went down AND is less than what they sell at the dispensaries!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

  7. Jerry Barnett on

    I am disgusted how Illinois is handling this. LOOK AT MICHIGAN!!!! Michigan has it spot on. They are not allowing corporate political money to take over the supply of MEDICINE FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE SICK AND ALMOST ALWAYS LOW INCOME!!!!!

  8. An ounce of top shelf anywhere in America should be around $100 maybe. Totally free if you are allowed to grow. Illinois is so corrupt.

  9. I’m a Illinois card holder & I am shocked at the prices, my old connect is around 300-340 a oz and same quality! Prices don’t change soon this time next year Illinois dispensary owners & its workers will be looking for new lines of work!

  10. Mark Borkowski on

    The prices are way too high. 20/g. 60/8th. 110-120/quarter. 420/Oz. All of the marijuana is pre weighed, so I was not able to see or smell the marijuana before purchasing. If this is suppose to be for people who need it, it should be cheaper. The quality is up there, although I have only tried Maui Wowie. There is no THC, THCA, CBD, or CBDA labeled on my pill bottle container that came with the bud. If the prices do not change, I do not think I will continue to be a medical patient

  11. When and if I do get approved I could never afford that!! I live on social security and will not be able to purchase that. It will be a roof over my head or pain free. They won’t let you have both.

  12. I pay $400/oz black market. Illinois dispensary buds are in my opinion sub par. $100 to $120 per quarter. Trimming needed work and the first half oz I bought wasn’t cured properly. The second half oz I bought 4 different strains. 2 of them were too dry and ground into dust. Things will get better and prices will drop, but it was clear they rushed the process to get product on the shelves. Oh and it’s pre packaged… Yep…you can’t see or smell it. $450ish per oz and you don’t know what your getting until you get home. For anyone reading this that doesn’t have a card. The grass (at least for now) isn’t much greener on the cardholders side.

  13. Wow I was looking in to getting my card. I can’t believe that. Honestly, I will probably just keep getting it the same way I have been. I pay 300 for a ounce of top shelf. That defeats the whole point of having legal marijuana decrease black market sales. If you can’t have competitive prices, then people will stay on the black market. I have never even heard of anyone paying that much for an ounce. That is seriously outrageous and a serious bummer. IL’s whole program is just shoddy in my opinion.

  14. The quality is good but the prices are too high. The dispensaries have to much security and cameras and bullet resistant glass. , all costs passed on to patients, if i could buy my 2.5 oz limit it would cost $1200$ there are supply shortages and some limit restrictions on what you can buy. its cheaper to use my reciprocity in Michgan or other states and get it there. there should be more compassion as it is medication. it sounds like the drug companies that raise there price from $15 to $750. and they are always out of sativas. some of the cannabis is not manicured well either. they should have shake sales too. there is no wax, liquid
    or edibles to be had either.

  15. I live in IL and black market prices (Top Shelf) quality is $400/oz. It’s just too much either way you look at it. The advantage of a dispensary is you have a choice of strains and quantity. I get what I get (it always excellent quality), but havig to buy a minimum of a Qtr oz is quite expensive ($00). sometimes $120 if it’s special quality like ChemDawg or something, but that’s just the price of GREED I think.

  16. The quality is extremely good but I can also see why the prices are so high. The dispensaries are required to hire security, maintain the cost of staff, building, and fees to the state and local. Cameras throughout the facility are monitored 24/7/365 by local police department via expensive closed circuit TV. Speaking with the management of The Clinic in Mundelein, they are profitable, and costs passed on to patients should decline over the next few months as supply increases and more competition opens. I paid $280 for 1/2 oz. Expensive for now but management predicted it will drop.

  17. What people are forgetting are the serious regulatory hurdles that these dispensaries and production facilities have faced. Over time the prices will come down as production catches up with demand.

  18. Cartel Pricing … shameful …. nothing like the pious profiteers who think the cannabis industry is a golden ticket to riches…. it is about compassionate care for the sick and suffering https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4el6EGqcUw and a reasonable long term financial plan that does not support cartel pricing. The sick and suffering need compassionate access and affordable pricing not a state sponsored model that does nothing but make the cartel prices seem reasonable and the only alternative to the scourge of prescription pill addiction ..
    Veterans for Compassionate Care

    Compassion… Understanding…Relief

  19. If they want to clean up the illegal sales of marijuana to kids, they will fix this problem. Nothing puts street dealers out of business like good old-fashioned competition.

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