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How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost In New Jersey?


new jersey medical marijuanaNew Jersey has one of the most strict medical marijuana programs in the country. You can’t grow your own medical marijuana, and there are a very limited number of medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey. The dispensaries run out of medicine often, and from what I’ve heard, the medical marijuana isn’t very good. But regardless of the quality of the medical marijuana in New Jersey, one thing is for sure – it’s very expensive. Per CBS:

A 2013 survey from the New Jersey Department of Health found that patients at New Jersey’s medical marijuana dispensaries paid on average $469 an ounce. According to activist Ken Wolski, patients are now being charged over $500 an ounce for legal pot, and as a result, many are forced to buy pot on the black market, where it’s more affordable. Some don’t get any marijuana at all.

“They’re priced out of the program,” he told CBS MoneyWatch. “Insurance doesn’t cover the costs.”

I just read on my Facebook page today a post from a friend who works at a medical marijuana dispensary in Oregon. She was posting a special that her dispensary is running this next week for $99 ounces. And that is not unusual in Oregon. The dispensary closest to my house sells $160 ounces everyday of the week, even when there aren’t specials. The patients in New Jersey are getting price gouged due to the laws of supply and demand. The patients deserve affordable medicine, which will only occur when New Jersey gets a far better medical marijuana program. Sadly, that will never happen as long as Chris Christie is in office.


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  1. Chris Christie is a joke, and so is the half-assed medical marijuana program that he further butchered when he came into office. That’s no surprise, though. He’s made his views on marijuana quite clear. He is a vile and villainous politician who cheats the taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars on food and alcohol, yet has the audacity to let those with debilitating illnesses suffer. He’s not the only one, but the responsibility is ultimately his.

    As a citizen of New Jersey, I rue the day he was elected governor. May his bullying reign soon come to an end.

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