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How Much Does The Obama Administration Spend On Medical Marijuana Enforcement?


obama medical marijuana enforcementBy Hunter Holliman, National Field Coordinator, Americans for Safe Access

As part of our ongoing Peace for Patients campaign, ASA is fighting hard to end the federal war on medical cannabis patients … but we can’t do it without your help! This summer, Congress has the power to cut the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) budget on all medical cannabis enforcement, essentially calling a temporary ceasefire in the war on medical cannabis.

Throughout the month of August while Congress is on summer recess, organizers across the country will be meeting with their electeds in their home districts to lobby for a cut to the DOJ’s budget. To make the biggest impact, ASA needs your help informing Congress that Obama is wasting over $100,000 a day by dropping off a 100 Grand postcard and candy bar to your Senators’ and Representatives’ offices.

ASA’s staff has made it super easy to participate in this action by creating a Campaign Toolkit so that you have all the resources you need to be successful. Incldued in the toolkit:

Everything in the toolkit is downloadable, but you can also request printed copies be mailed to you at action@safeaccessnow.org

Steph will also be holding a conference call next week to give some updates on the Peace for Patients campaign. Join us on Thursday, August 8th to learn all about the 100 Grand action and why it’s important for you to participate!

Campaign Conference Call
Thursday, August 8th at 9:00pm EST/ 6:00pm PST
Call: 832-431-3335
Participant Code: 1618568#

Please help put an end to the federal war on patients by joining the Peace for Patients campaign right now! The website is full of easy ways to get involved, including signing a petition, utilizing our form-letter to send emails to your Members of Congress, and instructions on how to participate in the 100 Grand action.

Remember to share this email with friends and stay tuned for more campaign updates in the future …


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  1. the story headline for this piece should be a jeopardy ques….ans would be toooooo muchhhhh….

  2. Every administration during my life has been hurting the situation, and the Obama administration is certainly no exception. Does he not understand that Cannabis cures cancer? :)

  3. How much does the Obama Administration spend on Medical Marijuana, ???.
    They spend nothing,, because they get it for free.

  4. Ive had 2 major neck sugrey,s n med,s don’t really help I smoke a joint I’m feeling better..n how government n Obama can sit there n say it,s illegal but yet it was grown on this earth..but yet Obama can sit at the white house patio with 2 different men n drink Beer live on tv..so basicallyObama saying it better drink booze than smoke …YEA RIGHT
    It,s time for change time legal marijuana n u see different,s I’ve never heard any body get killed in car wreck from smoking weed..have u..hmm smoke weed or get drunk n drive u make the call

  5. When will they try to make it legal in alabama
    This is getting old no wonder why our ecomny is bad..

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