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How Much Marijuana Can You Consume??


How much marijuana can one person consume in a year? It seems like a straight forward question. I’d imagine if you are a rookie smoking for the first time, you probably don’t consume much out of your metal pipe or ‘customized’ soda pop can. On the other hand, I’d assume a staff member at a medical marijuana clinic in California could probably eat enough cannabis brownies to sedate a large rhinoceros. This is a question that many states have had to tackle when setting limits on their medical marijuana programs.

Take for instance the State of Montana. Their medical marijuana program allows 6 plants of any size, and you can possess up to one ounce of dried marijuana. This would be an example of a broken system, due to the fact that if the grower harvested even one good sized plant it would yield well over one ounce. So by cutting down their plant or plants, patients in Montana are felonies waiting to happen. This is how it was in my state, Oregon, before patients pointed out the obvious problem of having too much medicine.

In Oregon, the current legal limit per medical marijuana patient is 24 dried ounces, or 1.5 lbs. However, that doesn’t mean you can only have that amount once per year, it means that is your limit at any given time. There are people that I have met at the clinic that are yielding 14-22 ounces per plant (Oregon law permits 6 mature plants per patient) every 10 week cycle. That works out to 436.8 — 686.4 dried ounces a year. Now consider the fact that Oregon has a low limit level compared to some other programs in the nation. There are programs that permit up to 99 plants, and when grown outside, can yield several pounds per plant. These growers can also possess up to 10 pounds at a time. THAT’S A LOT OF MEDICINE! Attached is a great article from NPR about marijuana activity in Humboldt County, CA where medical marijuana limits are the highest in the nation. To quote a medical patient from the article ‘”I grow as much as I can consume in a year,” he says smiling. “That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.”

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  1. An ounce, elementarily speaking, in American standard measurements is 1/16 of a pound. Or 0.0625lbs.

  2. it all depends on the medical condition. Some people have to make concentrates or cook with it to ingest it which means they may need alot more. Most people dont have to do this though.

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  4. And it is wise to take a week or two vacation before you start this regiment and have enough food so you don’t have to drive.

  5. If you want the easiest way to stop smoking cigarettes, buy 1/2 ounce of high quality buds.

    Every time you have the urge to smoke, start smoking the marijuana. If you keep smoking marijuana you will fall asleep.

    When your 1/2 ounce is gone (assuming you didn’t have to share it) your physical nicotine addiction will be gone.

    And since marijuana does not cause physical addiction, you will now be a non smoker if you so choose.

  6. disabled cannabis user on

    Oh my, I read every thing but some one writing about thier personal consumption, well 1 or 2 did. I am a medicinal user. I have through the course of my profesion, been gored through the groin, twice crushed my lower back, and fractured my neck 3 times. I use about 1 and 1/4 ounces a week, more or less, for instant relief through smoking or vaporizing, and an addtional 1/4 lb a month to make tinctures and or oil or butter depending on my stock of supplies. I regularly harvest 4 to 4.5 lbs a year total from my outdoor and my indoor gardens. that is between 2.5 to 3 lbs short for the year. I make up the shorfall with donations from my collective. At 50 to 70 $ an eigth I could never be able to afford to buy my meds from a dispensary. Thankfully, cannabis helped me to reduce my pill use to softer stuff with less or no side effects. From 7 pills to 2. Now if only we could farm hemp and I could get the flour and oil and fibre from this crop too…thanx

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  14. This is seriously a blog about drug abuse. How much marijuana can you consume?? Really? What the hell was the author talking about using a pop can to smoke drugs? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. These are probably the same pop cans that are being used to cook mobile meth.

  15. I am waiting for the state of Virginia to legalize the medicine I’ve been using illegally for the past two years. I was born with a rare joint disorder(Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome) that causes me a great deal of pain everyday. There is no cure or procedure that can be done to stop the pain. Doctors have given me diferent kinds of pain killers and other pills to try and help, but they make me nauseous and I don’t like how physically addictive these chemicals can be. Marijuana makes the pain bearable and helps me carry out a normal life. It does not make me nauseous and after being a daily user for 2 years I have felt no negative effects.

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  20. I don’t have a card but I know I can smoke a ton. I try not to smoke my brains out everyday since I have to pay for it but I am not a rookie.

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  22. I will be honest, when the author throws around numbers for ounces of dried marijuana, I am not quite sure how much that is. Is an ounce like a ‘lid’? But either way, it sounds like a lot too me. Even one ounce seems like too much for one person. Drugs are bad, and medical programs are just a front for Cartels to corrupt American citizens.

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