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How Much Money Will Medical Marijuana In Florida Generate?


united for care florida amendment 2 medical marijuanaFlorida voters will get the chance to legalize medical marijuana this November during the 2014 Election. Amendment 2 has already been approved for the ballot. In order for it to pass, Amendment 2 will require at least 60% approval because it’s a constitutional amendment. The battle to legalize medical marijuana in Florida has been fierce, with both sides raising millions of dollars to use for their campaigns.

The medical marijuana industry in Florida would no doubt generate a lot of revenue, but how much revenue? According to Marijuana Investor News:

According the report, the state estimates that medical marijuana in Florida could generate somewhere between $138 million and $5.6 billion in sales revenue. The report also estimates that medical marijuana could net the state of Florida an estimated $8.3 million to $338 million in tax revenue. The estimated cost of regulating trade in Florida is projected to cost a measly $1.1 million for the first two years.

$8.3 million to $338 million is a very wide range for tax revenue. However, I think it’s safe to say that Florida will make a tremendous amount of money, and more importantly, patients will get much needed safe access to their medicine. It’s been my experience that most people that use dispensaries are older people who don’t have the social networks that younger people do in order to find marijuana. Florida of course has a very large older population, and a large overall population, so I think the numbers out of Florida could be huge.


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  1. I think that we all should educate those who opposed, that they are people who need the Marijuana for Medical Reasons. I have a son with a brain tumor and I am praying that this will go through in Florida; so I won’t have to move. Let’s all share our story, it is not only about the money and the jobs (which is great too), but is about Human Beings suffering from illness when there is a natural cure.

  2. The prosperity that Cannabis will bring to Florida in addition to the saving of its law enforcement is from the simple fact growing medical grade pot is not that easy and it is labor intensive Jobs.

  3. I predict Florida will get 65% or greater. The elderly are polling even higher in support. It will pass with no problem.

  4. It’s STILL going to be tougher than Hell to get 60% of the vote. With that said, polls are showing they have a legitimate shot at passing it though. Supposedly, Seniors in Florida are surprisingly pretty PRO medical marijuana. I know my Mother is going to vote for it! My Father? Not so much! Even after watching my sister die the most agonizing death from Pancreatic cancer anyone should EVER have to endure. He’ll STILL vote against it! However, HE made his money in Liquor. He owned a Liquor distributorship.

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