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How Portugal Successfully Decriminalized Drugs Infographic


How Portugal Successfully Decriminalized Drugs

By 1998, about 60% of arrests for drug offenses in Portugal were for possession and use – most were not for sales of drugs, where the problem lay. Overcrowded jails and the price of incarceration versus treatment are just a couple of reasons why a country might consider decriminalizing drugs. Other motivations include increased availability of treatment and even a decrease in drug use. Portugal decriminalized drugs ten years ago; find out how the country has fared in its own tactics in the war on drugs.

Do you think this tactic would ever work in the United States or do we just have a different drug problem here? Should we decide to decriminalize drug possession and focus more on treatment than punishment?

How Portugal Successfully Decriminalized Drugs
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  1. I’m not sure how that would pan out here in the U.S.
    then again, I believe people are pretty much the same world wide, and that being the case
    the numbers pretty much speak for themselves.
    The problem we have in the U.S., is that the politicians have all their eggs in bed with the phamacutial
    , alcohol, and yes even tabacco industries, lobbyists.
    Why do you think they are in there anyway, they have absolutly no concern for US, the people,
    as they are too busy stuffing their pockets full of $$’s via kickbacks.

  2. The numbers are good but some drug users are still getting jail sentences, either for possession of amouts larger than 10 daily doses (usually 5g of hash) or for growing their own wich is still a crime by portuguese law. 

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