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How Safe Is Marijuana?


sensi star marijuana strainBy Robert Bergman

Contrary to some popular belief, marijuana is actually a remarkably safe drug. Despite the fact that THC and other cannabinoids are the primary, active ingredients, there’s no study that suggests that its lethal. Other psychoactive drugs (like alcohol, aspirin, opiates, nicotine, and caffeine) have been known to cause fatal overdoses, but marijuana has never had that kind of effect. In 1988, the Drug Enforcement Agency’s own administrative judge, Francis Young, wrote, “Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to mankind.”

Various experiments on animals have shown that a lethal dose of cannabis would have to be 20,000 to 40,000 times a regular dose (or, about 40 to 80 pounds of marijuana). No deaths from cannabis overdose have ever been recorded.

Marijuana’s inherent safety can be explained by how it reacts in the body. Recently, scientists have discovered that the active ingredients in marijuana (the cannabinoids) work on a signaling system in the human body known as the endogenous cannabinoid (or endocannabinoid) system. This system has receptor cells in various places throughout the brain and body, but the cells are practically absent in the brain stem. The brain stem controls important functions like breathing and heartbeat which essentially ensures that strong doses of marijuana will not endanger one’s life. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about growing marijuana plants.

Of course, just like any other drug, marijuana can still have adverse effects if it’s abused or misused. Also, some people just don’t like marijuana and can often find it more unpleasant than beneficial. In any event, it’s important for people to have access to accurate information regarding marijuana use. Without this information, they will likely not know about any of the potential benefits, normal dose sizes, or how they can procure and maintain a regular supply.

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  1. Really ?

    There is the Denver man who, hours after buying a package of marijuana-infused Karma Kandy from one of Colorado’s new recreational marijuana shops, began raving about the end of the world and then pulled a handgun from the family safe and killed his wife, the authorities say. Some hospital officials say they are treating growing numbers of children and adults sickened by potent doses of edible marijuana. Sheriffs in neighboring states complain about stoned drivers streaming out of Colorado and through their towns.

    “I think, by any measure, the experience of Colorado has not been a good one unless you’re in the marijuana business,” said Kevin A. Sabet, executive director of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, which opposes legalization. “We’ve seen lives damaged. We’ve seen deaths directly attributed to marijuana legalization. We’ve seen marijuana slipping through Colorado’s borders. We’ve seen marijuana getting into the hands of kids.”

  2. Beth Nichols on

    Informative article. It was information like this that educated me on the benefits of medical marijuana and then later motivated me to start growing my own. I was a little nervous at first to start using marijuana because you hear so much negativity surrounding it, but after awhile the positives outweighed the negatives. I wrote a little about my decision in this blog post: http://forum.grasscity.com/blog/9813/entry-12800-diy-why-grow-your-own/

    It’s only a little snippet of why I decided to start growing medical marijuana but I’m sharing it in hopes of educating more people about the benefits.

  3. The most dangerous and unsafe thing about marijuana is the prohibition against it. Plain and simple.

  4. The 1970 temporary scheduling of cannabis #1 now going on 45 years awaiting studies that never came, were canceled or were ignored I think even Nixon own health secretary Dr Robert Egeberg who was against it and bullied into still todays temporary scheduling #1. I think its temporary scheduling of cannabis needs to end today.

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