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How Serra is Establishing a Brand in the Saturated Dispensary Market


Throughout July, we will be highlighting a Dispensary of the Month. This month is Serra in Portland, OR. As a part of this series, we will take a peek into how the dispensary industry is blending within the complex eco-system of the legal marketplace.

In the recognized, taxed, and regulated American economy, it’s easy to see branding is the way to thrive. Shoppers aren’t paying $2,000 for practical purposes. No, they are purchasing brand distinction and the notability to match. So, as with any rapidly growing industry, how are dispensaries attempting to establish brand recognition with the cannabis consumer?

For Serra, the answer is simple. “Product, service and environment are the keystones of Serra’s mission statement.” From budtenders (docents) to the CEO, ask anyone from Serra and they will tell you, “Serra hopes to lead the retail cannabis industry by providing the best quality and the most knowledgeable, artful experience, while breaking stereotypes associated within the cannabis culture.”

A tall task, considering almost all new cannabis-related businesses have some weed pun as the main identifier of their service. However, Serra is keen to the idea that the legal industry is widening the appeal of cannabis use for a new type of consumer. “There is a lot of responsibility in knowing we would be introducing new consumers to cannabis and wanted to do so in a non-intimidating, education-centric manner, by guiding a customer through targeted feelings.” said Serra co-founder and CEO.

With Portland having legalized recreational cannabis for only a year, there are already 160+ dispensaries in the metro area. It’s tough to compete against consumer’s inclination to go with the most convenient ‘dispensary near me.’ Until we’re allowed to smoke in public places and easily share, the best way to establish a cannabis brand is to provide knowledge. Whether a veteran smoker or new, educating consumers in unique ways will help establish a brand and create new industry standards. In that regards, Serra is leading the way.

Find the nearest Serra location at serracannabis.com


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