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How Should Marijuana Legalizers Vote For President? Pragmatically

Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate for President

Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate for President

I attempted to make this point in a previous post, but I didn’t convey it very well. Today I received a tweet from a listener who suggested I consider Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate who won the nomination of her party recently, fending off a challenge from Roseanne Barr. (You may not have taken her seriously, but I never thought the guy from Hercules in New York would be governor of California, so I didn’t count her out.)

So I’m considering it. And I’m considering just who we in the marijuana nation should vote for in the presidential race, especially since LZ Granderson thinks we’re all “idiots”. I think it’s quite rational to factor in whether the man who wants your vote for president would continue to allow body-armored law enforcers with automatic weapons and grenades to break down your door, shoot your dog, terrify your kid, seize your assets, end your scholarship, ruin your career, imprison your family, murder your grandma, and stuff you in a cage for decades for the flower they think you’re growing in the basement.

Whether legalization should be your only consideration, however, is what LZ was critiquing, and I tend to agree that it is simplistic to base one’s vote on just one issue. I’ll say that to one-issue reproductive-rights, gun-rights, and Evangelical voters, too. It’s a big complex world out there and you have to consider how issues are networked. For instance, if I voted for a candidate who’d legalize weed but end net neutrality, I’d be worse off, overall. If I voted for a guy, say, a long-time representative from Texas who’d let Oregon legalize pot farming but also would have no qualms with my home state of Idaho re-criminalizing abortion, my nieces would be worse off. See what I mean?


As rap names go, R-Money ain't bad.

So let’s start with who not to vote for, and that’s Mitt “R-Money” Romney. Besides his recently admitting marijuana isn’t “an issue of significance” to him, and turning his back on wheelchair-bound patients who use cannabis, I just can’t fathom a vote for a guy who bullies the gay kids and ties his dog to the roof of the car on 12-hour trips. That’s enough for me, but I’m willing to listen to arguments for him. I just don’t see how R-Money helps our cause at all, and if you think Obama’s gone hogwild with the medical marijuana crackdown, consider that’s US Attorneys acting with a wink and a nod from the president; imagine them with an outright go-ahead.

There still stands Rep. Ron Paul, raising money and campaigning when his chance of winning the Republican nomination is worse than the chance of Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signing a law tomorrow to legalize mescaline. Oh, how the RevoLutionaries are going to crash my comments section, telling me how much he supports marijuana legalization. He doesn’t – he supports states rights to do such things and that the federal government has no jurisdiction in drug policy. I guess a President Paul would work out well for me in Oregon. but I would weep for my friends in the Red States..”

Ron Paul

Ron Paul

Sorry, Paulbots, he’s another guy I have to put in the not to vote for column. If you can explain to me why I want to live in a country with no federal minimum wage, no occupational safety and health standards, no labor unions, no anti-trust enforcement, no estate tax, no tax credits for elderly or child care, no birth citizenship, no funding of family planning, no flag burning, and support of state abortion bans, gay marriage bans, offshore drilling, weakened Social Security, school prayer, teaching creationism, guns everywhere and anywhere, and zygotes defined as citizens in exchange for my state and a few others having the opportunity to legalize weed, I’ll listen.

So then we’re left with President Obama and the major third-party challengers, Libertarian Gov. Gary Johnson and Green Dr. Jill Stein. Given that you can’t vote for Romney, Obama’s been terrible for the marijuana nation, and a third party candidate is not going to win, what do you do?

My friend Cheyanne helping Gov. Gary Johnson get from the hotel parking lot to the event we were both appearing at in Austin, as I take the photo from her car.

My friend Cheyanne helping Gov. Gary Johnson get from the hotel parking lot to the event we were both appearing at in Austin, as I take the photo from her car.

Yes, Libertarians and Greens, you must face up to the fact that your candidate is not going to become president. All the fervent wishing and desperate hoping will not change the electoral and financial math. That does not diminish the importance of these parties and their candidates running for president. We desperately need more voices than just Republicans and Democrats. (Full disclosure: I’ve appeared at a number of events with Governor Johnson, including moderating a panel including him and former Alaska Senator and presidential candidate, Mike Gravel.)

The fact they are called “third parties” should tell you something. If we lived in a parliamentary system, like Canada or England, multiple parties would exist and coalitions would form and our politics would look very different. But we have a “winner takes all” system and when you research game theory, you’ll find such a system guarantees the kind of duopoly we find in Republicans and Democrats, or an outright monopoly, like we find in Republicans and Democrats on quite a few issues.

Learn how the math of our electoral process demands that we adopt “range voting” and where it’s completely safe to vote third party for president in 2012 by continuing the rant at RadicalRuss.com…


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Executive Director: Russ Belville has been active in Oregon marijuana reform since 2005, when he was elected second-in-command of the state affiliate, Oregon NORML. After four years with Oregon NORML, Russ was hired by National NORML in 2009, working as Outreach Coordinator and hosting the NORML Daily Audio Stash podcast until 2012. Since then, Russ launched the 420RADIO marijuana legalization network and is the host of The Russ Belville Show, a live daily marijuana news talk radio program. Russ is also a prolific writer, with over 300 articles posted online and in print in HIGH TIMES, Huffington Post, Alternet, The Weed Blog, Marijuana Politics, and more.


  1. This is a superb essay. Romney/Paul is unthinkable, but Obama Democrats are joined at the hip with the Repubs when it comes to protecting private wealth and increasing the authority of the govt & corporations while diminishing freedoms and liberties of the people.
    The major difference between these either/or parties is racial. Democratic racism seeks to displace our Euro-American cultural root in favor of a multi-cultural idea that eschews non-colored Americans. Republican cynicism exploits the racial divisiveness of affirmative action and racial quotas by exacting concessions to their demands for wealth accumulation and militarization of society — concessions that the race-mongers are happy to make.
    Affirmative action and quotas are, in fact, mechanisms to assure a proportional representation of races in all segments of society and economy. To correct this malpractice, the county needs proportional representation of political parties. To this end, I think it is crucial to vote for candidates other than those from the Demo-Republican Fusion.
    Your vote counts more when you vote third party. Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President, would be an excellent choice. She can win! Maybe not directly, but in the quantity of her votes.
    Are you dissatisfied with the failure of the two-party system? Invest your vote! Vote third party!

  2. Explain to me the difference in behavior of the two parties once in office. Wars? Drug wars? Budget busting? They talk different and do the same. Welcome to the interzone my friends. Leave your sanity at the border.

  3. Why vote for Paul or Gary Johnson? Well they can do the math. As to minimum wage laws? Well if you set them high enough you can keep people who are sub par performers – the mentally ill say – out of the job market. If a person is worth $2 an hour setting minimum wage at $7 an hour denies the person work experience. And with that experience the person might move up. Unintended consequences. Besides we are supposed to have a limited Federal Government. Or hasn’t pot prohibition improved your understanding.

  4. My thought process goes like this. Why vote for someone who has no chance of winning? In doing so, yes, your not supporting Romney or Obama, but at the same time why not vote for the better of 2 evils, so that the pure evil guy doesnt win? I know Obama has let down the entire cannabis community but at the same time I’m positive that nothing will get better under Romney. At least Obama has some human compassion unlike his opponent. Do we really want Mr. Billionaire robot as POTUS. I DON’T. To be honest the mere thought of president Romney scares the sh*t out of me.

  5. Ron Paul understands and favors the 2nd Amendment and would restore ALL gun rights that have been unlawfully, unconstitutionally infringed by statutes which created such violations of the Constitution as requiring registration of some kinds of guns and bans on others, restrictions on carrying and/or transporting arms, and permits to carry concealed, etc.; he also recognizes the States’ legislative power to nullify federal laws within the boundaries of their States as long as the States continue to uphold the Constitution’s protections of individuals’ unalienable rights. Frankly, I cannot understand why anyone would not prefer Ron Paul over EVERY other candidate.

  6. On the contrary, the president DOES have the power to end the war on drug(user)s. Since the prohibition was not Constitutionally authorized and no amendment to the Constitution was passed to allow it (as was done with prohibition of alcohol) the drug war was almost all created by the Executive Branch. Therefore, the Executive (president) can reverse all the acts of the previous presidents on this issue, he can toss out the CSA (created by Nixon), he can order the “Justice” department to cease and desist in all investigations and prosecutions of drug “offenses”, he can disband the DEA (another Nixon creation), and he can pardon ALL non-violent drug “offenders” in the federal prison system. Doing all of that effectively ends the prohibition of some drugs and the severe restrictions on others which has caused a shortage of necessary pain medications and a shortage of doctors willing to treat intractable pain patients due to their fear of the DEA. This would also free hemp which would be of great benefit to all of humanity.

    Obama will do none of that, Romney will do none of that, even Gary Johnson will do only some of that (he would free us of only marijuana prohibition), and no other candidate has a chance at winning enough electoral votes to gain the presidency.

    I addition to all of that, Ron Paul would provide for the DEFENSE of our shores but not of any other nation (saving us billions of dollars), he would end monetary aid to foreign nations (saving us even more billions), he would balance the federal budget in three years without increasing the debt or taxes or destroying Social Security or Medicare (tho he would allow young people to opt out of those programs), he would restore the Constitution’s limits on the fed gov (and thereby our unalienable rights and individual liberty), and far more. I don’t see any other viable choice.

  7. Ron Paul is pro-freedom for EVERYONE, Obama is not. What is more important to all peoples, freedom or science? Besides, Ron Paul, as a professional but retired OB-GYN, is not a foe of science in any way, shape, or form. That is a really stupid reason to support Obama over Paul

  8. 2 months for an email indicating a response? I think letters got delivered faster than that when our country was founded.
    Anyway, Rocker, the question of evolution’s validity as a scientific theory has nothing to do with governing the fed gov, nor does it affect me personally. The fed gov’s actions, on the other hand, DO affect me and everyone I love. Since Ron Paul is the ONLY one of the candidates who not only respects the Constitution but understands it and obeys it in every vote and act in his position in government, since he knows the fed gov is supposed to be limited in its actions by the Constitution he is my candidate. Since he understands economics better than any other person in the fed gov and has a plan that will balance the fed gov’s budget within three years without adding to the national debt or increasing taxes (in fact lowering taxes by getting rid of the income tax and the IRS along with it), he is my candidate. Since he not only HAS principles, but lives up to them, and not one of the other mainstream candidates has principles, he is my candidate.
    Since he is an OB-GYN by profession, I have no doubt he understands science basics so I have no concern in that area. And, because he understands the purpose of the Constitution and values individual liberty, I am not concerned about his personal religious beliefs as I KNOW he will never attempt use the fed gov to impose his personal beliefs on all Americans. His goal is to become president in order to restore the Constitution’s limits on the fed gov, restore all our unalienable rights which have been restricted by the fed gov via the wars on drugs and terror, thereby restoring personal liberty and property rights, and to grow the liberty movement into the future so we (or our descendants) do not lose it again.
    If he gets the nomination he gets my vote. If he doesn’t, but registers in my State as a write-in candidate, I will write him in. If he fails to get the nomination, and does not register as a write-in in my State, I will vote for Gary Johnson as the next best candidate (even tho he doesn’t come close to Ron in his devotion to freedom for EVERYONE, and his proposed policies are nowhere near as good as Ron’s and even tho I do not expect a LP win in Nov.) just to help get the LP’s numbers up in my State. The vast majority of Ron Paul’s supporters will follow the same path.

  9. I learned decades ago the Democrat/Republican sham wouldn’t help advance the cause of humanity. I first voted in 1972, and have never voted for a Republican or Democrat for President.

    As long as we say a third Party can’t win, they can’t. When we begin looking beyond the “Lesser of two evils,” and finally determine that the lesser of two evils is still evil, the people will begin to regain their power.

    I favor Jill Stein of the Green Party. She has a forward vision that puts people first, and that includes making our individual liberties tantamount. Jill was in Indianapolis on Super Bowl Sunday, protesting with the Indy OWS group…how many Presidential candidates have you seen in the streets? She told me point blank, with no reservations, that Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana needed to be relegalized. She knows about the Endocannabinoid System. She knows some of the history of Hemp. She is aware of the differences between medical Marijuana and personal use Marijuana. She also understands the inter connectedness of all things.

    A good second choice would be Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray. Their economics are not as bad as Ron Paul’s, though there are parts of the Libertarian economic idea I do not like.

    We have to realize that even though our personal, #1 issue might be relegalization, there are other important parts of life as well. Obama has not been a good President, The only positive thing a Romney Presidency might do is to piss off enough of us that we would finally stand together. I’m going with Jill Stein.

  10. eating_sunshine on

    Only three candidates will be on the ballot in all fifty states and Jill is not one of them, making this story an illogical argument.

  11. Gold standard BS?  how the fuck is it scary to have money that has real value based on real things as opposed to money that the government can print out whenever they want?

  12. Thinking Clearly on

    Gary Johnson has at least an 8-9% in polls. Getting about 15% will get him into the presidential debates with Romney and Obama.

    Then, we might hear some debate about legalizing marijuana. You won’t hear it otherwise.

     I like Gary Johnson for President.

  13. Good article, Russ.  But Gary Johnson is not Ralph Nader, or Dr. Jill Stein, for that matter – sorry Greens.  Johnson has solid experience in governing at the highest levels – and he was a tremendous success at it.Plus, the election is not over.  Not by a long shot.  We still have five more months, and the people really haven’t had a chance to get to know Johnson yet.  That could change quickly.   Even more interesting, that change could all turn around marijuana policy.If we could get one question to Obama without all the evasion, I’d say it should be this one:”Which do you believe is more harmful – marijuana or alcohol?”If he says marijuana, he should be required to state the reasons he believes that is so.If he states alcohol, but………  He should then be asked, “Do you believe it would be wise to prohibit alcohol again?”I can’t imagine any circumstance where he could say yes.   – With those one – or two – questions, Obama’s evasion of the issue would be over.  He could go on blithering, but the truth would be out.  The truth that Obama knows marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, but has dishonestly perpetuated the persecution of  millions of innocent Americans anyway.And this would be just the beginning.  Once this major scandal was out, the scales would begin dropping from people’s eyes, and they would see Obama has betrayed his “constituency” at every turn.Obama may never have to answer The Question, but perhaps he will.  If he does, Johnson could easily emerge as the only honest, capable candidate.The fat lady hasn’t even started singing yet.

  14. what can ya’ll be thinking sure i would lov to grow weed but more than that i would lov to take our country back i’m 61yrs old and they have been fucking us ever since i can remember need to put a stop to the bs a kick them assholes out clean fucking house all they care about is our money vote 4 johnson and he will strighten the shit out then we can talk about growing weed dont be fucking scared thats what they want johnsons not scared hes ready to fight 4 us

  15. Much like Russ stated in the post there are many things to consider when voting for the President and Cannabis should not be the only factor in that choice.

    For me personally supporting a candidate that doesn’t believe in evolution (something that has mounds and mounds of evidence) is to sign off on allowing us to go back into the stone age.

    Ron Paul looks great at face value but science is our only real method of sorting out objective reality and to go against that is to believe in magic.

    We don’t need magic we need justice and some sanity in the white house.

    I’m a young voter and I don’t know what to do because it seems like a rigged game.

  16. There is only one candidate that has been on tv consistently with the cannabis legalization, the only one who has called for it while holding office, who has been actively involved in the legalization ballot initiative in Colorado, Who has worked with NORML, as a matter of fact, his son had a NORML shirt while both were bicycling in NH. In other words, Gary Johnson is the only one who has made it a central issue of his platform.

    Jill Stein doesn’t have the same name recognition or has made cannabis an issue like Johnson has. She’s not a palatable vote for moderate republicans in blue states like the governor is. Ron Paul wont be in the ballot. Finally the only candidate that has a decent chance to be in the fall debates with Obama and Romney is Gary Johnson who is polling around 7-8 % with only 20% of the electorate knowing that he is running.

    In conclusion, Gary Johnson has been the most vocal on the issue, the most likely to attract moderates, etc.. Obama will not evolve on the issue. Chances are that he will get tougher than Romney would be since he would have nothing to loose after reelection.

  17. JohnnyBloomington on

    How does Jill Stein keep Obama in the White House? Are you saying a bunch of Reps. are going to vote for her? If you vote for her you’re really helping Romney. Romney is WAY more crap than Obama.

    And stop with the “ this will be my last post here on the weed blog” drama. Ok ok, this is the last time I post to you…na na o boo boobs lol

  18.  Ron Paul stuff? Ha ha yeah right. I don’t know if you understand what is taking place here but Jill Stein was thrown into this to simply split the votes. Some people vote party period and the Democratic party knows they have lost several points with their voters so what do they do, put this lady in who has ZERO chance of winning but may be able to retain some of the votes from the Democrats by offering another choice. Jill Stein is their way to keep Obama in the White House and if that happens due to this voting split game they are playing you will have to ask yourself, what role did I play in getting Obama re-elected. Obama the most ruthless president ever when it comes to the issue of cannabis. If you think for a second these last few years were hard on cannabis just you wait and see what happens in the next 4 years if Obama gets re-elected.
    Not only did you bash Ron Paul and claim he does not support marijuana but you played right into big governments hands and are playing their game exactly they way they wanted. Now this may not be your intent but it is the result. The big 2 in this race is Obama and Romney and the only hope the people of this country has is Gary Johnson and Ron Paul. Neither of these guys has much of a shot of ever winning but they sure have a better shot than Jill Stein. Now if you are going to advocate for ending marijuana prohibition , which in my opinion you do some of the finest work on the planet in that field then keep doing so but your coming out against Ron Paul and barely even mentioning Gary Johnson then supporting Jill Stein, who has ZERO chance of winning is going to result in harming the chances of ending prohibition of marijuana.

    Short version of all this is Gary Johnson will be on the Ballot and Ron Paul might get there and they both have a better shot than Jill Stein so if you want a friend of cannabis in the White House then you have these 2 guys to choose from cause Jill Stein has a lot less chance of winning and a greater chance of putting Obama back in.

    To end this will be my last post here on the weed blog so some one else can move into the most active poster spot.

    Oklahoma has some of the toughest penalties in the nation. They just passed new laws that include LIFE IMPRISONMENT AND THE DEATH PENALTY for some offenses. Oklahoma is where the most work needs to be done, this is where people can be put to DEATH or sit day after day in a prison cell for a first offense of selling $31 worth of cannabis like Patrica Spottedcrow is right now. I bet her 4 small children would sure like for her to come home No reports on that though huh. Just a damn “Okie” I guess.

  19. This article is another very shallow analysis. For example…. why don’t you examine, which state you live in could effect your vote given then some where around 40 of the states are essentially a lock for either the Republican or the Democrat. In those 40 states, voting third party will help raise the vote total for them and weaken the democan/republicrat system.

  20. Here’s the joke. Last week you posted, “Go for it Russ. You are very inspiring. Keep up the awesome work.”

    Oklahoma Weed, you claim to be a reforming activist. You spam the forums in a pleas to help Patrica Spottedcrow. In one of the most regressive states in the Union, you want people to support Oklahoma Cannabis Activists. Yet you insult and name call someone who has a daily pro-cannabis, pro-reform radio show and one of the most prolific blogger in the US a piece of shit?

    Being an effective advocate requires discipline, smarts, knowledge, and wining allies. Consider your invective against Russ and ask yourself, “How does my comment aid the cause of cannabis reform?”

  21. The only reason Gary Johnson can’t win over the bumbling Tweedledum and Tweedledee mainstream candidates is people like you who won’t vote for them because they insist they can’t win.

    If you vote for the lessor of too evils evil always wins.

    Vote Third Party V3P.US 

  22. 1.) “Lied” how?

    2.) It’s definitely going to cost him in November. But, frustrating as it may be, the only practical effect of that is going to be to the benefit of Mitt Romney. Does anybody really think that Mr. ‘I tasted a cigarette and a beer once as a teenager, never again’ is going to be our friend on this issue? Obama’s at least in favor of DeCrim. Romney’s been clear that he isn’t.

    Ultimately, it’s going to take more than a President, even a President who’s sympathetic to the cause, to get this done. The people — you and me – are going to have to push to make this happen. The recent shifts in public opinion in favor of Legalization are an early sign of the neccessary progress.

  23. He’s lied and gone far beyond what bush did to legal medical providers. Obama deceived so many… he will feel it one way or another come November.

  24. VexxistheWise on

    I’m sorry but that assessment is flawed. Your underestimation of third party candidates may leave you sucking on your own foot. There is no viable solution to very real problems with any of those save Jill Stein. I think you must be a fool to give up on a dream for the sake of belief in a “winner takes all” system. Drop the sarcasm and pick the candidate you believe would take us there. You know Jill Stein would also bring power to our nation as well. There is no other choice imo than Jill Stein.

  25. Obama hasn’t changed his position on Pot. He said in 2004 what he says now: He’s in favor of DeCrim, but against legalization.

    1.) Granted, from a policy standpoint, it’s still not the right position. “Decriminalization” will not actually decriminalize, as in get criminals and criminality out of Pot. Since Prohibition keeps Pot out of the legal economy, illegal economy naturally has more or less exclusive access to the whopping economic opportunity. DeCrim is a STEP in the right direction, but it won’t solve the crime problem. Only by legalizing, and allowing Pot to be handled by the legal economy, will its decriminalization ever actually happen.

    2.) Yes, while in office, he hasn’t done enough to move this issue forward. And his administration hasn’t stood in the way of U.S. Attorneys’ “crackdowns” on Medical Pot. The laws are kind of a mess right now, and the tension remains between State laws and Federal law.

    This doesn’t excuse what’s going on, and I want to be clear here: Obama (who I otherwise support) has been seriously ‘fucking up’ on this issue. Both from a policy standpoint (Prohibition doesn’t work and is bad for America), and from a political perspective (I’ve seen/heard plenty of people say ‘I voted for the man, never again.’

    People aren’t wrong to be pissed off about all this, and by all means, everyone should really vote for the person they think will be best. But Obama hasn’t lied about, or changed, his position on the issue.

  26. JohnnyBloomington on

    Joke? I don’t see anything funny here. Sorry the truth hurts but Russ is right. Ron’s “gold standard” BS scares the shit out of me. He may be “Pot Friendly” but other then that, he sucks. I’m still going to vote Gary Johnson anyway.

  27. I’m voting for Mr. Johnson. I am not going to throw my vote away voting for either of the corporate sponsored parties. I don’t vote third party under some notion they will actually win. I vote for third party as a protest against the corporate sponsorship of the two party system. I refuse to vote for parties who believe my vote can be bought.  I am going to vote for someone who earns my vote. It is less important who you vote for as a third-party candidate (since they won’t win) as it is to just vote for someone who earns your vote.

  28. LMAO Obama showed his true self when he outright lied about his postions on Cannabis during his election run. He then lied again when he stated there was nothing he could do to change the law, a simple reclassification of Cannabis would do that. How many more lies is ok with you, how many more lies until Obama has proven who he really is?  

  29. I will still support Ron Paul, I do not agree with him concerning abortion, but because he understands the Constitution he also understands what the fed gov is NOT supposed to be doing (which is most of what it is doing including making laws criminalizing various acts and banning various products).  Yes, he would leave a lot of contentious issues up to the States, but, at the age of 68, I have found it is far easier to fight tyranny at the State level than at the federal level (and if that fight is unsuccessful, one can more easily move to another State that is more to one’s liking than to move to another country, most of which allow far less freedom than here), so we’d be so much further along on liberty issues if Ron Paul were president than with ANYONE else.  Obama is bought, and so is Romney, by the forces that want to remove as much liberty as possible from individuals and
    gain even more power and more of our money than they currently have.  I cannot bring myself to vote for a bought candidate.

    Additionally, no matter what the MSM and party bosses (both parties, and even his own son, Sen. Paul) claim, the nomination is not yet Romney’s.  It isn’t over for Ron Paul until the national GOP convention in Tampa, in August,is over.  It’s possible the delegates could choose Paul as the nominee, perhaps not likely (the way the GOP “leaders” have been breaking their own rules to try to keep Paul out with the MSM’s complicity), but still possible.

  30. Which part didn’t you like, Okie?  If you’re going to call someone a piece of shit, at least have the stones to explain why.  Was it the Ron Paul stuff?  Sorry to break it to ya, but Rep. Paul is never ever going to be president of the United States.

  31. Russ, once again you hit the nail on the head. Well argued, logical, NOT knee jerky. As usual, I’m with you 100%. And let’s not forget Obama’s support of gay rights. Although he did not go far enough – fundamental human rights should never be decided by popular vote, or else how many southern states would repeal the ERA right now? Nevertheless, Mit and the repubs couldn’t give two $hit$ about gay lynching.

  32. Gonna have to go with Obama.  Yes, he absolutely sucks for making Michele Leonhart the head of DEA and fucking over marijuana people.  But he is pro-science, Ron Paul isn’t.  The douche doesn’t even believe in evolution.  Plus, think about all the shit Obama gets in this country for being the first black president, imagine if he legalized pot in his first term?  I might be overly optimistic but I am thinking if he gets elected again, he will show more of his true self on the marijuana issue.  ( i know he doesn’t think it should be a class 1 illegal drug)

  33. He raises some fair issues. Neither of the major party candidates can be expected to do anything in support of states rights or furthering ones ability to utilize medicinal cannabis. So I’m looking at which of the two globalist lackeys will be the least hostile towards our Right To Keep and Bear Arms. For without the potential of nationwide armed resistance, none of our Sacred rights are safe.

    G3: Gods, Guns & Ganja is as solid a starting position as we’re likely to ever have.

  34. WHAT A JOKE……well so much for me ever listening to the Russ B. show ever again. Seems there is reason for some to be considered an IDIOT.

    I will be removing this P.O.S. from all my face book pages and groups.

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