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How To Create Strong Marijuana Plants


growing marijuanaAll cannabis plants start as seeds, and they all require water to germinate properly. Each seed contains a full, little plant that has a root, stem, and a couple of leaves. There are also enough nutrients in the seed for it to survive the first portion of its life. During germination, these vital nutrients (proteins, carbs, etc.) are transformed into glucose, which all plants need to for growth.

1. Let the seeds soak in water that is 65°F (18°C)  until they split open and roots appear

When seeds achieve a nice moistness level, they will enlarge and split open. A single root will grow downward with gravity out of that split. The root will always grow down no matter what and the stem will always grow up.

Placing your seeds in water ensures that they have achieved the proper moisture level for the process of germination to begin. The seeds will not take on excess water and drown until about 2 weeks after they have cracked open (you will have already transplanted them into soil by then).

When you fill your glass with water, simply put it in the living room so that it shifts to the temperature of the environment. Tap water is fine, but don’t give the seeds any extra nutrients because they already have everything they need. The seeds will crack open in between 2 and 7 days. Make sure to replenish the water in the glass every other day. Start transplanting when the roots reach  0.1 to 0.2 inches (3 to 5 mm) in length. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about growing marijuana and marijuana seeds.

2. Place your seeds in a ½-inch hole in small pots with seedling soil

The nutrient level of the seeds is already adequate, so you should use a soil with fewer nutrients to start. Soil made specifically for seedlings and clones that has low quantities of nutrients is ideal. Plants are very susceptible to nutrient burn at this stage if you give them too many nutrients.

The pots should be filled halfway with the seedling soil. To make the half-inch hole, use your finger tip or a pen. Each seed should have its own pot. Since the roots will always grow down, you don’t have to worry how you place the seeds in the soil.

Place the seed in the hole, and cover it up with the soil. When you spray the soil with water, it will tamp down on its own. Avoid pressing the soil. The germination process will continue until the plant starts to surface within a week. The taproot will produce other root offshoots so that the system is strong.

3. Use a plant sprayer to moisten the soil

Water is responsible for both life and germination, making it the most vital component early on. It is extremely important that you give the plants plenty of water and keep the soil moistened.

Plants that don’t receive enough water will compensate by not growing to full capacity. This is largely to increase the plants’ chances of survival. Of course, too much water can cause the plants to lose out on valuable oxygen. Leaves will start to wither and the marijuana plant and growth medium will become more susceptible to diseases and bacteria.

The soil needs to stay adequately moist (not too dry and not over-soaked). The seedling won’t use much water, but a lot of the water evaporates fast. This is the major reason why seedlings should never go on a windowsill or near a heater. Spraying the plants 1 or 2 times throughout the day should be plenty.

4. Put pots 2 inches below CFL tube

Other than water, light is another vital component for the plant’s growth. Light and water help convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose—necessary resources for plant growth. This is referred to as photosynthesis.

When plants don’t receive adequate light, they will form fewer side branches and will elongate abnormally. This stretching helps marijuana plants grow taller to grab enough light in nature. Plants that receive adequate light will grow wider (not taller) and produce a flurry of side branches with a ton of buds. Light should be kept on 24 hours per day and the room should have a consistent temperature of around 72° Fahrenheit.

The pots should be placed under a cool white CFL light at a distance of 2 inches. These tubes don’t create that much heat, they’re energy efficient, and they use the ideal light spectrum for seedlings. Seedlings require about 3 to 5 watts each. When the plants surface after 5 to 10 days, they will need all the light they can get to grow optimally.

5. Moisten the soil with a water sprayer twice a day until seeds germinate

Creating the ideal climate is also important for germinating the seeds under ideal conditions. CFL tubes don’t produce that much heat, but they will keep the soil warm. You can keep the distance between the plants and the bulbs to a minimum, but if the temperature exceeds 77° F, then you should move them farther apart or cool down the area.

Soil moisture is important to ensure that the seed disposes of the water. Avoid feeding the seeds until the initial leaves make it through the soil. This happens after about 5 to 8 days. Be patient and just check the moisture level of your soil without feeding any nutrients.

6. First signs of the seeds

As soon as the seedlings pop their heads out of the soil, it’s vital to inspect the distance between the plant and the light. Adjust the lights if the temperature goes past 72° Fahrenheit or the leaves start receiving excessive light. The soil also needs to stay moist. The leaves on the plants can absorb water, so continue spraying them 2 times per day.

Again, this early stage in life makes the plants susceptible to damage from negative conditions. Don’t use a lot of nutrients and make sure the lights stay on 24 hours to produce a reliable climate. Avoid touching the plants and do not take away the seed skins from the leaves

The plants need to grow and develop sturdy root systems. Big green leaves are capable of absorbing ample light and converting it into energy. Healthy root systems allow plants to take in plenty of water and nutrients. The plant is just starting to form the base for the remainder of its life, so it’s important that they receive proper, diligent care.

7. First two internodes

When the initial internodes start to form, you can feed your plant with root-stimulating foliar nutrients. Start the plants off with a small dose as the developing roots can’t withstand higher concentrations just yet.

The plants will start to grow rapidly (about 0.5 inches per day). Inspect your plants each day for signs of nutrient surplus (e.g. burned leaf tips).

8. Transplant into bigger pots when roots grow out of the bottom

The roots will start to grow out of the bottom of your smaller pot at which point it’s time to transplant. The plant will become rootbound and stop growing if you do not transplant.

To recognize the roots, look for white tips poking out of the bottom. Check for the roots each day and start giving your plants grow stimulator, which is high in nitrogen. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about marijuana nutrients.

9. Grow your plants outdoors or under LED lights

If everything went as planned, then you have strong, healthy plants that will eventually produce high yields. A good start in life means that the plants will be less susceptible to bacteria, diseases, pests, and the effects of harsh weather extremes. Plants that are healthy can better absorb water and nutrients and will develop a faster metabolism for better yields. If you email me a photo of your seedlings, I will publish them on my site.

These plants can now grow outdoors and will thrive in a wind-free location that gets a lot of sun. The plants will also do better in a big container (15 gallons) on a stool. This keeps away any interference from animals like rabbits or snails. If you can afford a greenhouse or build an enclosure and add LED lights, it will help your plants, especially in areas farther away from the equator where you don’t get as much light to your plants as they need. Below is a good place to get LED lights:


As you have seen, it’s not very hard to grow healthy marijuana plants. Everyone has their own technique and I’d like you to share your own knowledge on my forum. If you want to start growing, download my free grow guide and order some marijuana seeds. All top quality marijuana seeds are available in my marijuana seed shop. We ship seeds to the US, CA and many other countries. For any growing related question please visit the marijuana support page. The special offer for all Super Skunk, White Widow, and Super Silver Haze orders is still in effect (buy 5, get 5 free!).

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About Author

Robert Bergman is a master marijuana grower. Robert Bergman is the author of 'Marijuana Plant Care' and 'The Marijuana Grow Bible'.


  1. Kristinlynn on

    If i dont have the right light or high enough watts will my plant still grow?

  2. Try a handful of dried pelleted chicken manure in 4 pints of water. Let it break down over night. Split this into two four pint containers and top them both up to give your plants a treat! This is a fantastic liquid feed for the veg stage of any weed plant. Trust me, this works like a dream. Use this every other watering. Tomato plant food is high in potassium, use this for the flowering stage once per week. There is no need to spend silly money on fancy feeds.

  3. Hay man my plant has lots of light but not a lot of heat and it seems to be doing well im about to transfer to a big plant pot and im going to use a house fan heater to keep a level plus its in the shower room so it gets humid any how hows your plant

  4. Bill Bryant on

    I started seeds in starting soil and they were coming up really well then after a month every plant I planted started to yellow their leafs and look dead. I transplanted them and they are,still green and the leafs look like their dead and all my plants are,drooped over. Someone,help

  5. Edwin Quisenberry on

    Use a veg nutrient after a month then switch to bloom/flower nutes when they start to flower

  6. Steven Williamson Cruikshank on

    The soil I have just now says that it’s nutrients only last 5 weeks,how do I compensate for the rest of the grow,I’m using green dream nutrient,will that be enough to substitute for my grow?

  7. Robert, first time grower here with BGK seeds ready to go, I’m just being ultra cautious and haven’t started germ yet even though its already spring here. Any advice for growing outdoors in SE Illinois? I have some good spots that get plenty of daylight, as well as others that have filtered light but rich soil and natural water source, and I have a desire to attempt all germ, veg, and flower cycles outdoors with no forced light (can’t afford good lights and have extremely limited indoor space) and in native soil; I thought since BG was designed for Indiana that BGK would do well here. Is the forced light cycle only to accel growth so as to have a higher yield, and if so are there ways around that method that still end in the same yield levels(relatively)? Also what risks can arise of growing from garden topsoil/compost mix and can they be fixed/averted early on or would any be potentially fatal? Any thoughts or advice before I start germ would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

  8. Stephanie Richards on

    I’m very concerned about my plants they growing since January4and this how far they gotten

  9. i have a plant that has grown an inch or so the stem is quite lengthy with 2 small rounded leaves and 2 piny leaves i used soil from my moms garden i water twice a day and have had it out for the whole day sometimes and keep it inside under a light that does have some heat to it during the night any suggestions? planted about 2 weeks ago

  10. Is it alright to instead of using heat outputting lamps for warmth and light. Would it be alright to have nonheat admitting bulbs and a different heat source for the growing space?

  11. Baby are about 3 weeks old doing good as far as i can tell i have 14 babys i added some flowering fertilizer last week didnt realize as 1st time grow i lost 3 plants i flushed plants and its a week later what do u guys reckon these are my 3 best

  12. yea i have done this many times. during the summer here in boston. started some outside and finished them inside one of my grow rooms. but my plants were in pots outside not planted in the ground. that would be a bitch to transplant without damaging roots

  13. I’m a first time grower, this is a clone I bought last month (hindu kush)and the smaller one bought 2 1/2 weeks ago.

  14. Gerardo Godinez on

    Hey everyone I need some help. I walked out this morning and I seen a caterpillar eating one of my nugs. Plant looked ready to harvest so I cut it down so it can dry. I have three more plants and not sure if they have caterpillar.. What should I do take them down and dry them or risk it and keep them up?? HELP!!!!!

  15. I don’t know if is normal but I’m trying to grow one plant, I don’t smoke or nothing but my partner do and since I love gardening I wanted to try and kind of check it out. I plant my seed straight to the soil, my partner said I need it to put in water first so it can germinate but I thought that puttting it in the soil could be a good a idea, so I plant the seed in the soil since the beginning and in 5 days and yesterday morning I could see something kind of withe ish coming out and then las night that white ish thing was bigger and kind of fatty and this morning is out and have 4 leave,, idk what I’m doing but is working fast,, the plant looks strong and the leave are so green,,love gardening

  16. Retract that last statement. You probably have auto flower plants which are designed to produce very rapidly. Also, they are designed to max out at much shorter heights.

  17. Why are my plants 8 weeks old from clones but only 18 inches high but budding? First indoor tent grow.

  18. I’ve got about 10 plants in a pot coz I was lazy now they are bigger then the pot and they smell lovely what should I do take them out? As they seem to be growing now I’ve had em since April and they’re like a foot tall and I’m not sure if I shud put in a bigger pot or just chuck it in the ground or split 1 by 1 or would that rip the roots? Help please my pot is quite small.

  19. Plants eat up all their nitrogen when they flower. Its natural and desirable. Nothing is wrong. Just let it finish its growth. Keep a keen eye open, you’re gonna be harvesting soon.

  20. yeah right… it will die..change pot if your weed has 5 leaves.. dont give too much sun light.. the weed needs a morning sun light.. and it needs soil..

  21. I have a plant in the middle of flowering and should be ready right around Halloween. I’ve recently noticed copper, zinc, and possible nitrogen deficiencies in my plant, which also happens to be a clone if that makes any difference… Price is unfortunately a problem living on budget, so I’m looking for a cheap and efficient way to restore nutrients in the soil to make my plant as healthy as can be!! I’ve heard rinsed coffee grounds work, but the more it grows, the less it works. It stands about 5’6″ right now and it was flowering pretty good until about last week… any advice as to what I should do!?!?

  22. Hi Robert, I’m living in an area of Cambodia where bedding compost and plant nutrients aren’t available. On a recent visit to Ireland I bought 10 Diesel seeds. I germinated 3 with no problem then with a root of about 1 inch I placed them in soil I took from the garden.(everything else grows in profusion) 2 disappeared and 1 grew to about 2 inches before it keeled over. The photo is of 2 seeds from locally grown weed, the stems were looking spindly again so I’ve just put more soil on top to support them. They get 10 to 12 hours strong sunlight daily (temps about 35c) Should I prepare the soil in some way? How often should I spray? Are there any naturally occurring nutrients I could add? Thank you

  23. Ciera Mcdaniel on

    if i give my tomato plants 3 cups of water a day is that not enough water even though i add nutrients

  24. marelyn shapiro on

    Not clear what you mean. 2-3 new sprouts from other seeds in soil or other tiny branches emerging from stem of one plant?

  25. I have given my plants too much N. They are still in veg stage. Leaves are in a claw and drooping, what to do??

  26. no dont do it there roots might get wrapped so when you change the pots you might kill them always used one pot for each an if a male touches your female your fucked

  27. nah im pretty sure its okay i had my baby outside until it was about 3 weeks strong an then had to move her inside to a room i made shes growing pretty nice i think i need better lights tho an i have a fan in there

  28. hey i have a 2an a half month old baby plant i was wondering if you could look at her i like just sexed her but idk what to do her leafs are getting dry i water her an srapy her 3 times a day i dont know if i should change her lighting i actually just moved her further away from the light an a bigget bucket i was just hoping she was rootbound an the bucket will help doing this inside btw if i could post pictures or email you itd be helpful

  29. No. You want one plant per pot and you want to make sure that you only have the same strain in the same area due to how different strains grow

  30. I was needing help with my grow I didn’t want to get on these sites because of the man looking into me but I have no choice in that no more. I have lost 9 out of ten plants to something and I have tried everything to in potassium mag cal asprini Fowler feeding but lockout pH everything I can’t and don’t get it I thought it mite be tmv maybe it is I don’t know how can I put pics on here to show

  31. fortwen taie on

    Is there a super growth syrum or techneach that is available to help plants grow real big my friend has 15 foot tall plants in n his outside garden and I only have 10 foot plants . just wondering why his is so much bigger . thanks life in Cali what frustration.

  32. They say a 18/6 is best early on…but ive never had any probs with 24/0…just make sure the leaves are not touching the bulbs and burning and they’ll be fine…good luck

  33. Not enough light…your plants are reaching for any available light…bury the stem a little more and feed them bright sun or bright cfl lights…this should help

  34. Try to put it under a growing light and use a different soil! Say no to miracle grow! Try using pro-mix or what I did I got some Pete moss and mixed it with some soil and added nutrition pellets

  35. Well if you start out like that in the early stages it will be fine but once they start growing it will start to be a problem because all three plants root systems will be in taking water, this means that the plants will fight for water so therefore only one plant will survive so it’s a lot smarter to grow in separate pots. Plus you will probably yield more bud

  36. Hi guys. somebody knows can i grow three different weed plants in one pot? and do i can grow with SMD LED corn light 12w ? Thanks

  37. First time grower plants are beautiful in the vegetation stage an I know they grow from seed but every few days I get 2-4 new sprouts can someone please help me understand what this is or could be possible thanks so much

  38. Firstly I think that’s a bit harsh your words saying “a sign of you arrogance and ignorance” when clearly it is you being both these terms, no doubt the reason you are having any issue with the tap root is because you use a thin layer of soil in your germination technique, if you had left the seed in a dark place after a day or so it would naturally pot itself, so yes in fact he is 100% correct.

    If you don’t believe it, then here is a test for you. Next time use a glass jar, fill it to the brim with soil, water and drain, place the seed the “wrong way round” (pointed side up) then put the lid on; you are right in saying that the tap root can grow out of the soil but it will then re pot it’s self and continue growing in the direction of gravity.
    I have been a horticulturist for 20+ years and I have done many experiments. Gravitropism which is the scientific term for the way plants grow (roots down towards gravity, shoots up against gravity) and adapt to huge changes in their environments e.g floods, landslides, earthquakes, hurricanes…
    Clearly you are having issues with gravitropism yourself, a case of your head growing out of your ass!

    I have read some of your condescending and abusive replies to younger less experienced growers and its not the way a 56 year old should act, grow up and lose the chip on your shoulder. Good day

  39. So I’ve just started growing at the beginning of winter, stupid Idea and it’s my first time, my plant is five cm tall and has leaves about 5 wide, it is in my cupboard getting no light at night, and sits on my roof in the day from 8am to 7pm, I have used miracle grow any other suggestions that might help me, also it’s growing in a smallish class jar, about 300ml

  40. GoldenDreamZz on

    Ive seen many ppl place multiple seeds in a clear glass of water & it has worked for them. Myself, I chose to put only 1 single seed in each of my red solo cups with about 2-3 inches of warm tap water. If they don’t sink within 12-24 hrs I gently push them down & they sink to bottom of cup. I label my cups with black sharpie. I place each cup inside a dark closet or under my sink with room temp around 70-78 degrees Fahrenheit. Most my seeds busted within 24-30 hrs and the remainder seeds took 48-72 hrs tops. All my seeds I ordered feminised. Great Quality! For each person its different for how many days it may take. Each person has their own ways they prefer. I’ve tried paper towel method & red solo cup method & my choice is water in my red solo cup! :-)

  41. I have outdoor plants but my stems are long and skinny not sure why,tjis is my first grow so im just winging it sny sugestions thanks

  42. pilatepontiues on

    I Transplanted from a 3 gallon pot to 7 gallon cloth pot. In 9 days, roots are poking out in 20 different places. Talk about massive root appeal.

  43. J C Uncapher on

    actually, I gently removed it from the soil and then replanted it with the taproot pointing downward the way its supposed to be… so I guess you could say that I repositioned it

  44. I have a small area in my room I just started yesterday with 3 germ. Seeds I put in pots under 4 cfls (100 watt 5000k) and surrounded the whole table with tinfoil making a makshift grow box out of tinfoil.. (I know its not the ideal but its all I can do for now) …first time growing autos is the light best kept on 24/0 or 20/4 heard mix reviews want to know what’s best way to get the most personal suff out of them?

  45. Ester Anderson on

    I checked them out and compared to Nirvana they’re more pricey, and Nirvana gives you 10 free seeds with each order

  46. Once in a great while, Mother Nature plays a trick on us growers. Make sure to inspect your plants as they go into the flowering room. That inspection will ensure that you don’t have a male in there.
    They’ll pretty much stick out like a sore thumb within a seven to ten days, which at that time, will be no risk to your female clan…

  47. If you’re from the North American side of the pond, I suggest you try Highgrade Seeds from Canada. I received my seeds in four days and three days after that, I had the primary/tap root showing already.
    Highgrade Seeds has a good selection, very fair prices and the delivery time cannot be beat. I know I’ll be waiting for my European seeds for at least three weeks but I wanted to establish additional seed sources over-and-above what I already have.
    Give Highgrade Seeds a shot —- I feel quite comfortable sending you their way — especially if you’re in North America.

  48. you can have the cum to yourself since you see it as wasted..drink up girl
    jc’s leaves grow down roots up omg what an idiot lol

  49. jc=justacracker showing his true self, simply juvenile behavior you do display of yourself but keep up the good work!! Another pissing contest ha

  50. you are a perfect example of inbreeding at its finest gmb357… what a complete waste of sperm… LMFAO

  51. your a real funny guy gmb357, but I think your the only one that’s laughing in my direction… everyone else is laughing at you for being a complete douchebag…

    here’s a link that proves my point beyond any reasonable doubt, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a tap root growing straight out of the growing medium… so gmb357, just who’s laughing now genius:


  52. Heres a direct answer, plant your seeds pointed end down if you have that much time as the root exits there or it can come from the side of the shell too but it will do what its suppose to if placed deep enough(1-2″) so dont fret, you too jc as i have 39yrs exp :) peace out and dont be arrogant annymore ok just keep using your mh lights. And no profanity it only shows your ignorance or youll get barred, this aint a pissing contest chappy

  53. bmb357, there’s always at least one asshole out there just like you who foolishly mistakes my 38 years worth of wisdom in growing cannabis as being arrogant (I’m 53)… unfortunately your ignorance in this situation is to be expected, because you have an obvious learning disability which seems to be the inability to actually read and understand what you have read.

    I never said anything about leaves growing down in my statement, I stated that on a few occasions over my years of growing I had the tap root grow up out of the soil…

    you see sometimes when a seed is placed in the soil improperly, the tap root can and will grow up out of the soil causing it to die from air and light exposure before it has a chance to turn downward and back towards the moist soil… and FYI, I’m not the only person to have experienced this situation, I have read on various blogs that I frequent of others having the very same thing happen…

    the following link show a perfect example of a tap root growing straight up out on the growing medium: http://www.thctalk.com/cannabis-forum/showthread.php?50391-plant-taproot-up

    a smartass like you obviously doesn’t know that when a non germinated seed is place directly into soil with the pointed end up (the end the tap root actually comes out of) and the seed is planted to shallow in the soil the tap root will grow right up out of the soil…

    I’ll just chalk your comment up to your obvious lack of experience in growing cannabis and move on to something more deserving of my precious time.

  54. He’s arrogant? If he is mistaken arrogant is not the correct term to use. So your arrogant in saying such, perhaps your just a sniveling insecure guy…
    Who else, besides jc has their roots grow up and leaves down? pff lmfao

  55. willsmith

    MH stands for “Metal Halide” and HPS stands for “High Pressure Sodium.” These are two specialized types of bulbs that
    are great for growing plants, and are from a class of lights known as HID aka High Intensity Discharge lighting.

    MH lights are often used in the cannabis plant’s vegetative stage (first stages of life) and HPS is often used for the flowering or budding stage (the last/final stage of life). Either type of bulb can be used for the entire cannabis plant’s life span (though HPS is more commonly used if a grower chooses just one for the complete life cycle of the plant), but many growers choose to use both for the best cannabis growing patterns and to make sure buds fatten up properly. Many grow light ballasts now allow you to use both MH and HPS in the same hood/reflector – just take one bulb out and screw in the other bulb – and you’re good to go!!!

    I have different grow rooms, one is for the vegetative cycle, which needs a more intense/brighter/whiter light for maximum growth… and the other room is the budding/flowering room which uses HPS bulbs that give a light spectrum that gives off a more reddish/orangey/yellowish type of color which is better for maximum bud growth.

    In simpler terms, your 600w HPS lights will work as a lighting system throughout the entire growing cycle (vegetation and budding), but you won’t get the maximum potential out of the plants as far as bud size and total quantity in the end as you might get if you ran the proper lights for each cycle of growth.

  56. willsmith

    MH stands for “Metal Halide” and HPS stands for “High Pressure Sodium.” These are two specialized types of bulbs that
    are great for growing plants, and are from a class of lights known as HID aka High Intensity Discharge lighting.

    MH lights are often used in the cannabis plant’s vegetative stage (first stages of life) and HPS is often used for the flowering or budding stage (the last/final stage of life). Either type of bulb can be used for the entire cannabis plant’s life span (though HPS is more commonly used if a grower chooses just one for the complete life cycle of the plant), but many growers choose to use both for the best cannabis growing patterns and to make sure buds fatten up properly. Many grow light ballasts now allow you to use both MH and HPS in the same hood/reflector – just take one bulb out and screw in the other bulb – and you’re good to go!!!

    I have different grow rooms, one is for the vegetative cycle, which needs a more intense/brighter/whiter light for maximum growth… and the other room is the budding/flowering room which uses HPS bulbs that give a light spectrum that gives off a more reddish/orangey/yellowish type of color which is better for maximum bud growth.
    In simpler terms, your 600w HPS lights will work as a lighting system throughout the entire growing cycle (vegetation and budding), but you won’t get the maximum potential out of the plants as far as bud size and total quantity in the end as you might get if you ran the proper lights for each cycle of growth.

  57. The Nirvana Shop, it’s an online store out of Amsterdam, their prices are great compared to other online stores and they have some nice strains and also sell female seeds

  58. robert this will smith in my fist blog itried to explain the system I have im very interested in a book pertaing to the sytem im trying to use . ihave 20 sidlings just repoted any tips on light height soil tempor air temp thankyou

  59. I was given 2 sunsystem 10 econo gro600 hps relamp with 600 watt lamp 120v 6.0a 600w 60hz bulb lu 600s/htl/rn. I hve 20 seedlings in8 gallon pots 2 days transplanted lights are 4ft above plants 78degrees average. im new any helpful tips ?

  60. Robert,

    Just wanted to share with everyone that I have NEVER had good results with the “seeds in a glass of water “ type of germination method, I find that seeds placed between some napkins or paper towels that are sandwiched between to dinner plates works much better, but I prefer using a small but deep Tupperware type container with about an inch of soil in it to start seeds in.

    Also your comment about it not mattering how you place the germinated seed in the soil is a sign of your arrogance and ignorance on your part, (especially since every expert on the planet says to make sure to point the root side of the seedling down in the soil) on many occasions I have seen a seedling pop the root up out of the soil and if I had not been keeping a close eye on them, I would have lost that seedling as I have several times in the past, so for you to say that gravity will always cause the tap root to grow downward is not always an actual true fact, sometimes the rules get lost in translation and things don’t work out the way that they always should.

    some of your stuff is spot on, but I think you fell short on this one

  61. This plant is two weeks old growing inside with some outdoor exposure as well. How does it look? It’s Bc pinewarp looks very indicia to me.

  62. Feel the “strong” in the title is a bit misleading, healthy would have been my choice in a article about nurturing seedlings. But mostly I wanted to point out that your book is not free it requires an email address to be exchanged in order to download. I asked for a copy without being on a mailing list and was told ,,,,, No

  63. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    Good job Robert!!! All I see missing is working with the occasional male plant that can arise from even feminized seeds. It takes a strong, lighted magnifying glass to identify that node that will begin to appear at 8 to 24 inches. Always remember (even for cloning) to destroy any plant showing signs of that little grapelike node. Watch for the female flowering spike for later removal as a 1/4 lb. miniature x-mas tree, but never remove the flowering sites too early as the sun leaf must help the flower grow. One can even learn to choose the very nicest for cloning, I’ve seen them at almost a 1/2 lb. multi bud!!!

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