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How To Get Senior Citizens To Vote For Marijuana Reform


robert platshorn silver tour washington dc rally event seniors senior citizensStatistically speaking, senior citizens are the most likely demographic to oppose marijuana reform. That’s a big problem when you also consider the fact that senior citizens vote at a higher rate than anyone else. Whenever I look at polling for certain campaign efforts, I always look at the senior citizen polling first. I always sit and daydream about how easy it would be to end marijuana prohibition in state after state if the marijuana reform movement was able to get even a small percentage of those ‘no’ senior citizen voters to change to the ‘yes’ side.

It seems like so many campaigns, organizations, and reform efforts quickly disregard the senior citizen demographic, as if it’s just hopeless and no one should even try to change seniors’ minds. A truly comprehensive campaign strategy (or awareness strategy leading up to the launch of a campaign) would have a plan in place to reach seniors. If only there was an easy way to do that…

Insert Robert Platshorn, and The Silver Tour. Robert Platshorn is probably the most dynamic public speaker I have ever seen from the marijuana movement, and maybe anywhere else. I first heard him speak at the 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles. Within seconds of grabbing the microphone on a panel dealing with reform efforts, the entire crowd (including and especially myself) was captivated and hanging on his every word. He has a way of putting some amazing humor together with cannabis reform educational facts that leave you always wanting more.

I don’t think that’s a coincidence, because Robert Platshorn was one of, if not the, original pitchman (feel free to factcheck). Whether he was the first or not is irrelevant, because he is definitely a stellar public speaker regardless. Jay Smoker and I have always wondered why every campaign and organization in America doesn’t swoop him up and put him on a senior citizen center tour across America. Imagine how many minds would be changed?

Robert Platshorn served almost three decades in prison for smuggling marijuana. When he got out of prison (the longest one served for marijuana only offenses in US history), Robert instantly went to work trying to reform marijuana laws. He created The Silver Tour, which is an awareness organization that educates seniors about the benefits of marijuana reform. Seniors listen to Robert because he is a senior citizen himself, in addition to being an all around amazing person.

He is currently doing a radio ad campaign, which is extremely effective. Each 60-second marijuana ad reaches a significant amount of people, and since Robert has the hookup, spots can be as cheap as $5.00 per slot in a big media market. That’s bang for the buck! Honestly, if you work with a campaign, or organization, you really, REALLY need to get Robert on your team. He can change more minds as one person that a small army of other people. Trust me. If you doubt what I’m saying, just hang out with him for a brief period of time, and you will be convinced. Donate to The Silver Tour at this link here. Go get ’em Bobby Tuna!


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  1. Maybe this is the way it is with following generations. The previous (to mine) generation had it made. Jobs, unions, benefits, less inflation, cheap gas, cheap goods, and food. You heard of ”the American Dream”?
    When I left the service noone congratulated us. Shunned and noone wanted to hire veterans. And I believe it’s still that way for the veterans? 15 years back my parents couldn’t be convinced it was tough to find a job. Because it was easy to obtain a job in their time.

  2. You gotta love that billboard! We need those here in the Mid-Atlantic states. Of course they may get molested.

  3. From the bottom o my heart — Thank You!!!!
    Marijuana isn’t just a “Wonder Drug” — its “a rainforest in a single plant”
    You and your group are truly doing “God’s Work”
    When it comes to Medical Marijuana the Israeli’s say it best —
    Marijuana is a “Gift from God” — “Tikkun Olam” — “To Heal the World”
    Thanks again for your great work.

  4. saynotohypocrisy on

    Older people as a group need cannabis more than others, and hate on it much more, even on MMJ. It’s perverse. If they want to suffer unnecessarily that’s their business, but that doesn’t give them the right to force others to suffer.

  5. Robert Platshorn on

    Cover the expenses and we will be in New York or anyplace else that needs the Silver Tour.

  6. Robert Platshorn on

    If you want to end cannabis prohibition, you need the senior vote. Seniors are an easy sell! But you have to reach them with good information and an exciting presentation that answers their questions and fears. To do this, you must reach them in significant numbers. Live shows in large senior communities (not nursing homes) are very effective. I’ve spoken to audiences of over 400 seniors and had over 95% sign petitions and phone legislators demanding access to cannabis. These shows get great press. The Wall St Journal, CNN Money, The Daily Show, and dozens of influential media outlets have covered the Silver Tour events. These shows take time and money to set up. If you want Silver Tour shows in your area, you need to make the arrangements and cover the expenses.

    To reach really large numbers of seniors you have to use commercial media. Social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter are useless. The only seniors who will see your message, are already advocates. I’ve reached and converted millions of seniors by using the media that seniors follow every day. Our TV show, Should Grandma Smoke Pot?,(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juVwqdNJlpU ) has aired hundreds of times on stations in a dozen states. Silver Tour billboards have been seen repeatedly on busy streets and get great local TV news coverage. We have aired over 4000 one minute “Cannabis Facts” on the radio stations that seniors listen to every day. https://soundcloud.com/robert-platshorn/sets/cannabis-facts-national .

    The Silver Tour has no paid employees and very few day to day expenses, but is still grossly underfunded. With the help of our Directors Irv Rosenfeld and Michael Minardi, we have worked miracles with very little funding. We are a federal non-profit 501c3. Donations are tax deductible. But even with a five year record of success in reaching and convincing millions of seniors, we still have to rely primarily on small donors. It seems I’m much better at convincing seniors to try cannabis, than I am at fundraising. We receive invitations and pleas to bring Silver Tour shows to almost every state. But when we ask folks to cover the costs of the shows or the media campaigns, that usually ends the conversation. You can bring a Silver Tour show or media campaign to your state or town by giving us your support. http://www.thesilvertour.org or contact me via FB or email at silvertour@gmx.com .

  7. Many seniors take like 50 medications a day. They could probably replace half of them, and feel far better with fewer side effects, with just one dose of medical grade cannabis!

  8. saynotohypocrisy on

    People who use alcohol, and claim the right to order other folks not to use weed, especially when they refuse to honestly discuss the subject, deserve to be verbally slapped around. Their do as I say not as I do hypocrisy is intolerable and indefensible. If you want to play nice with them, go for it. Good luck.

  9. saynotohypocrisy on

    Nonsense that the young of today are getting screwed by older generations? On the contrary, everyone knows it, there’s a dispute over whether we’re spending too much (much of it on the elderly) or taxing the rich too little, or both, but that’s irrelevant to the fact that young people are getting screwed over by the huge debt and decaying infrastructure they are inheriting. They don’t need to also be getting screwed by flamingly hypocritical alcohol supremacist laws that old folks who don’t know jack about weed are imposing on them.

  10. saynotohypocrisy on

    Ah, at least I know a little bit about where you’re coming from now. Always interesting to see what people are willing to hold medicinal marijuana hostage to. You do know that there’s a lot of people who want to work and can’t find work, don’t you?
    I don’t like when able bodied people just want to mooch any more than you do, but what does that have to do with pretending marijuana has no medicinal use?

  11. saynotohypocrisy on

    No that doesn’t clear anything up. I already understand that you’re turned off by my comments. That doesn’t make them invalid. You haven’t spent a second addressing the substance of my comment, in typical stonewalling prohibitionist style.

  12. Thank you for your rational comments, suggestions and avoidance of ridiculing a segment of the population that, as you stated, is the fastest growing group of MMJ users.
    Slapping someone and immediately asking for their support as some previous posters have done is very counterproductive.

  13. I have no clue where you’re getting this nonsense, but the myriad of freebies available to people compliments of those who worked or are working doesn’t help progress the rescheduling cause.

  14. Sorry, I assumed you were astute enough to recognize your invalid comments.
    Maybe this will help clear it up for you:
    “Maybe try to shame older folks by reminding them that they are already
    dumping on young people enough with the massive national debt and
    deficit they’ve left for them, and the two tier economy, and decaying
    infrastructure, they don’t need to pile on by trying to force oldster’s
    choice of intoxicant (alcohol) on younger people. Oldsters are handing
    young people a real shit sandwich and fucking with them over weed just
    makes it worse.”

  15. saynotohypocrisy on

    If you want to call something pathetically invalid, you might as well say why. Otherwise you’re just responding to something with nothing.

  16. The other group that needs convincing are Hispanics. A recent poll in California showed that Hispanics were 60% against the legalization of cannabis. Given the fact that they will come out in droves for the 2016 presidential election due to Republican rhetoric against them, this could be a deciding factor. Remember the black community and gay rights in 2008? In 2008, they came out in droves to vote for Obama but also voted for Proposition 8 which banned gay marriage.

  17. saynotohypocrisy on

    It’s a rant, not a diatribe.
    Old people as a generation ARE dumping on young people, and have been since Ronald Reagan turned Republicans from fiscal conservatives to fiscal ‘who cares about tomorrow’ Peronistas. Does being reminded of how older folks have fiscally abused younger generations turn you off? Then do something to change it.
    Anyone who uses alcohol and thinks they have the right to ban others from using cannabis is a stinking filthy hypocrite, doesn’t matter what age they are.
    A lot of elders KNOW that their generation has fucked over young people, some of them haven’t considered how cannabis prohibition is a further example of that, and how fixing that would be a hell of a lot cheaper for them than fixing the budget malfunction, it wouldn’t cost anything, it would save and make the government money.

  18. Your diatribe is pathetically invalid and just turned me off and I’m a senior with a medical marijuana card.
    In the future select your comments wisely if you truly want to gain votes from this faction.

  19. saynotohypocrisy on

    Maybe older folks don’t like to think about what will happen to them if they get sick. If they focused on that more, they would be more likely to support medical marijuana, at least.

    I wonder if pointing out to them how strongly young people support legal cannabis would have any effect. Maybe try to shame older folks by reminding them that they are already dumping on young people enough with the massive national debt and deficit they’ve left for them, and the two tier economy, and decaying infrastructure, they don’t need to pile on by trying to force oldster’s choice of intoxicant (alcohol) on younger people. Oldsters are handing young people a real shit sandwich and fucking with them over weed just makes it worse. Maybe point out that there are all these other issues that desperately need our attention, and we shouldn’t be wasting so much energy discussing something that is both a nobrainer and inevitable.

  20. Robert Platshorn is a hero! As is Johnny Green for bringing so much important information to light.

  21. Lawrence Goodwin on

    With all due respect, Robert Platshorn, please, grab some warm garments and organize a 2-week tour of cold New York state, home to perhaps the fiercest anti-marijuana sentiment among seniors in the nation. You could start with a Silver Tour appearance in Syracuse this Thursday, December 3, where several state lawmakers will gather to talk tough about eradicating fake marijuana–you know, those little packets of dried plant materials laced with fake cannabinoids with names like “K2” and “Spice,” etc. Reportedly, large numbers of New Yorkers are indeed smoking that crap as a means to avoid the loss of employment through drug testing. Forget about legalizing marijuana. There should be NO surrendering of urine as a condition for employment anywhere in the United States of America.

  22. Senior Citizens are the fastest growing group of Medical Marijuana users.
    Google “Silver Tour” for more information.
    Even if you only use Marijuana Recreationally do everything you can to support Medical Marijuana.
    This year 1.6 MILLION Americans will be diagnosed with Cancer — and half of them will eventually die from it — after suffering pain beyond anything words can describe.
    Call the White House Comment line at (202) 456-1111 every single day, and ask them to ask the President to get Marijuana removed from Schedule 1 IMMEDIATELY.
    Every American with Cancer deserves the right to have safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana.
    Every. Single. One.
    Ask everyone you know to call every day and to get everyone they know to do it too.
    With luck the effort will go viral.
    Call every day until the President gets Marijuana removed from Schedule 1.
    Cancer Patients Can’t Wait.

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