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How To Grow The Amnesia Haze Marijuana Strain Indoors


Amnesia Haze General

Although Amnesia marijuana seeds might not get much recognition, they can still produce impressive plants and impressive highs. More people might be familiar with its forebears like Jack Herer and Skunk, but Amnesia is a strain that is unique and produces fantastic effects. This particular strain has won awards both for the high it produces and the overall beauty of the plant. If you’re looking for something new and relaxing, this might be the strain for you.

Amnesia Haze  Smoking Effects

With a name like Amnesia, you might expect the high to be one that really knocks you out, but that’s actually the opposite of what Amnesia will do. It draws largely on its sativa-dominant roots to create a distinctly cerebral high that will make you both happier and potentially more talkative. It is, by its nature, an energetic strain—one that provides you with a more realized social acumen. The effects kick in within about 10 to 15 minutes, but they generally don’t last that long. Thus, Amnesia marijuana seeds are ideal for those who need a boost, but don’t need it for extended periods of time. Download my free marijuana grow bible and learn how to grow marijuana like a pro!

Amnesia Haze Plant Features

When pondering the purchase of Amnesia marijuana seeds, you’ll want to know exactly what to expect. This award-winning strain is ideal not just for the high it produces, but also for the aesthetically-pleasing way in which the plant grows. The lime-green buds tend to be covered in THC crystals and little orange hairs by the time harvest comes around. It’s a relatively simple plant to grow for beginners, and it flowers in about 9 to 10 weeks. It can reach heights of up to 40 to 60 inches, although the indoor varieties tend to be a bit on the shorter end of that range.

The real key here is the overall yield. The amnesia strain produces about 21 ounces per 10 square feet. Depending on the size of your garden, that could produce quite a bit of bud. The 17% THC content also makes it a potent strain for any smoker. You can also purchase feminized Amnesia marijuana seeds to increase the number of females you get in a crop.

Amnesia Haze Medicinal Use

Because of the euphoric tendencies found in the Amnesia strain, many patients use it for treating depression. It’s also ideal for treating stress-related issues like anxiety. It has been shown to effectively reduce social anxiety as well. Amnesia also acts as a general pain reliever and even has indications for chronic migraines. Other issues that it can help with include loss of appetite and nausea.

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  1. George Parakulam on

    My fist attempt at marijuana growing started in 1975 spring and it was just the envrirornment I lived in and my undiagnosed mental illness which gave birth to it. Today I am a retired civil servant and was a scientist for few years before I was forced out of a job I performed more than adequately because my then supervisor decided he cannot allow someone diagnosed as afflicted with bipolar disorder a euphemism really for manic depression which in a half hearted attempt some scientist introduce to remove the stigma of mental illness. I did not know when I got sick at work one day that I was suffering from any illness. I knew I was having problem sleeping and recurring periods of severe depression and short periods of mania, A family doctor in Canada is not experienced to diagnose bipolar disorder , They usually diagnose sleeping problem and depression as clinical depression and prescribe Zoloft which my family doctor did and my problems continued . When I treated my depression with street brought marijuana and few glasses of lager beer to handle ‘ĥiigh” I was normal and was able to conduct my work with very good performance evaluation, My self treatment of my malady was not progressing well First of all I was not getting good high quality pot and I was drinking more. This when combined with made me behave erraticaly at work. I t was then a friend introduced the the idea of growing pot at home. At that time we lived in an old fashioned apartment and it was surrounded on one side by a third story bussness building. I soon found out that no one lived on the top floor and the building was deserted during. I had no quality seeds because one had to take chance with Vancouver tradesmen to get good seeds, I had ti depend on local seeds I separated from loca buys. I was able to separate females by reading underground literature
    I wish I was at that time separate few amenasia hase seeds, To make a long story short I was able by first harvest get half a pound of medium quality weed. The grw oeration continued and the risk increased for one year in the middle of the night someone came and stole my plants they did not leave one plant.
    Now I am an 75 year old retired civil servant and what do you think my chances of growing some amenasea hase
    rt brought
    a of deo

  2. I’ve been to Amsterdam and tried Amn Haze, and I instantly feel in love! I bought some seeds… Any tips on how to make my Amnesia Haze eaven better?

  3. Mary Jonesinton on

    WOW, this stuff looks awesome, never tried it!, I cant wait to track some down!!

  4. Amnesia haze is one of my favorite strains i really enjoy the haze variaties

    currently im growing 10 Frisian Dew and 4 Girl Scout Cookies all in greenhouse i got the seeds from Rasta-Seedbank

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