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How To Grow The Jack Herer Marijuana Strain Indoors


Jack Herer General

With Jack Herer marijuana seeds, you get more than some great weed. Of course, the name of the strain is an homage to Jack Herer, the American activist who campaigned for the decriminalization of marijuana in the States and wrote The Emperor Wears No Clothes. The sativa-dominant is the beneficiary of some great genes, and it also no stranger to winning a few awards here and there. You certainly can’t go wrong with a strain like Jack Herer.

Jack Herer Smoking Effects

Obviously, one of the biggest reasons that the Jack Herer strain is so prized is its unique smoking effect. It sort of hits you with an immediate heady high that clears up your brain and actually energizes you. Indeed, some users have noted increased creativity and, in some cases, visual enhancements because of the initial hit of Jack Herer. As time goes on, that initial cerebral high leaves you and is replaced with a calming body buzz that can last for hours. This is why the Jack Herer marijuana strain has taken home many trophies for best overall strain. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about growing marijuana.

Jack Herer Plant Features

If you want noticeable levels of THC, then Jack Herer has you covered. The THC crystals will fill up all of the nice spear leaves, fan leaves, stalks, and stems to provide you with a plant that is pleasant to look at. You’ll also start to see some brick red hairs formulating on the buds as the plant ages. Because there are no two Jack Herer plants that are alike, a lot of growers like to use a mother plant to create clones or Jack Herer marijuana seeds.

Indoor growers have had to sort of tame these plants because they can grow to be as high as 100 inches (over 8 feet) tall. However, most indoor Jack Herer plants don’t quite reach those levels. The plants flower completely in about 10 or 11 weeks at which point they will produce yields of 18 ounces per 10 square feet. There are also feminized Jack Herer marijuana seeds if you want to increase your odds.

Jack Herer Medicinal Uses

The Jack Herer marijuana strain is one of the few varieties recognized by Dutch pharmacists as “medicinal-grade.” Thus, it is frequently prescribed to individuals suffering from a wide variety of different ailments. Many of those ailments are related to psychology and include depression, anxiety, and stress.

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  1. Oliver Badgreen on

    I thought this was a How-To for growing Jack Herer? Seeing as everyone say you can’t or shouldn’t grow it indoors.

  2. Dose anyone know how you can tell what color (red or blue spectrum )a indoor HPS grow light is if you haven’t got the packaging that it came in as all that say on them, as my friend (who will remain nameless for obvious reasons has asked me to find out for him) he said all that it says on his light bulbs is: 600w HPS. Any helpfull information would be great fully appreciated. Also any advice on good informal websites that would give him a beginners guide to growing from seed indoors. Thanks everyone.

  3. Cavernous Jenny on

    Nice Taste but I hardly got a buzz, I am sure its was the growers fault, Lots of subpar growers in Cali, I was also smoking very good stuff around the time I received it as a gift for my bday. After smoking Herijuana 28%+ thc its no wonder

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