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How To Make A Marijuana Clone Machine


Making Your Own Marijuana Cloner Is Cheap And Easy

Supplies list:
Humidity Dome
Seedling/Starter Tray
Aquarium Air Pumps
Aquarium Air Stones
Air Tubing
Seedling heat mat
Surge protected power strip


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  1. actually, good soil and humidity are key. The cuttings has no roots therefore it needs very high humidity so the leafs can take in moisture. Good soil comes out of a bag :-) Oh and Cloneability, a lot of Boutique strains don’t like to clone. “er so it seems to me.

  2. Why didn’t your example use the lid once you had clones inside the device? I am a legal patient. I have a brown thumb, failed my first grow, ready to clone my current plants so I have something to grow when these are flowered. I took upwards of 20 clones on my last grow of 8 plants. All have died. The ones I cut and used root hormone never rooted. I finally went old school and put some cuttings in water under the lights, those rooted, but eventually died. I had numerous other issues at that time.

    I need help. Money is an issue being disabled on government fixed income.

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