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How To Make A Marijuana Pipe Out Of Lifesavers


Master Bong is truly the MacGyver of marijuana. I have seen him make a pipe out of just about anything and everything imaginable, and also out of things that I have never thought possible. I have met him many times, and consider him to be a true friend, and I encourage everyone to visit his site. If you ever want to blow your friend’s minds with something awesome/crazy/funky, I can assure you he is the first place you should look to build your skills.

Today Master Bong teaches us how to make a marijuana pipe out of lifesavers. This is a great thing to know in case you are without a smoking device, or if you are in a place that you need to smoke, but don’t want to leave anything behind. I know I’m in that situation whenever I travel.


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  1. Lyle Winterhalder on

    Lame, just rip the 2 ends off the pack and blaze! Or better yet, God gave u the apple. the best natural pipe ever made

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