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How To Make A Push Pop Pipe


The McGyver of Pot and Friend of the blog, Master Bong, has posted a new video showing us how to make a Push Pop pipe, perfect for a summertime smoke session. Be sure to check out his other videos and sign up to win some cool prizes at masterbong420.com.


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  1. Big deal I can as well as you too probably can just make a pipe using aluminum foil cheap and easy in a pinch.

  2. I agree dude, it’s like he is marketing himself to be some type of celebrity for smoking. Cool to see you made a pipe out of a push-pop but the other 8 minutes was just crap imo.

  3. Opting to give the impression of being a 60s stoner doesn’t help further the cause for getting people to seriously and openly consider medical marijuana as a viable treatment resource for a number of diagnosed medical conditions. Before he even opens his mouth there will be an assumption that yet another “radical wacko weed user” is attempting to make a name for himself on the Internet. Credibility is a key factor in moving the legalization initiative forward, and this video is not going to help.

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