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How To Make Full Cannabis Oil Extract


If you don’t know about Brave Mykayla, you really need to spend some time to find out about the bravest girl on this planet. This is a step by step video on how to make full-extract cannabis oil with food grade alcohol. This is the process used to produce Mykayla’s oil as shown by Mike Mullins of Stony Girl Gardens. Click here to find out more about Brave Mykayla and how to support her fight against leukemia.


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  3. THere are natural therapies that can remove the allergy so she can use it. Many people are allergic to it but can be corrected. Check out Health Kinesiology and find a practitioner near you.

  4. would love to know more about how to make cannabis oil with still or distiller Any info with obtaining proper still would be awesome! I wanted one that you can recycle alcohol and get oil at the same time. I see some comments that it can be done but cannot find info anywhere! Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  5. Yes it does I’ve tried it and it takes like 40 minutes to kick in but ur FUCKED UP much longer n no munchies, be careful how much you try at first but I was like zombifid ,lmfao.

  6. i have a question about medical weed. my wife is in constant pain, nothing seems to work now. the DR said you can try medical cannabis here is my issue. she has an allergic reaction to the smell of cannabis. [her throat closes off] would it be the same with THC?

  7. You can buy high quality cbd xtract legally. Just type in high cbd extract into your search engine and you will see.

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    I have a very important question. My husband is trying to save his mother, who has just been diagnosed with 4B stage cervical cancer. Medicine can only extend her life a little. My husband is trying to make some Rick Simpson oil. The problem is getting the right plants. We have t start now, we cannot wait until we grow the plans ourselves. He was offered some, but we do not know whether they are good. Can they contain seeds? Or, to be effective, they have to be grown as female plants culture only? Does the fact that they were fertilised and produced seeds affect their content of CBD / THC or their balance?
    Please, help if anybody knows.

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  11. I have a girlfriend who because of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) has Epileptic Seizures (Grand Mall). I am trying too prepare a non alcoholic canibus tincture. does anyone know nwhat type of CBD’s are most preferred for this disorder and where I may be able to get information on strains likely to have higher amounts of this CBD.
    Any help is appreciated.

  12. I think people have a different idea of what is “top shelf”. I’ve lived, bought, sold, grown and transported in

    different regions and there are definitely different markets, and they change drastically over time. As a general rule

    the most expensive and usually the best cannabis is grown indoors; middle-grade is domestic greenhouse or outdoor; and

    low grade is imported outdoor. But there are exceptions, I have seen greenhouse/outdoor that I’d consider top shelf but

    was still priced lower than indoor

  13. Hey, will this cannabis oil get you stoned or anything? I ask because I’m going to try this with my weed after I dry and cure it, and I want to get very high/stoned on it. Will it work? Answers will be greatly appreciated:)

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  17. Do you think you could use an oil extractor (can be bought as an attachment for a juicing machine)??
    If this works we wouldn’t have to worry about any chemicals at all. Or blowing ourselves up.

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  21. The process used is called in chemistry – reflux. An apparatus designed specifically for that would be safer. In addition pulling a vacuum on the heated mixture after straining and condensing the vapor will allow you to reuse the alcohol. Also – controlling the vacuum level allows you to control the temperature of the boiling. A PI or PID temperature controller can be used to maintain temperature during the reflux operation. Similarly for the condensing – using a different set of sensors (vacuum + temperature) .

    All in all not bad for a table top operation. I’d be glad to help in designing a more professional apparatus. However to make it worthwhile you might need to be making a batch or two a day. I’d do the job for cost of materials. I might also require some one adept in Chemistry/physical Chemistry. I’m into electronics. Since I don’t have a machine shop that work would have to be farmed out. If that is done with G codes the plans could be widely distributed.

  22. Well I don’t suggest butane. But you might want to bone up on physical chemistry before giving an opinion. Short version: boiling point matters in evaporation rates. By orders of magnitude.

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  24. DavidTheExpert on

    Now now, let’s not be brash. While I do agree with you that cannabis is best served in its purest, unadulterated form, there is nothing scientifically wrong with using a butane extract. Just based on the chemistry and physics alone, the butane *will* evaporate without leaving any harmful residues. Being afraid of cannabis oil extracted with butane just because butane itself is harmful, is like being afraid of eating chicken that was cut by a knife because knives are dangerous. Just like the knife that cut the chicken, the butane that extracted the THC is long gone and will not harm you.

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  26. When you saturate your medicine with a poison like butane and then expect or assume that it evaporates off your misguided and obviously not thinking clearly.

  27. Why wasn’t the mix just reduced on the induction cooker set to 190 ~ 210 F. That way when alcohol cooks off completely the temperature will not rise as the induction cooker regulates very tightly.

    Also at what point does decarboxylation happen?

  28. THC is very important for cancer because it fits into the cannabinoid receptors thus producing ceramide to kill off the cancer cells. THC acid cannot do that because it doesn’t fit. Even though the argument is that the raw form allows you to take much more, honestly, after you ingest this oil for a month on average you can work your way up to a gram of oil per day with little effects because of your high tolerance. Rick Simpson has cured over 5000 people with this oil and has not seen one condition it didn’t work on, so i am 100% an advocate for this oil. Plus, it is very hard to have a big grow operation of plants used for juicing. It is much more efficient to use this oil, especially with the way the laws are today. If you want to read more on the topic visit this page.


  29. Actually, butane evaporates extremely quickly, so there is really none left in your product after you extract it, however the problem with butane is that it is extremely flammable, and therefore quite dangerous to work with. Alcohol can catch on fire, but it is not explosive like butane, so it is safer to work with. I am glad they are talking about Ethanol this time, instead of isopropynol, which is not safe to ingest.

  30. This is great medicine. However would benefit many more people if you just juice it, unless your looking for THC, you get far more CBD, THC acid, terpenes etc. without the psychoactive and can therefor take 10+ fold of the dose

  31. It’s just the extract, using butane can potentially be bad for you. Where as using foodgrade oil makes it a little more “organic” in a sense.

  32. How is this different/better than using butane? Is the only difference that this produces a heated/cooked oil whereas with butane it’s raw?

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