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How To Make Marijuana Bacon


I love bacon more than most things in life. I might love bacon as much as I love marijuana, which is saying a lot. I try to eat BLT’s any chance that I get, and just about anything else that has bacon in it is something I will enjoy. One of my favorite things about Oregon is the famous Voodoo Doughnuts shops, and especially their bacon maple bar. I came across a video that shows how to make marijuana bacon. A marijuana bacon recipe, how fantastic is that? I think I know what I’m doing for every meal for the next few decades…

“Watermelon cleverly combines two of your favorite things marijuana & bacon for the perfect treat. The BC bacon is then wrapped around cubes of cantaloupe. This recipe makes a perfect appetizer for any soiree.” To learn more about Watermelon and her amazing cooking skills, visit her website.


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  1. Why is it alcohol can make you feel just as weird and stuff as Marijuana. It also kills brain cells and causes more wrecks than any other thing in America right now and yet I can’t smoke it on a saturday with some friends for fun. I use it because it helps me sleep and I have the worst insomnia in the world and can’t sleep for days at a time and no pill works but i just wanna get high for fun sometimes.

  2. It’s hosted on Youtube. If she didn’t want the video shared offsite, she could choose to not allow off-site embedding. Obviously she didn’t.

  3. You hurled the first stone Eric, so deal with it and quit stirring up shit and causing trouble, how about You troll on down the road

  4. You a such a man worm Eric A Gifford, I noticed your posts were under this name until people called you out for being yourself AKA An asshole. So now you will be known as Eric Asshole “Guest” Gifford. If you start some shit be man enough to stand by it, Boy!

  5. Erik A. Gifford on

    wow, nice site here Johnny! full of original posts and friendly readers! fuck u, Sarah! troll on down the road!

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  7. Johnny, Thanks you for your hard work and energy you spend everyday to educate and inform all of us
    to the to the ever changing landscape of medical marijuana and its battles and victories as well as new medical uses and useful information. Also thanks to everyone here at weedblog for providing us with such a great website. Thanks also to the martyrs and the freedom fighters who have arrested and those who sit rotting in prison for this most sacred of plants. ” We were all put here to love one another, Treat everybody like your sister and brother” Love and Peace to all.

  8. johnnygreen

    I sent an e-mail to her to see if she wanted to include a written form of the recipe in this article. I haven’t heard back. I assumed since the video was on YouTube that she wanted to get as many views as possible, and since the ’embed’ feature was enabled, I assumed she wanted people to do so. If it turns out that she doesn’t want the video on here, I will gladly replace it with something else. I wanted to highlight quality work. I’m a big fan of Watermelons!

  9. If it helps sick people ingest their meds who cares? I’m sure she would be fine with it. Don’t you have better things to do with your precious life? Chill out Eric!

  10. Erik A. Gifford on

    Couldn’t come up with an original post? Did you bother to ask for Watermelon’s permission before using her instructional video?

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