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How To Make The Perfect Marijuana Brownies


Perfect Marijuana Brownies

When making marijuana brownies, you won’t have the desired result unless you first process the marijuana to extract its’ THC (tetra-hydro-cannibol).

How to make perfect marijuana brownies

In this recipe, you can choose between an oil or butter based extraction process for the perfect marijuana brownies. Once extracted, the THC infused mixture can be added as the recipe calls for it.

You would substitute equal parts butter for oil as directed. For example, if a recipe calls for ⅔ cup of oil, you would substitute ⅔ cup of butter.

Everyone’s favorite, staple marijuana edible is the traditional ‘pot brownie’. We’ll begin by showing you both THC extraction processes so you can choose what you prefer.

THC Extraction Using Oil

What You Will Need:

  • flavorless cooking oil, such as grapeseed or vegetable oil
  • 2.5 grams of marijuana per serving (one ½ ounce for a full batch)
  • coffee or dried herbs grinder
  • cheese cloth
  • brownie mix*
  • medium size pot
  • stirring spoon (wooden or plastic)

*You can either use a box mix or make your brownies from scratch.

Making the Marijuana Oil for Marijuana Brownies

  1. Grind up the marijuana in your grinder or a coffee grinder multiple times until it literally turns into powder.
  2. Spread the powdered marijuana onto a frying pan. For an even cook – which is important when extracting the THC – it’s a good idea to match the frying pan to the burner size.
  3. Pour oil directly onto the marijuana powder in the pan, according to the amount asked for in the brownie recipe.
  4. Turn the burner on low, until until the oil and powder start to simmer.
  5. Turn burner heat to the lowest setting. Leave the burner on for 2-6 hours depending on how much time you have (2 hrs is average). Make sure to stir the marijuana oil every 30 minutes with a wooden spoon.
  6. When oil is done absorbing the THC, pour the oil mixture into a filter (use cheese cloth, not a coffee filter) to strain out the plant material
  7. The final product should be a musky brown color oil without any grass, stems, or seeds in it.

Use this oil to make the brownies by following the instructions on the brownie box. If you prefer to make weed brownies using butter rather than oil, continue reading.

THC Extraction Using Butter

Making the Marijuana Butter for Marijuana Brownies

What You Need:

  • 2.5 grams of weed per serving (an ounce of dank or an ounce of mids works well)
  • coffee or dried herbs grinder
  • cheese cloth
  • brownie mix
  • small pot and larger pot
  • wood spoon
  1. Fill the larger pot with clean water and place on a burner the same size as the pot for even cooking. Place the smaller pot inside the larger one.
  2. Add 2-3 sticks of butter.
  3. Turn the burner on a low setting until the water in the larger pots begins to simmer.
  4. Lower temperature to a medium low setting to establish a near simmer. Make sure to keep the heat lower since the the water in the larger pot will heat up the marijuana’s THC which would destroy the THC, making the weed brownies, well, just brownies.
  5. Proceed to leave the the burner on for 2-3 hours, or longer.
  6. Once done, pour the butter through a cheee cloth, removing any seeds, stems, or left over plant material.
  7. Spread this butter throughout the bottom of a large pan.
  8. Pour the brownie mixture on top.
  9. Cook in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to an hour.

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  1. I made the oil but used 3/4 oz of dank. Dammit!!! My first attempt at brownies using anything other than commercial grade. It was hallucigenic.

  2. Thanks Charlie mate I think I’ll give yours a try. For my mum whose sick with cancer in hospital. Hopefully might make her eat some :)

  3. Way overkill and hassle. Grind your herb as suggested to a fine powder. When mixing the dry brownie mix, include the stash and mix the DRY ingredients thoroughly. Then add the water, oil, egg or whatever. Deadly. I have participated in bake-offs and it has be universal that the above method is equal to or better than day long prep sessions. The THC is converted by heat only – doesn’t matter if before or after.
    When filtering the pre-burn, you lose valuable THC in the discarded residue.

    Try it – easy!

  4. How about trying 1st, a little bit of oil, then, your cannabis, then the rest of the oil

  5. what’s the best dank to use for brownies ? I’m new to the scene and want to experience the true effects to help manage anxiety without scripts.

  6. I dident see Martha Stewart’s brownie recipe. All of the above sounds great, the do’s and dont’s of good cooking.
    As Martha would say “It is just perfect”.
    Gunner Bob

  7. I think Brewer is a waste of skin also….and yes AZ is behind the curve which is what my post was pointing out. I point it out over and over again, every chance i get, that AZ needs to know that “marijuana infusion” is the SAME as cannabis extraction, and the “real world” knows that. You had a bee in your bonnet over a statement on a brownie recipe? Come on….Hope you are having a better day!

  8. Hey DUMB A$$ I’m not menopausal, due to cancer everything was removed 14 yrs ago. Also how would we know it’s sarcasm? It’s a statement, not a reply to anyone’s post. I lived in AZ for a year in 1990 and I found that most of you are below the learning curve. You’ll never be a state that will have the right to marijuana legality, because you keep voting that idiot of a governor back into office.

  9. I am sorry you have no understanding of sarcasm or you were menopausal. I am not paranoid or an idiot for pointing out that AZ does not know that infused and extracted is one in the same. I’m not moving, especially for an F’in brownie recipe! I live in paradise compared to some and i will sit right here smokin fatties on my front porch! Thanx

  10. Then move, for gods sake I’ve been smoking for 43 yrs, and I’m still not paranoid….idiot!

  11. I would suggest to get a cooking thermometer. Once the water has come to a boil turn the heat down to about 3-4, to simmer the green and butter together, the water can’t be boiling while simmering the mix because then like she said, all the THC evaporates. I would also suggest to double boil it. Creates less leeway for the heat to get to intense and evaporate the THC. Put cooking thermometer in butter mixture and make sure it doesn’t exceed 160 degrees F. And when you put the brownie mix to bake. The temperature should be at 325-350 degrees, no more than this. Because again, the eat will evaporate the THC. Have fun and happy cooking.

    Suggestion : if you have a grinder with kief compartment, i like to add it to the butter. I use regs for my green. You can use Sour but sucks to spend a lot more money cooking it, when you get a better effects smoking the Sour. But REALLY get the thermometer!

  12. Use a cheese cloth. You can find them in publix or any grocery store. The plant itself is hard to digest. It might sit better on the stomach if you separate the plant matter from the butter/oil

  13. everything here is pretty much correct. However, when i cook my brownies, i double broil it, use recommended amount of butter on box. (i use butter because its high in saturated fats, higher than any oil) and so the THC has a better grasp on the fat molecule. if your mix calls for oil, you can substitute butter on a 1:1 ratio if amount does not exceed 1/2 cup of oil/butter. When your simmering the THC for hours, with a cooking thermometer, check the temperature does not exceed 160 degrees Fahrenheit, more than this will cause THC to evaporate, and not stick to your butter/oil. To seperate butter from buds, use a cheesecloth, and some gloves (it messy). You dont have to let the butter cool down if you are going to bake right away. However, if you do have any left overs, let it cool down before storing in the fridge. Lastly, when baking do not exceed 350 degrees, and do not go TOO over the baking time suggested on box (they will turn out hard)
    happy baking. ganja_babe412

  14. wait, you use both mj butter AND 2,5g of grounds per serving to cook for another 2-3 hours with the butter? hä?

  15. Do you know if this is a safer, easier way to make your own Rick Simpson oil without the solvent process

  16. Alia did u find answer to your question cause I put cannabis first then oil. It’s kinda burned but is that awful?

  17. Does it make a difference if you put the weed in under or over the oil? Because if the oil doesn’t get under The weed when its first heating up, then won’t it burn the weed and make you loose some of the THC?

  18. Thanks ! Can I ask your method if doing it ? I’m a heavy smoker, couple blunts a day ..so I really want these brownies to be potent any ways to help ?

  19. it sounds as if you had the heat up way too high. probably lost a lot of THC by overheating it. like any other substance, there is a temperature threshold at which THC is vaporized. if you had to add water multiple times over 6 hours due to evaporation, you were boiling your water, not simmering it. therefore getting your butter too hot and your THC was probably all evaporated before it ever got to your brownie batter

  20. So i attempted bud butter by filling a pot with water and putting a mason jar inside . Inside the mason jar I put my goods,grinded up &wrapped in cheesecloth ,so I wouldn’t have to strain after. I added my butter to my mason jar and let it cook for 6 hours. I’m not sure how hot it actually got but is kept adding water to the pot to keep the process going after evaporation. It smelled and lookeytheway it should , BUT after I substituted the butter for oil in the recipe ,I go NO effects . I waited multiple hours then tried another ,and still NOTHING . Same effects for my boyfriend . Wtf went wrong ! oh and by the way we used a half ounce of sour ..comment what you think!

  21. Do you have to strain it? I have just thrown the oil and the dank right in the mix (thc oil and dank – no sticks/stems or seeds just dank) after I’ve extracted it. Is it just for the texture?

  22. Thank you, whoever you are for sharing the information about the dangers of dogs getting into stash. I am so glad my dog was fine but I did not know dogs could die! Thanks, again.

  23. You simmer it in the oil, so you don’t use any water. Don’t feed it to your dog, though: Unlike humans, dogs can overdose on cannabis (in which case they may have severe vomiting, a decreased body temperature, and, if it’s bad enough, they can die), and if they actually eat the weed it’s a lot more likely to happen than with inhalation. That said, If your dog ever accidentally gets into your stash and you have to take them to the vet, make sure you’re prepared to tell the vet what really happened. They are not obligated to inform the police and will be focused on helping you and your pet, so if you aren’t honest with the doctor you’ll only be hurting your dog. Chocolate is also toxic to dogs, so even normal brownies would be a bad idea. Sorry for the wall of text/public service announcement, but hope I helped a little!

  24. So you can just throw the weed in the batter ? You can respond to me on fb @sergio putitonmyset flowers or instagram highfor_noreason

  25. So after I make the brownies do I smoke the weed? Im confused, If I give the brownies to my dog will he get high? Also, how much water do I use? I read this three times and you say nothing about water.

  26. OH GOSH! don’t say extract in AZ (it’s illegal) you must say “infused” butter here. Stupid AZ!

  27. chronjohnchubbin on

    are you fuckin kidding me dude? youre on a page telling you how to make pot brownies and you dont even know what thc is? lmfao

  28. Sorry forgot just a few more details:

    -amount of weed used depends on potency of weed, desired strength of the end product you are making and amount of end product you want to make (ex. 5 brownies, 20 brownies etc) typically it’s not worth going through all the effort/trouble of cooking with weed unless you use at least an 1/8 (3.5 grams) but you can use upwards of an ounce, or as much as you want really if you have the funds for it.

    -typically I try to make sure I have enough oil in the pot (pot meaning cooking vessel not pot meaning weed in this case) to pretty much fully submerge the weed. I have found that this means you may have to use more oil to extract the THC than your average brownie mix calls for ( you can try to compensate by using less water and eggs than called for to try and prevent the mix from getting too liquid like) using more oil than the recipe calls for won’t really effect the end product other than making it taste shitty ( but are you doing this to make great tasting brownies or get high? There has to be a trade off sacrificing taste for function)

    – also caution: when consuming your end product start with a little bit first and as hard as it might be allow at least an hour to pass before you think of consuming more. It is nothing like smoking in that it takes time for you to digest it and feel its effects. Rookie mistake is to wait 10 min, think it’s not working and eat more and more and then it all hits you and your off your ass.

  29. Man some of the questions some of you are asking illustrates the reason why many people stereotype marijuana users as stupid.

    Let me break it down for you:

    – THC is the ingredient in weed that gets you high. Just like caffeine is the ingredient in coffee that gives you energy.

    – weed is sold in bud form, the green plant looking items in the bags you buy

    – THC must be extracted from the bud/plant matter so it can enter your bloodstream and get you high. This is done buy applying heat.

    – when weed is smoked, the THC is extracted by the flame you apply and ends up in the resulting smoke created from burning it and when you inhale this smoke it enters your blood stream through your lungs

    – when you wish to make brownies or other edible weed products you heat the oil or butter with the weed in it and this applies the heat needed(like the flame does when smoking) and releases the THC into oil/butter which has the ability to store the THC. This is because the lipids (fats) can absorb it that’s why you can’t use water as even though you can heat it to the right temp there is no lipids/fat in the water to store the THC

    – you don’t consume the left over plant matter after the THC has been extracted from it. The oil/butter now holds the THC and the bud/plant matter no longer contains it because you just applied heat that transferred it out of the bud into the oil (if your in to eating deep fried plant matter with no function to it knock yourself out but it will contribute nothing to getting you high)

    – now that you have THC oil/butter you can now look at it like making a mixed drink. The oil/butter=the booze and the brownie or other edible food source=the mixer ( soda, cranberry juice etc.)

    -the oil/butter has the weeds active ingredient (THC) stored in it so go nuts. If you like doing shots at a bar, Fu*k it take a shot of oil/butter straight up. I imagine that would be nasty. Or you can consume the oil/butter my making any food under the sun that you enjoy that would have oil/butter in it.

    -the end product (oil/butter) won’t really smell like weed and the ultimate end product (brownies, pasta with weed oil etc.) should not smell like anything but what that food product would normally smell like prepared in a standard weed-free fashion

    -the only weed smell you may find is obviously the weed itself when grinding it and to a lesser extent when the weed is cooking in the oil/butter

    -oil/butter temperature is important. Usually an oil/butter temp of 380-400 degrees F should be a good temperature to extract the weed you added to it. Try not to over heat oil/butter. I strongly recommend using a thermometer to control oil/butter temperature. Ideally using an IR thermometer (infrared thermometer look it up if you don’t know what it is)

    -in my experience 30 min should be fine a little longer is not bad as long as you carefully monitor oil butter temperature. When you are nearing the end the oil/butter color will be a brownish greenish color and the weed bud/plant matter with appeared crunchy because in essence you just deep fried it

    -pour the oil/butter mixture through a filtration device (I personally recommend cheese cloth again look it up if your unfamiliar. You can pick it up for cheap at most any supermarket. I advise against using Coffey filter)

    -make sure you pour the heated oil/butter into a ceramic Coffey mug, some form of glassware etc. don’t use a plastic cup or party cup etc. as the hot oil/butter will melt it and you will get injured/burned, potentially damage nearby items in you kitchen, and waste your money because the weed you bought has now moved on to injure you and destroy your home and belongings.

    -once you use your weed oil/butter to create the edible product of your choice that end product will not smell like weed as you are not burning anything anymore which would release a smell and you no longer possess the buds and plant parts which also house that familiar weed smell. All you have left is the THC concentrated into the oil/butter you used to cook your final product.

  30. Can you store this in a container for future use, or do you have to make the oil or butter fresh every time before u make the edibles?

  31. How much cannabis oil do you use? Also, the brownie mix that I have calls 1/4 of water and two eggs. Will putting either of those into the mix effect the desired effect of the brownie’s?

  32. how strong will the brownies smell? like can i take them into public places without stinking everything out??

  33. Are you kidding? They’re even more potent this way. You extract ALL of the thc from the bud.
    ~Can’t spell healthy without THC~

  34. I was going to do this… But then I got a magical butter and was like pfft. Throw it all in and pushed “butter” and continued my day!

  35. Austin FilthyMaggot Chase on

    yo just substitute the butter instead of the oil.. equal servings.. if it calls for 3/4 cups of oil then use 3/4 cups of budder :) hope this helps, workded for me

  36. If you do not have a grinder then you can take your bud and put it in a vile with a quarter (a literal 25 cent piece) or any other large coin in it and then just shake. It is not as effective but it is one of the best substitutes if you do not have a grinding case

  37. Here’s how I do it….grind some weed….get a microwave brownie mix….put weed in mix….follow directions and microwave it….enjoy!

  38. The butter would be warm and you wouldn’t add the oil if you made the butter, youd still use the eggs and just the butter

  39. I cooked an 8×8 sheet of brownies from 1box and 6gms and cooked the oil and weed on med-high until it got hot then turned it down to simmer for about 10 min until brown (not burnt) then I poured it into a steel strainer over 4 pieces of toilet paper (sub for cheesecloth) and then strained it again into a smaller Pyrex measuring cup and squeezed the toilet paper with the oil saturated weed to get the remaining oil. I used 100% safflower oil to extract the thc and mixed in about a 3rd of a cup of amaretto and 3rd of a cup of Blue Agave low glycemic sweetener (metabolized much much slower than sugar). Mixed in the rest of the ingredients according to the box and baked in the oven according to the instructions. I let them cool for about 10-15 min and put them in the fridge to cool for about 2-4 hours until they were solid enough to cut into squares and seal in a zip lock bag. Half a brownie takes about 2.5 hrs to kick-in and peaks at about 4-6hrs that lasts intensely for about 3-5hrs. Half a brownie square lasts for about 12 hrs. Good high better than smoke.

  40. I cooked an 8×8 sheet of brownies from 1box and 6gms and cooked the oil and weed on med-high until it got hot then turned it down to simmer for about 10 min until brown (not burnt) then I poured it into a steel strainer over 4 pieces of toilet paper (sub for cheesecloth) and then strained it again into a smaller Pyrex measuring cup and squeezed the toilet paper with the oil saturated weed to get the remaining oil. I used 100% safflower oil to extract the thc and mixed in about a 3rd of a cup of amaretto and 3rd of a cup of Blue Agave low glycemic sweetener (metabolized much much slower than sugar). Mixed in the rest of the ingredients according to the box and baked in the oven according to the instructions. I let them cool for about 10-15 min and put them in the fridge to cool for about 2-4 hours until they were solid enough to cut into squares and seal in a zip lock bag. Half a brownie takes about 2.5 hrs to kick-in and peaks at about 4-6hrs that lasts intensely for about 3-5hrs. Half a brownie square lasts for about 12 hrs. Good high better than smoke.

  41. so im confused. i get how to make the butter. in your instructions with the butter brownies it says to spread the butter on the bottom of the pan (is this still warm butter or is it cold?) second question is most box brownies ask for oil being used. would you make the brownie mix the way you would normally (having the eggs and oil)? then pour it straight ontop of the butter?

  42. Per serving means one serving. So if the back of the brownie box says it makes 10 brownies, that would be ten servings times 2.5 grams = 25 grams. However, that’s an awful lot. You could probably use less, say 1 gram per serving, and still get an effect. The KindBudz, who posted above, only used 5 grams for a whole box of brownies and achieved a good effect, so I guess it all varies. I would start out with a small amount until you figure out how many grams you should use to get the effect you want. In other words, go slowly dear Tinkerbell.

  43. Swallow your pride and go buy yourself some women’s pantyhose. absolutely nothing works better. The filtration is great while it allows you the elasticity to squeeze out every last drop. Once you get your butter or oil recipe and method perfected you can get very creative with your goodies.

  44. Made brownies for the
    first time best recipe I’ve found online and it was the easiest one i found
    also. Worked great. I used 5 Grams of some dank for one box mix, so I did
    5 Grams in 1/3 cup of Vegetable oil. I cut the brownies into 7 Pieces so
    it was about 0.7 per brownie and it hit me fast, and lasted long.

    And no it doesn’t make
    your house smell like bud at all, if it does your doing it wrong…

  45. bottomless pit on

    I have a brownie box that requires oil n i have already made bud butter, please help with the substitutions?

  46. Cooking the brownies for 30-1 hr is way too long.And using a coffee filter is going to soak up some of the THC, you need all the High you can get.

  47. Okay so its my first time making the weed brownies and i don’t want to sound foolish but should the oil smell like the marijuana or is it okay if it only has a slight smell of it ? Does the scent of it have anything to do with the potency of the brownies ?

  48. What do you mean with ‘per serving’?
    Sorry, not my first language ;)
    Thanks for replies :P

  49. Like I mentioned to someone else, I used a half of dank and my lightweight buddy was basically catatonic for 8 hours. He could barely move, he was so fucked it was like he was on heroin. It’s a great recipe, just proceed with caution :)

    PS: The half made about 10 brownies, so it wasn’t like it was 2.5 per or anything.

  50. I’ve only ever done it with high end dank, a half of it. The brownies were so strong my buddy who is a lightweight went catatonic for 8 hours and I felt a significant buzz for at least 6. But in Canada our mids is considered to be dank in a lot of places, so when I say high end dank I mean really crazy shit.

  51. It was a long time ago, but I remember making killer brownies in high school and I followed your recipe above but instead of using dank or middies I used schwag (I’m talkin $90 a zone schwag), and they turned out crazy good. Has anyone ever used schwag, and if do, did you notice a difference between the schwag and/or the mids?

  52. I used half oz of good bud and it did a pretty good job, people say use shake because if it’s around you can get it cheap because and no one wants to smoke it, but there’s still THC to make oil, brownies ect.

  53. Hey, are the measurements the same if I’m using bud? (The part of the plant with the big joules of good stuff) Why does everyone use leaf?

  54. if you already have it then you don’t the the recipe, its for people MAKING the weed butter or oil. /: |

  55. Why would i go through with this process if #1 say marijuana butter. If it already says marijuana butter for the ingredients why would i use the two pots method? I already have the weedbutter so im confused.

  56. In my experience (I’ve made brownies probably at least 10 times), if you’re using good weed, you only need an eighth to a quarter. I live in CO so I just pick up an eighth of some select bud and it makes some mighty strong brownies. At least from my experience, if you use 2.5g per serving, you WILL NOT have a good time (BAD TRIP!). With good nugget, you’re good to go with 3.5g for a whole box of brownie mix.

    Disclaimer: this is using the oil method, maybe it’s different with butter, never tried it.

  57. Alright, made these literally last night so I figured I could give a good review:

    I made a batch of 4 servings (so half of a regular tray) and only put 4.5-5 grams total (so essentially split how much the recipe told me to put in per serving in half, since my friends don’t do pot regularly).
    Simmered the weed with coconut oil at a low temp for 2 hours, and baked at 350, as shown.
    The brownies tasted great, BUT the high hit in 30 mins rather than 2 hours, and it was intense as fuck. I had one serving, and was in bed, sick and passed out, within the hour. My friend, who had half, followed about an hour later.

    The weed I used / the fact that I don’t smoke much probably caused this, but just a heads up for anyone making / eating brownies for the first time – the recipe is great, you really do get a great buzz, just cut down the amount of weed you put in there.

  58. Hey, I am really interested in getting some cannabis oil, im currently at México my sister has cancer and i cant find any down here. My email in kenny.cerda at gmail.com can you pleasee contact me.

  59. since the smell is that intense in the house should I cook the oil outside on a propane burner on my grill or would it draw attention to my back yard? I live in a community where I have a detective who lives across the street from me and a us marshal next to me bout 80 yards through a thin woods talk about fucked up luck but I go on my back porch which is backed up to a woods and hit my bong so far I have not been busted in on so what do you think outside or for sure inside

  60. Dank-really good
    Mids-middle. Not the best but not horrible
    Kief-thc extracted in the bottom of your 4 pice grinder

  61. Ok I am about to do the butter one any on have any advice to help me I got coffee filter and fudge brownie mix one guy said he left something big out on the butter steps ???? And some one worse said to cool at 250 for longer than 30 min ???? Any help would be nice


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  63. Thanks Chris for helping me out with the lingo though one doesnt need lingo to enjoy the benefits of some good dank! Something I wil be doing until the day I die!!!

  64. Jajaja out of the lingo means you shouldnt be smoking anymore but Dank is a high quality weed, Mids is between regular and high grade

  65. the recipe is 2.5 grams per serving ….if you make a pan of brownies thats like 10 servings,,,,,,,,,,=-)

  66. it’s like steeping tea, you want to extract the THC slowwwwwwy as not to burn it out. kind of like the way the pasteurize OJ, that burns the vit c out of it and they have to add back in

  67. its 2.5 grams a serving

    you want to up it to 7gms per serving?
    i wanna hang with you!!!! =-)

  68. I will pay somebody to make my 200 pot brownies. I’m throwing a huge ass party and I want everybody to get high as fuck.

  69. someone wrote this stoned on their own brownies and left out some pretty major details in the butter process…

  70. You are always going to loose some amount of oil in the process. For maximum i use a jelly bag for filtering. I then squeeze the jelly bag until all the rest of the oil is extracted. Now add oil ass needed for your brownies.

  71. If you follow this recipe up until baking @ 350 degrees its good, but the thc and cbds will vape off at those high of temps, need to lower it to 250 and let cook lil longer

  72. Laura Stark Wilson on

    May I add please..there is a sight called “magical butter”….it is a machine that makes oils, butter lotion or whatever you want to make for “botanicals”…it will make the whole process of making thc oil a whole lot easier, especially if you indulge in edibles often check ’em out…

  73. Just top off with regular oil to the amount you need. the proportions will even out if everything is well mixed.

  74. hey i am trying to make these for the first time and i am fowling direction but when filtering i was only left with 1/4 oil instead of 1/2 cup is this supposed to happen or what can i do now? can someone give me any advise
    Please its my sisters b-day and she will love me forever if i can pull this off!!!!!

  75. hey i am trying to make these for the first time and i am fowling direction but when filtering i was only left with 1/4 oil instead of 1/2 cup is this supposed to happen or what can i do now? can someone give me any advise
    Please its my sisters b-day and she will love me forever if i can pull this off!!!!!

  76. Im trying a new method using 2 times the same portion of weed like some people do with tea tomake it decaff, lets see what happens

  77. Do not let a cat inhale or ingest any sort of marijuana!! The lack of oxygen and co2 kills their brain cells (which cats can’t reproduce) you might as well be abusing the cat.

  78. I just made my first batch of brownies. I simmered 5g for aprx 3 hrs. The brownies have a strange taste.. Normal?? It has to be the oil.. cant mess up boxed mix

  79. MDMA is destroyed in heat. Along with LSD. And the cocaine would have lost its effect as soon as it was heated and would have no lasting effect on you, if any.

  80. Unique Sweets<3 on

    I Use the oil method an it always has a dank smell. but I use fabreeze to take the oder away! an when the brownies are baking it smells like brownies are being baked:)

  81. Hi , when you reduced the oil from the weed was there a “Pot” smell , and when you cooked the brownies was there. A “Pot” odor.? I live in a old folks home and need to keep a low profile. I would appreciate any help you may havecto offer, thank uou do much.

  82. .(1).Is there N E odor when simmering in oil (2) N E odor while baking it ? I have to keep low profile , I haven’t gotten to 2 go to 2 the Land of Oz in 2 years. Please advise ..

  83. mongosandotherturds on

    Do more research next time, and don’t use horrible recipes that call for an oz of material. Serious overkill

  84. mongosandotherturds on

    Pot calling kettle black. Do you smoke 2.5gs by yourself all at once? No? Then shut the fuck up, you mongoloid. This is why shit is illegal; because children like you have zero clue

  85. mongosandotherturds on

    2.5gs a serving is absolutely wrong and retarded. Great way to have someone freak out. Just because you have a heroic tolerance doesn’t mean everyone does. If you’re using high quality material, you can use 5-6 grams for a batch. Cook in an 8×8 pan, and slice into 32 pieces; each brownie is a dose. Stop spreading misinformation, you fool

  86. Get her off of WHEAT first. This is what causes Fibromyalgia. It will take 6 months to clear her body.

  87. Hey I’m new to baking and all I have I hash (about 10 grams of mid grade shit) could I cook with it?

  88. So Iv been saving up sticks n stems and kief for awhile i have 14gs and im using your butter directions my theory is that this will produce a much more intense flavor and higher high because of the potency in stems and kief without using any of your personal stash and utilizing all the THC you pay for. any suggestions ? I will repost variables and results.

  89. I have made two batches of brownies so far…..I used about 28-30 g of mids. It took 2 hours to start kicking in but I slowly started feeling high…the intensity began to grow like crazy…the first time I felt like I was tripping….the second time as I peaked I felt almost intoxicated. The high before the storm was nice but I’m wondering if I put too much butter in. Called for 1/4 cup…I put 1/2 cup.

    This as most of u will attest, lasted at least 6 hrs till I finally went to bed. If u eat a good brownie u better have nothing to do for the rest of the day. I even woke up still slightly high.

    So those of u who have experience can u tell me did I over do it cause the high actually became annoying as I peeked. Thx

  90. Revolution2013 on

    my point is that we should calculate our dosage/how many brownies/how many consumers/etc….instead of assuming that some number is wrong in all instances.

  91. Revolution2013 on

    my point is that we should calculate our dosage/how many brownies/how many consumers/etc….instead of assuming that some number is wrong in all instances.

  92. Revolution2013 on

    for people that say an OZ is too much, well you have to look at what dose you want. 28 g is not a terribly crazy amount, especially for mid. For 14 brownies thats 2g for each brownie, which is actually exactly what i would want in a dose of mid. You would only have to eat one and so would 13 other people. Yeah, you could put 2g in there and eat the whole batch of brownies yourself if you want, but thats a little too much brownie for me.

  93. Revolution2013 on

    for people that say an OZ is too much, well you have to look at what dose you want. 28 g is not a terribly crazy amount, especially for mid. For 14 brownies thats 2g for each brownie, which is actually exactly what i would want in a dose of mid. You would only have to eat one and so would 13 other people. Yeah, you could put 2g in there and eat the whole batch of brownies yourself if you want, but thats a little too much brownie for me.

  94. You do not need to use 28 grams of weed to make a batch of pot brownies what the fuck… lol.

  95. You do not need to use 28 grams of weed to make a batch of pot brownies what the fuck… lol.

  96. I haven’t done brownies with straight keif, but I have made chocolates. Recipe as follows: 1 bag chocolate chips, melted in a double boiler (boiling water with a heatproof bowl or second sauce pan over the top) add 1 gram keif. Temper for 15 to 20 minutes in the double boiler stirring frequently with a rubber pan scrapper. Pour into any silicone mold or greased ice cube tray, or let cool slightly and drop by the spoonful on wax paper. I used one half of a cake pop mold, because lets face it, pot brownies are light years better than any shitty cake pop. I ended up with pretty strong stuff and I would recommend eating a half a chocolate and seeing how you feel in an hour or an hour and a half.

  97. 1 ounce? You know thats almost 30g right? So 10 times more dunk than weed??? :D Vegas baby, roadtrip!

  98. You’re all doing it wrong, you got to add that MDMA, Cocaine, and a bid of LSD into it to make the perfect, most intense brownie ever.

  99. I’d suggest start with a quarter, see how the party goes; use an oz if you only plan on eating half or a whole brownie-i always eat 2 or 3 brownies , fresh out of the oven lol. For the best result, use the canna-oil and follow the directions on the brownie mix.

  100. Do u make the brownie mix and add the butter to or subsitut the oil for the butter ?

  101. sPOOKsLAYER313 on


  102. I burnt it and I eat 8 brownies and I got fucked up iv been high for 16 hours. I don’t know what to do with my self.

  103. It always depends on the batch and the person. Start small. Try a quarter brownie and wait a while. Usually, takes 45-60 mins to start kicking in for me. Ride it out for a couple hours. Assess the situation after the fact. (Don’t eat more right away.) If you want a more intense ride next time, eat a half. Rinse and repeat, as necessary.

  104. if the brownie box says to use oil can i use butter?and do i really have to use a oz.

  105. mastergardener on

    Hi Johnny. I’m a CA gramma whose grandson has a med mar card and uses to ease his seizure med side effect of insomnia and jitters. I want to make some brownies for my sis-in-law in Portland whose fibromyalgia is so severe she’s in constant pain. they’ve tried everything including morphine to ease her suffering and I’m hopeful the mm will help. Any suggestions or insight would be helpful. Thanks.

  106. I extracted the THC and injected it into my guinea pigs eyeballs.. Little Buddha (my guinea pig) is now tripin balls and wanted to start a new life in Russia..5 stars!! would recommend

  107. Capt. Green lungs on

    I just made a batch of these an downed 5 brownies see you guys on another plane

  108. Don’t answer a question if you DONT HAVE A CLUE what the question is please.

    Yes, vegetable oil’s are much more effective then butter. You want a vegetable oil thats high in saturated fats. The best oil at absorbing the trichomes in the marijuana is coconut oil. Butter is actually poor at absorbing thc and cannaboids in comparison. Also add lecithin, it increases the bio-availability of cannaboids and will increase the effects and perception of the high.

  109. These people are high on crack if they think that you need an oz you need between 4-6 at most

  110. Don’t say you’ve never done drugs before when you’ve been on the max dose of painkillers for 2 years..

  111. Put the blunt down and read the instructions again. 2.5 g a serving. Meaning 2.5 g a brownie. They said an oz. will work for a batch. In a 9×9 pan you can get about 12 brownies. So do the math 2.5 ×12 is 30 a little bit over an oz. •Reply•Share ›

  112. Put the blunt down and read the instructions again. 2.5 g a serving. Meaning 2.5 g a brownie. They said an oz. will work for a batch. In a 9×9 pan you can get about 12 brownies. So do the math 2.5 ×12 is 30 a little bit over an oz.

  113. Watch out with animals, especially cats. I did it so much, mine turned from a sweetheart into a psycho. She’d smack me, fight with other cats and wouldn’t let anyone near her. I had to put her down at 2 years old.

  114. If I’m just using the strait THC out of the bottom of my grinder how much should I use? I’ve got about a tablespoon built up. I’m thinking if I put the whole tablespoon in I’ll be so high I can’t comprehend life. Anyone done it without the bud and just with strait THC?

  115. Yea they messed up there but what they mean its to use an ounce. An ounce will make a perfect batch.

  116. No honestly that is just a waste of bud. You dont even get high. Do exactly what they say to do and you should get really stoned!

  117. Basically its the same process. I bought a qp and made 5 batches and they were really good. I did the oil but this next batch im making the butter. Just follow the steps and they should come out great.

    and to answer you’re question yes you put it in while melting the butter.

  118. What a narrow minded simpleton. Times are changing. Weed is genuinely the most useful substance available to our society. Read fucking book!

  119. no your gonna want about 2.5gs per servng but if your not looking to get to fuckedup then in the 1.9, 2.0 range

  120. can you just make it by adding everything and then ground up weed without cooking it in oil or in butter?

  121. hi, was just wondering if you were to put weed into dog food so i can get my dog super fucking high will that work or like do i just gotta hot box the mother fucker. Will take cat comments too.

  122. Will anyone ship me prepared brownies ??? Paypal payment made for your service and discreet , Shhhhhhh !!!!!! Put name/address other than yours to be safe !!!!! I need a friend in a legal state !!!!!

  123. I’m 22 and have been taking the max dose of Norco and Valium for 2 years almost. I am recovering from 2 major back fusions. I’m a female and am not addicted I just want to be pain free. I am trying this for the first time, I have never done drugs ever…I have 6oz I am planning on using with this recipe, I was told by a great friend that it was really strong as in “good stuff”……..Please if there is any advice from anyone let me know… Again I just want to try this so I can sleep and finally feel a bit of freedom from the excruciating pain I feel each day =(

  124. wow do you guys even smoke weed? Your replies make you sound more of an asshole than she must have been.

  125. So I’m new to making edibles ive smoked a shit ton of cheeba never really ate it. A couple friends and I made 2 batches so far both times using about a halfzip in veg. oil let it simmer for about 2 hours each time of some piff sour but i dont think they came out as great as i would of liked.. Does butter work better we plan on baking again tonight and would really love to know if butter is better then oil.. thanks

  126. Thank you for the recipe, and all of the comments , with the helpful info. I’ve never made any pot brownies, but I think that it would work better in edibles for me, cause I don’t enjoy smoking.

  127. Those people who vaporize, do not throw out your vaped weed! I stored up about about 2 ozs. of vaped weed to bake. I never believed you could actually get a killer batch out of vaped weed. I was wrong. I made the strongest batch ever from the vaped weed. Next time I will not use as much because the high is too much if I eat more than a tiny brownie. Unbelievable buzz. Use butter, I don’t believe that any oil has the fat content needed to extract not only the remaining THC but also the other cannabanoids that don’t get used up at all due to the low temperature that vaping allows. So, use butter not oil, and cook for about 2 hours (about an hour or so longer than when baking fresh bud). Don’t bother with the b/s of the two pots. Just make sure that you constantly stir at a VERY low temperature. Get the butter melted and then stir in the vaped bud at a the low setting on your stove. You should barely see boiling bubbles, it should simmer, not boil for the duration of the process. After done, just follow the directions on your brownie mix just omit the step of adding oil because the butter mix takes the place. Good luck and make sure you don’t plan on leaving the house for a good 4-6 hours because you will be baked! Last note, all my vaped weed was from fairly potent bud so that may attribute to my excellent results. This was my first try at baking vaped weed and believe me, it rivals the most potent batches I’ve made over the years going the conventional way of using fresh bud. It’s funny, you get stoned twice off the same weed; where else can you do double duty with anything?

  128. i simmered for about 1 hour and 30 minutes with 1g of dro grinded up, made brownies, ate a 1/3 of the batch. waiting to get fucked up

  129. I am cooking this right now, grinded up the bud with a magic bullet really fine, then put the burner on 2 – 3, gonna stir ever so often.. I used a gram of dro with half a cup of vegetable oil.. and I am using an 8×8 glass pan. Home made browning mix too :)

    I will repost under the same username of how it turned out

  130. So, I keep seeing articles saying the double-boiler is a good method for butter. But, I made weed butter once with water and butter. Anybody think that is better? I also saw a successful recipe with only 30 minutes of heat. What’s your thoughts?

  131. Ok so my first time making weed brownies I looked and looked and couldn’t find anything on use ing butter in place of oil and so I looked on Beaty crockers website and you can use your weed butter instead of oil I used a half cup of butter and it turned out awesome my butter is 4x concentrated so the taste is about half butter and brownie but they do the job and medicate hopefully this helps whoever is looking to make some brownies with butter instead of oil

  132. My grandma made a few friends, my boyfriend and I some brownies… stupid us we ate WAY too many… worst night of our lives… looking forward to doing it again but this time the right way!

  133. for pot heads you’re sure rude! also, I didn’t use an ounce per box. Entirely too strong. I used 4 g’z for 9 servings. cooked in an 8″x8″ pan. Mid’s. Really good with out that gagging taste.

  134. Don’t really need the pot of water for butter just keep it on low and the minimum you have to simmer for is an hour fifteen any longer you run the risk of burning it

  135. I have found that a cup of marijuana flour is approx. 80g-85g/cup with my bud shake i got an average of 83g/cup of flour. Hope this helps. I still used 1-2 cups of mj flour to add to my brownie mix using the frying pan method of “cooking” the mix in butter/oil and water to make a paste usable to add to a brownie mix.

  136. Me and my friends are debating. One says that after you make the brownies and they are in your fridge, you have to reheat them before you eat them for the full effect. My other friend said it’s exactly the opposite. Which one is right? Anyone?

  137. Is it ok to put 1/2 a cup of oil in the brownie mix and then when I’m ready to pour the thc oil in the brownie mix and then stir that in and then just bake them ??? :-) if I put a lil more oil in the mix then on the box is that ok or even a lil less or ???

  138. Hello, my daughter is going through some very hard chemo and the last batch of mari-brownies were way too strong, just one and I was knocked out for about a day. We have some quality marijuana, I want to make sure I make these good enough to stop her nausea. If I am using bud instead of shake, is there a difference in how much I should use?

    BTW, I don’t know who this Cheyenne is, but please refrain from using such harsh language if you are angry with her or any woman. I am here for medicinal purposes, not yet another way to get high. So….kinda maybe play nice?

  139. One question. I’m not really sure what dank or mids is… Can somebody help me? I’m assuming it’s another word for weed/buds, just not really sure.. I wanna know what I’m doing, so I’m not wasting my smoke. Thanks!

  140. Im making bud brownies with my brother for his birthday this week. My question is will the house smell like bud after making it? And if so will it be a long lasting lingering smell?

  141. The funny thing is… All her Facebook stuff is on her profile, so u can all bug her on here and Facebook!!!! She’s really bright :/

  142. stfu dont u kno when 2 stop u bible thumpin bitch no body gives a shit bout u ur life is worthles maby u should start smokein pot urself so maby u wont b as much of a cunt

  143. Cheyenne, stupid fucking name btw, your just another stupid ignorant flatass ugly slut that’s bored with her misserable piece of shit you call a life. You escape this by going on this forum and insulting the nice tokers, taking their kindness for a weakness. Little do you know while youre sitting on your gaping ass typing shitty insults, your beloved socalled boyfriend’s ripping 20 other vag’s with his silicon penis which he also gave you gonorrhea with.

  144. Johnny oneye on

    dude ,this is the weed blog , not your therapy blog
    sit down pour yourself a drink of shutthefukup!

  145. Johnny oneye on

    ok my latest batch . Regular cannabis oil and a big heaping table spoon of
    bananna og kush kief .

    The brownie mix is real important , dont use 99cent store mix or “jiff”
    goto trader joes or whole foods get sum dank truffle shit or big nutz

    makes all the differnce!
    the mixes that call for less oil are not as good (less potent) end product
    so i got 2 packs =1/2 cup of oil and I added the kief to adjust dosage.

    I made all this kief so im trying to inject it into food.

    cannibinoids and heat cause compounds to turn psychoactive so
    eating raw cannabis has different medical qualities
    So the kief hasnt been heated , you can put it in food , drink, chocolates .candy

    maybe other readers have input on the psychoactive vs non phsco

  146. Steve in Oakland on

    Do you think she’ll go away if we ignore her, instead of responding to her provocations? She’s a master baiter – leave her alone!

  147. I have no way to measure my Mary Jane…but I’ve got plenty. Abt how many cups of fine powder should I end up with after grinding?
    Thanks :)

  148. Look Cheyenne McCarty if you don’t like it why are you even on this website? It took a lot of effort to show step by step… So leave your dumbass comments to your self . And I’m not even a pothead.. But you are beyond pathetic . Thank you. :) -hayley

  149. #tiredofstupidhoesruiningshit on

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  150. Da Momma Cooks on

    I have used melted butter in place of oil in many recipes I have made. And have great success I don’t think using melted butter here would be a problem.

  151. LMFAAOO!! Cheyanne Mccartney is a fucken annoying bitch. who agrees? .. her stupid comments make me fucken LAUGH. shes jus a fucken joke. low life bitch.

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  156. whoopgoldburn on

    You can use as much or as little as you want. the most important part is how long you simmer the bud, so that all the THC is extracted. it will look similar to the end-products of a vaporizer bowl (i.e. brown/grey, crispy, and brittle). The more bud you use, the stronger the effects. I used about a tablespoon of heads for an individual serving and I was feeling great. Mellow, no stress, no pain, no anxiety – for about 3 or 4 hours. Patience is super essential, I cannot stress that enough. I suggest being a little more conservative for your first time, because there’s technique to learned in the process, and keep trying until you get a recipe that works best for you. You could always just throw a QP into a tub of unsalted butter and have it with breakfast for a couple months :P

  157. dawson lippa on

    What if yoyr using the pure thc crystal aswell. and how much weed do you need

  158. just eat a brownie & smile. lots to live for w/o making a fuss….chocolate: that’s the high. let it melt into yr mouth & listen to bob Marley….Black chocolate (no pun) not milk: too much other shit.

  159. hey dude..you are a nice person, no judgement but… you knew it was coming…. work on yr English, please!!! i have enjoyed the brownies…I would love to savor & dance w/you. I love to dance out. Peace, man. that’s what my kid says….

  160. shut the fuck up, I’m 13 and you know nothing more than i do. truth is that you’re a judgmental bitch who doesn’t have the balls to actually call a stoner out on it and instead you just post shit on here, why are you even reading these if you don’t smoke dumb-ass.

  161. Have some of the liquid thc that comes in a bottle. will this work for pot brownies and if so, how? Thank you

  162. Depends on how much weed you put into the brownies… they may not last long at all ;D

  163. Shake is all I use. Just finished eating my first batch of brownies/edibles and am getting ready to make more real soon. (Like today!)

  164. Can u still smoke the weed after leting all the oil dry out ? Not att the thc will comeout in the oil will it ?

  165. I have used a crock pot to make my butter for years. Put enough water to cover the bottom so the butter dosent burn, mash with a potato masher once or twice. I uue a potato ricer (press) to get as much butter out of the pot as I can. Trimings from the buds work just as well as the buds, just use a little more. Pour all into a bowl and put it in the fridge. The water will go to the bottom, the butter to the top. Rinse any sediment off the bottom of the butter and use in your favorite recipe. I like chocolate no bake cookies, as you can adjust for the amount of butter by adding more or less oatmeal. Add coconut, crushed peanuts or anything else you want, then enjoy!

  166. wastingmylifegettinghigh on

    hahahahahhahaahhaahaha *Points and laughs* hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

  167. cheeseburger on

    My best was burgers The fats in the burger cooked beauifully with i, bacon too

  168. You shouldn’t waste your life bothering us then. If you don’t want to get high then get off the site your leaving bad vibes anyway.

  169. As long as the oil is prepared, can I use my own brownie mix as opposed to the box?

  170. So if I get a grinda that separates the thc at the bottom can I just add it to the butter and then add the butter to the brownie mix and cook it or does it have to be warmed for a few hours ?

  171. I did this but I went out.
    Side on a grill so it does.not make your house smell.good luck its tastas relly relly good

  172. I want to avoid smelling up my house to make these, can you use straight crystals and add it to the oil and not require cooking for so long?

  173. Yes, the purpose of slowly heating the buds in oil is to release the THC into the oil. Now, it’s ready for consumption. The brownie just makes it more tasty. 

  174. In my opinion, shake is perfect because it consists of a lot of busted off trichomes a.k.a little sacks of thc. 

  175. “2.5 grams of weed per serving (an ounce of dank or an ounce of mids works well)” Depends on whether you’re a big brownie, or a bit-sized morsel type of guy.

  176. Note: if you are using a wok, and your oven isn’t that great a setting of 7 or 8 works better to begin simmering the weed for the oil recipe

  177. has anyone ever tried making weed mac n cheese? instead of using butter use budder lol

  178. Shadyfavalora000 on

    i only have one question. i used to sticks of butter so how many boxes of brownie mix do i need and do i just make the brownies like i normalyy would with oil or what?

  179. you can save but it would be best to use only kief if possible and if not make it as close as u can. the more powder like it is the better.

  180. i wouldnt use anything but dank. its gunna make u  use less marijuana for a stronger brownie therefore less marijuana equals better taste. btw way its gunna make ur house smell like straight bud

  181. Loianahaines13 on

    This is exactly how my bf and i make them :) medical grade cannibis is the best to use though!! 7 grams is good for one box. My brownies knocked my pain right outta me :)

  182. Ilikepie5667 on

    can i just ingest the oil instead of completing the brownies? will that work?

  183. Hugh E section the 3rd on

    ok, Theres a better article saying that u only need 8 grams of mids to get a party started lol. It all comes down to extracting the right way. yes u can save the oil, refrigerate, not freeze. the article also says that u can make 32 small pieces from a 8×8 tray.

  184. you can use any type of weed the lower grade the more grams you would wanna put is all :]

  185. What if you have regs. With a lower thc level then what people call mids. Would an once be okay

  186. yes because it has weed in it and its still going into your body it just takes longer depending on what kind of weed you put into it.

  187. really u dont even have to do all of this extra shit all u need to do is grind up the weed in a grinder unscrew the bottom of the grinder take out the keef screen that has all of the keef in it if your grinder has one take to bowls one for oil one for brownie mix put all of the keef from the screen in the bowl with the oil blend the keef with the oil really good then take the bowl with the keef and oil in it and mix it with the brownie mix and then the follow the rest of the directions on the back of the brownie box easy.

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