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How To Make Marijuana Jalapeno Poppers


Cannabis Jalapeno Poppers Recipe

High Times has been rolling out some fantastic cooking videos which show you how to make marijuana edibles. One of my favorite parts about the videos is that they use the Magical Butter machine, which I gave ‘product of the year’ to in 2013. Those machines are fantastic and really take a lot of the headache out of making marijuana butter, oil, and tinctures.

In this video we learn how to make jalapeno poppers with some serious potency that will get you baked in a delicious way. I made some of these for my Super Bowl party yesterday, and I think I woke up still a bit buzzed. I love a little bit of spice, and these were the perfect snack. If you like a solid savory dish, you should give this recipe a try!


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  1. Here in New Mexico, when we combine both red and green chiles, we call that Christmas.
    Let’s learn about how healthy jalapenos are from Wikipedia…

    Jalapeno peppers contain antioxidants that decrease the risk of disease and
    fight the effects of aging. In addition to vitamins A and C, jalapenos contain
    phenols, flavonoids and capsaicinoids that help the body fight free radicals and
    inflammation. Fresh jalapenos are nutritionally superior to more processed
    versions. They contain more antioxidants than processed pickled and canned
    jalapenos, according to a 2011 study in the “Journal of Agriculture and Food

    Capsaicin is the component in jalapenos and other spicy peppers that burns
    your mouth and stings your eyes. It may decrease inflammation and promote weight
    loss. A 2012 review in “Chemical Senses” found that ingesting capsaicin in high
    doses helped participants burn more calories and fat. Capsaicin concentration
    remains the same when fresh jalapeno peppers are dried, whether they are whole
    or cut.

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