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How To Make Marijuana Pesto


marijuana pesto recipeCannabis Pesto Recipe

It’s possible to make cannabis pizza, pasta, and bread. But why not enhance it with some medicated pesto? Not only that but homemade pesto is better than anything that you can buy in a store. This recipe will provide you with delicious pesto that you can add to whatever stoner delight you feel like whipping up!


2 cups cannabis olive oil
1 tsp salt
2 cups garlic
2 cups basil
Parmesan cheese (Optional)
Pine nuts


This is a recipe that is based mostly off of taste. Therefore, each of the ingredients can be changed if you feel like there should be more or less of them. Seeing as how pesto isn’t that difficult to make. All you need is to put everything in a blender and grind it up. It should form a thick, gooey substance. Scrape this out in to a sealable container and store it in the fridge until you need to use it. As said above, this pesto can be used with pizza, put on bread, or used to make pasta! And you made it yourself so you know where it comes from!

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  1. Just wondering is there a mistake with the measurements here? 2 cups of garlic and the same of basil seems a hell of a lot! I like garlic but it does seem a bit extreme lol

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