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How To Operate A Marijuana Clone Nursery With Jorge Cervantes


Making one marijuana clone is not that difficult. Back when I was growing marijuana, I would always cut more starts than I needed, and take the top ones out of the batch that established the largest root base. That approach works really well when you only need a handful of healthy clones. It doesn’t take that many materials too for such a small operation.

But what about when you want to create clones in mass quantities? That’s a different story. There’s a method to the madness, and knowing that method will likely determine the difference between having a huge supply of strong, healthy clones versus a medium to low amount of sickly, weak clones.

Below are a couple of videos that Jorge Cervantes put out recently covering this topic. He is on site with Wonderland Nursery. The videos are very informative if you need to know how to produce strong clones on a large scale:



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Johnny Green


  1. Hi Jorge, my name is Zachery and I am an young entrepreneur, I’m familiar with cannabis and I’m being taught out to grow plants and also how to clones them by my father. I am looking forward to the future and I’d like open a nursery. I wish to know the legal steps to open my own nursery in my town.

  2. jasen joseph hylbert on

    I like your insight!

    People have used the term clone to refer to aspen “clones” and the like… One could make a good case for saying that continually planting potatoes from tubers season after season is basically cloning. One could say that some particular potatoe organisms have been cloned for thousands of years on end, that same set of individual genetics staying around season after season after season…

  3. Sorry to troll on a word but the term is CUTTING not CLONE

    Cutting a piece of plant off and getting it to root is a cutting.

    Tissue culture specifically micropropagation is cloning.

    Ya know, real Dolly the sheep type shit.

    I do alternate node tissue culture for my “clones”, every plant comes out exactly the same coming up from just a few plant cells. You don’t have problems with genetic drift when doing tissue culture clones.

    You growers out there know what I mean, take 10 cuttings from a plant and you will have a couple different pheno’s appear.

    When a group of plants grow from a few cells they all experience their surrounding exactly the same producing equal sized and shaped plants. You will literally have 100 plants all growing next to each other without any variance in size or shape. Absolute clones.

    It’s kinda cool doing real cloning, sterile environment is a must, I built a laminar flow hood, got some test tubes and lab supplies and did some Dolly stuff!

    Oh yea, real cloning can be done POST harvest! Save that awesome strain by doing a tissue culture on the best one at harvest.

  4. You have a bad attitude … Stay out of the marijuana field …. There is already enough bullshit beings passed around.

  5. Closet Warrior on

    Like I said “back in the day” Bongstar420. Obviously things have changed drastically via the internet and pioneering countries and states. Sharing information is a must among growers in my opinion and yes he’s a little outdated but for the layman he’s ok. 30 yrs ago there was a magnanimous amount of knowledge that needed to be learned, today, we have you tube and forums such as these to learn from but Jorge did write a few pertinent books back in the late 90’s including one book about the atrocities of America’s drug war titled Shattered Lives. Just sayin he was a foot soldier in the industry and for beginners. He’s no God but he helped me out along time ago.

  6. If you actually WATCH the video you would know how he deals with pesticide resistant pests. Kevin gives you the information FOR FREE. You are nothing but a troll and hater spitting out negativity. What is your problem dude?

  7. Thats because people like you believe everything the haters and so called “youtube master growers” say out of jealousy. I see you made a comment above about some mites. Why did you feel the need to say something negative when you dont know ish and are a newbie yourself? Kevin has over 20 years experience in this field and you dont. Its simple.
    Ps: jorge is very well known all around.the World by REAL growers

  8. The title should be more like:

    How to spread pests around the industry including to home grows….pesticide resistant pests that is

    No one is going to see the broad mite at subcritical levels and they are really easily passed on as many plants are only partially effected though some will straight die under broad mite.

  9. Closet Warrior on

    I have kicked around the soil for thirty yrs now and besides local input and trial and error, I would have to say I’ve learned a lot from Mr. Cervantes, probably the most. When I was cuttin teeth I didn’t know about cloning, teas, micronutrients and many other methods in which to enhance your lovelies. Back in the day you were lucky to find a few nice bag seed and a secret garden but not a lot of info for the novice grower. Nowadays, forums like this here weed blog and other many sites and seed banks have educated us all a little more. Thanks Johnny and Hats off to Mr. Cervantes for making my life a little brighter and easier lol.

  10. jasen joseph hylbert on

    It is sad when people are separated into groups based on physical traits, and part of a mindset which tends to lead to violence and hate. While I do not hate on shorter men and am of about average height, I must call out the separatism when I hear a call for short men to unite.

  11. jasen joseph hylbert on

    It seems as though clones are a surefire way of achieving predictable herbal cannabis – no worries with one strain mixing with another with cloning!

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